David was a shepherd. So when he wrote Psalm 23, he used terms familiar to shepherds- like the rod and the staff. These are actually tools that a shepherd uses to guide his sheep, and to keep them from wandering. So, if I interpret this correctly, "the rod and the staff" are the things that God uses to guide us and keep us from wandering....

What types of things do you suppose David meant with this?


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I thought I would explain the line, "Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me..."

The shepherd has two main tools: his rod, and his staff. One has a "crook" (thus the saying, "shepherd's crook). The shepherd uses these tools to guide and direct his sheep. He pulls them out of bushes, and he pulls them through tight spots with his rod and staff.

When we think of God's rod and staff, what would they be? His rules for us!- i.e., the Ten Commandments, and later, Jesus' injunctions to love thy neighbor as thyself. If we are the sheep, and God is the Great Shepherd of our lives, then He uses His "rod and staff" to help us keep from getting into trouble. This is what David means. He is saying that God's Laws guide us and comfort us, for then we know if we are living the lives that God wants us to live!

Pretty neat, huh?

Blessings, Jai


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I believe he meant to guide us but as well protect us, today we might think of a body guard with his side arm at the ready to protect us. This body guard is also our guide, he knows the territory we are traveling down pat, we can trust his guidance.


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I see the Rod as the base to support that which is unbreakable and the Staff as the foundation to support the Rod with perfect strength. So in essence, we need both of them; the Rod will guide, and the Staff will support.

It is said that Psalm 23 was written by King David, and is a part of Trilogy. Example: Psalm 22 is referred to as a Messianic Psalm, Jesus suffering, and death, Psalm 23, Jesus is referred to as the good shepherd, or as David said my shepherd, (Psalm 23:1) and in Psalm 24 referred to Jesus as the King of Glory Psalm (24:10)

Psalm 22 reviews the past, Psalm 23 is the present and Psalm 24 looks at the future, the order it was given to us by God.


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