In order to get more, do you have to be grateful for what you already have? How does this work?

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I would say get more it is not necessary to be grateful for what you already have.

The key is simply not to stand in the way (vibrationally) of more coming.

The feeling of appreciation is just a useful emotional indicator to yourself that you are not standing in the way of more coming and it also consciously indicates that you are flowing more energy towards the thing you want more of, and thereby bringing it quicker into your physical reality.

Instead, you could get everything you want in life (and more of it) by simply looking at what you want all the time (without even feeling any appreciation or gratitude), and simply turning your attention immediately away from what you don't want as soon as you notice yourself doing it...preferably within 17 seconds.


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it may or may not be necessary but if you are grateful for what you already have you will unarguably have a more abundant and diverse experience with what you have while you have it.

(14 Dec '10, 10:43) Hu Re

Practicing daily gratitude raises our vibration and places us in a higher frequency to receive. It also really opens our eyes and makes us realize how much we already have, that we normally take for granted and we become naturally much more appreciative.


answered 14 Mar '10, 02:11

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After reading many of the Abraham-Hicks books, I started a filling out a notebook of things I appreciate, as the book recommends. Seemed like every time I would begin filling out the pages, feeling appreciation and gratitude, that things in my life would suddenly get bad. Unexpected bad news would come my way, unpleasant turns of events and so on. I tried this more than once, and each time with the same outcome. (I can't explain this, and if someone else can, I would love to hear about it! ) But I was thinking that I was better practicing the law of attraction by expecting good to come my way and not stopping to think about it overly. I do, of course, in my mind appreciate all the good that comes my way, but don't dwell on it, and just keep moving ahead. So in my case, gratitude doesn't seem to work as well as expectation.


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LeeAnn 1

I find that intriguing LeeAnn...I used to get something similar but I found out that my 'gratitude' was coming from a place of lack, for example "at -least- I have this." Or else, as soon as I was 'grateful' for something, soon after would come the wanting for more and so I'd dip back down.

(14 Mar '10, 05:03) Liam

LeeAnn, there is actually a difference between gratitude and appreciation. Gratitude, as Liam has hinted at, comes from a background feeling of lack (as in "I am glad I have overcome this thing I did not want") which keeps you looking at the thing you didn't want (and hence keep it active in your vibration). Appreciation, on the other hand, is a much purer vibration that omits the lack element. If this explanation isn't clear to you, ask a new question and I'll try and elaborate....there is limited space in these comments

(14 Mar '10, 09:34) Stingray

Thanks Liam and Stingray, I see what you are saying, and for sure, that's something I need to work on. Thank you for some needed advice!

(14 Mar '10, 14:57) LeeAnn 1

Some people use gratitude as a stepping stone to get to appreciation. But I don't know if gratitude has to preclude appreciation per se. It is true as Stingray points out; appreciation is the higher vibration and will attract more (with less effort) for you as a result. Gratitude keeps you hovering around the neutral zone...perhaps a tad shy of the neutral zone :)

(26 May '11, 14:20) streetsanto
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Yes. Without gratitude you have nothing. Without gratitude, abundance is just more stuff. & No. If all you want is stuff and you have a hard time mustering up the love for it, then no.


answered 02 Dec '10, 06:47

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Hu Ra

Yes...Yes...Absolutely yes...... I will expand on it later. (still at work)


answered 17 Mar '10, 21:28

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The Traveller

Looking forward to your expansion Traveller :)

(06 Dec '10, 09:30) Hu Ra
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