I guess this phrase has always bugged me because of the word, "Easy". I find change to be anything but "Easy". For example, if I apply "Easy Does It" to my life, I find that I tend to take it a bit too "easy".

If I apply "Easy Does it" in my thinking, I do a bit better. It helps me keep my mind off of things I would otherwise worry about.

I have been around the block a few times with this phrase, but I still find it difficult to find a middle road. Then I thought about applying it thru manifesting...And had an "Aha!" moment.

I would like to know what all of you think this phrase means. Thank you.


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I think you got it right.

(07 Jan '10, 16:29) Vesuvius

Easy does it in manifesting is right, if you try to force you are not letting go, remember the phrase "leave go and let God"? It is basically saying give this up to be handled as your will, but you need to leave go first. It amazes me most people have more faith in the postal system than they do in God, most people do not worry once they put an envelope in the mail about it until it arrives, "it will get there I put it in the post box." But for our request of God we could have a manifesting box as Stingray suggest or a God box which is similar but we put our problems in it to be worked on by God. But we need to have that same faith as we put in the US postal service, "I put it in the box, it will be handled."


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Robert Schuler once said: Life is not fair, but God is good. It is called possibility thinking.

You are putting in a tall order, but you will have to give something to get something back in return; but then on the other hand, anything is possible in life. So always, think positive. There is a saying: easy come, easy go, the choice is yours.


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