I have been working on manifesting financial abundance but somehow my money just dissolves without my being able to do much at all. Yesterday I did a focus wheel and realised that when I was growing up my mother always told me that I had to 'do without'and that still resonates with me, infact at times I actually hear the words in my head.

What i discovered also is that I don't know how to feel prosperous - I know this is the feeling place I need to get to, there are times when I sit and envision myself having everything that I want but I realise that I have to put effort into feeling it and the feeling still isn't one that is real... down to my core. I'm not asking for millions, I'm just asking to be comfortable - is there anyone out there who has experienced this??

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I have workled with many who have these feelings, there is always a reason of blokage, and usaly it is better known to you than you will think , if you would like to look into it with my source gove me a holler, lnl rob

(14 Feb '12, 07:25) TReb Bor yit-NE

Hi Rob,

I would appreciate any help I can get... thanks

(14 Feb '12, 09:33) MoonWillow

well if u need help see this, and if this is the type of help u would be comfortable getting ,, just leave me a message on utube or here, love n light http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O077VLdp4SE

(14 Feb '12, 11:00) TReb Bor yit-NE

I know u might not have 2 hrs to look at but this would be great for someone who truly wishes to change their life to watch, it is a man who is on a path and with help finds out why he is having issues, if u do not have 2 and one half hrs do not watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqIfLb12Bxc

(15 Feb '12, 08:43) TReb Bor yit-NE
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You do not have access to the feeling of prosperity, from where you are right now. The solution of course is definitely not to try harder - it's not something that you "have to make", it's something that you need to allow. If you find that currently even the focus wheel process is difficult, then meditation is the best solution. Everyone can quiet their minds to a degree. Download the Abraham meditations and let your vibration rise every day.

In time, you will discover you don't have to focus on visualizing prosperity. Before the physical manifestation, there is the manifestation of emotion. It will come to you, only when you stop chasing it and feeling upset that it isn't here (=resistance). You only need to allow source to send it to you. Trust the process and allow it to happen. Understand you can't force it, and it will only make it worse. And during the day, find short periods of time to focus on things that feel nice to you naturally.


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Agreed. I also would like to link Stingrays paradoxical theory that money shall come when you no longer find is as 'a big deal'.....Few poor people can automatically treat a million dollars as 'no big thing' and thus why it will NEVER happen.

(15 Feb '12, 09:16) Nikulas

Benjamin, thanks for a wonderful answer

(15 Feb '12, 19:29) MoonWillow

The best techniques I used for myself in that regard (and many others) are BSFF and EFT.

Here are 2 channels of EFT practitioners that have a lot of great videos not only on abundance but on many different topics.



Regarding BSFF, when I discovered I read the book and started working with it right away. In the process I discovered a lot of things I carried with me that were working against me. Here's the link: http://www.besetfreefast.com/

There's also a book that you can read online for free:


Don't hesitate to ask if you have more questions. Hope it helps!


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Thank you Kriegard for sharing - I will certainly have a look at your links and keep you posted

(14 Feb '12, 12:45) MoonWillow

I am so glad you posted this question. It surely will help many of us. It is hard to understand why some people have a lot of money, and get it seemingly without a thought. Then there are people who cannot seem to manifest what they need.

I think the key you already know: "...the feeling still isn't one that is real... down to my core. I'm not asking for millions, I'm just asking to be comfortable...

The question is this: are you already comfortable? Then, if you simply are truly comfortable with where you are, deep down, then you are simply getting from the Universe and God what you have always received.

Now look at your life. Why does the idea of having more make you, deep down, uncomfortable? For this is my trouble, too. Having more money may just mean that I have to move from the spot I am in to another place that may not be as comfortable...maybe. I do not know.

So there is the trouble. The solution is to picture yourself in a new comfort zone, where having more money will not mean that you will have to feel uncomfortable. The rub is this: The Transition from one place to the other will be uncomfortable, guaranteed. Stress can be positive as well as negative. Having a baby is positive for most, but it still is new and very stressful. Learning to handle a new car is stressful. Moving to a larger home is stressful- all that packing and cleaning and sorting....Do you see what I mean?

Thanks again for asking this particular question. In answering you, I have found the root of my own trouble with manifesting more income! LOL!

Many Rich Blessings,



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Awww Jai - LOL I am so happy I was able to help you with my question. I have many things in my life to be very happy about and I am - I have a great education, I just landed a high position and a high salary, I love my husband and he loves me, my dad has health and that's all I ask for for him, I have great sister, I drive a good car... I could go on and on.... but somehow my husband and I just can't jump this hurdle of having those bigger things that we want - for instance:

We rent - we'd like to have a house We don't splurge but our money just doesn't spread far enough My in laws don't approve of the fact that we moved out on our own - even though they are happy when everbody else progresses We're trying to have a baby etc. etc.

I give thanks everyday - but I need to perfect the money thing. I've realised that while growing up a lot of negative things were planted in my brain (so to speak) and I can only think that that is the source of my lack in my life today - what say you....

(14 Feb '12, 12:44) MoonWillow

I asked this question ( http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/7533/how-does-positive-thinking-actually-change-how-things-work-out ) a while ago. The answers there may help you; they did help me...Change your thinking, and you change the world you live in! I hope this helps. I loved your response. I WILL pray for you, and Wade, too. Happy Day! Jai

(14 Feb '12, 13:28) Jaianniah

Jai - thank you for offering to pray for us, I think it's the nicest thing a person can do for anybody. Once again, thank you and please give my regards to Wade...

(15 Feb '12, 19:28) MoonWillow

Hi MoonWillow - You know the answer. Once you've identified that something from your past is keeping something in your Now from you... Realize that your past has no relevance to your Now - it's not who you are now. Your only work is to thank it and love it for showing you a part of your past that's lingering within you. Then simply release it. Let it go. Relax and enjoy your life ♥

(15 Feb '12, 20:14) Eddie
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here are a few session where people have had similar issues. And this helped them,



and the one i want to share that has changed the life of this person the most is this, it is long but it is 3 sessions combined into one at 2n half


after this session this is what Matt wrote

"I want to thank Rob and his channel, Treb-Bor-Yit-Ne, from the bottom of my heart, for the selfless Love, support, and guidance you have both given me throughout this challenging period in my life. You have helped me to gain a far greater understanding of who I truly am, and why I am here on Earth at this momentous time in our evolution, for this, I cannot thank you enough. Rob, you are a true inspiration to me and a blessing to my life, and it is wonderful, not only to consider you a fellow spiritual counsellor, but also a true friend. I Love you so much for all the ways you and your channel have helped me, especially in the times when I needed someone the most. I recommend Rob and his channeling service to anyone who is interested in furthering their own spiritual growth and development. After just one session, you will realise what a blessing it is to be in contact with such a Loving, caring and friendly being, and the same can certainly be said for his channel. Thank you again, and I wish you all the best with your developments in getting this life changing material and message out to more people. Peace of mind and Love to you."

-- Matt (Essex, U.K.)

I hope it will help you too.

love n light,



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TReb Bor yit-NE

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Thank you for sharing Rob!

(14 Feb '12, 10:59) Kriegerd

@ Kriegerd , ty very much love n light

(15 Feb '12, 08:39) TReb Bor yit-NE

Moon hi, go to the question about starting small when manifesting. Once you have done some simple manifesting it will build belief. I feel the new beliefs will help release or overcome past programing. Blessings!!!


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Barry Allen ♦♦

hi moon,

visualise any situation when you bought some thing.it could be anything you ever bought .try to grasp the feeling when you were going to buy that thing.

And important point is don't directly think about money.you should just count on the sources from oftenly you get money.meditate on them.be thankful for them.


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@Zee, thank you for a great answer, I have really made some good progress since posting this question on IQ - thanks to the people here.

(28 Dec '12, 07:50) MoonWillow
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