I have been working hard to change myself, and am finding out a lot about myself...I am finding out that I have a lot of bad habits...like "stinking thinking"... Is there some easy way to get out of this? I know that it is all in your thinking, but I backslide soooo easily. There has got to be an easier way to change myself!

Thanks, Jai

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There isn't an easy way. But there is a way. It is slow but it is definite & really works. It requires a picture of understanding of your inner consciousness. The picture doesn't have to be "right" or accurate. You can invent your own "picture of understanding".

I'm still at work (but couldn't resist peeking in here); I'll expand my answer when I get home.

(Added later) Ok, here goes... You need to draw yourself a picture of a tree or get a simple line drawing of a tree, the type with many twisted branches & small leaves at the ends of the branches. The picture is irrelevant, but to hold the idea in your head it helps. alt text

This tree is a representation of your consciousness. Ignore the bottom part of the tree (the roots etc). The trunk of the tree represents your point of reference in consciousness or the main artery of consciousness. Now look at those branches. They represent main ideas that are part of your personality make-up. We are talking about belief systems. Now look at those leaves at the end. Each leaf is an individual idea that you have accepted as the “truth” about yourself and allowed this idea to become the basis of your personality.

Each leaf is an experience, or lesson, or belief that you have accepted as the “truth” in the moment you experienced that event. So, for example, when you were growing up you enjoyed playing in the rain or walked home from school deliberately in the rain, enjoying the experience of getting soaked. But when you got home you were disciplined by your parents who made it clear that you will get sick because of your wet clothes.

Now this memory is deeply embedded as an idea in your psyche as just one leaf of this “tree of consciousness”. The idea is “If I get wet, I will be sick”. Every lesson learned, Every incident experienced, every thought contemplated, every conversation engaged, contributes to the continuing growth & nurturing of this tree of understanding.

Now the branches of the tree are groupings of thought forms. So, there would be a branch representing all things to do with illness, a branch for ideas of success, & so-on.

With time you forget the details or the exact “consciousness” of each leaf. It is deeply embedded within your psyche & is forming you current personality.

Now draw a large arrow on the side of the tree to represent a wind blowing towards the tree. This wind represents pure creative consciousness, or the energy of creation, in the form of un-limited potential blowing towards your tree of consciousness.

As this wind blows it shakes the tree and the leaves. The leaves vibrate in this wind of opportunity & depending on the moment, certain leaves of the tree will vibrate in resonant harmony with this wind of opportunity. In other words, if there is an opportunity in this wind of un-limited potential to manifest the experience of any of your leaves in your tree of consciousness, it will resonate with the wind and you will spontaneously find your self thinking a thought. It is the explosion of un-limited potential giving you the chance to participate in the materialization of your belief system into manifested reality.

Simply put, when you suddenly start thinking something or worrying about something, it is because the opportunity to materially manifest that “worry” or “thought-form” is becoming available & you are being given a chance to participate in the Living or materializing of that thought or worry.

So you always have Un-limited potential available to you, but it effortlessly manifests or allows you to effortlessly participate in what you already believe to be true.

Now you can ignore this existing make-up of your personality & start changing by attracting what you want with the law of attraction. But over time you will find that when you are not working on attracting what you want, you fall back to the same place as before. It’s like, you have to constantly keep your foot on the gas pedal of the law of attraction, & the moment you let go you are back to being the same person.

This is not because the law of attraction doesn’t work. It’s because the law of attraction is always working. Its attraction is constantly on. It’s working from the blueprint of your tree of consciousness. So you don’t have a lack of ability to attract, rather you are an expert in attracting everything you want. But most of what you are attracting is buried deep within your consciousness.

This is why the first instruction in this journey is “Know Thy Self”. This is a lifelong journey with no destination. So don’t get frustrated with your lack of progress. There is no destination against which you can measure your progress. Where ever you are at, is where you are supposed to be.

Work on discovering who you are & what you believe in. There is no good or bad here, only cause & effect. So don’t feel bad about parts of your personality that correspond to the idea of “Bad”. Examine & let-go what doesn’t serve you, but understand that if you were meant to be a saint, you would not be on this earth. You are here to learn from contrast and, dare I say, Imperfections of personality.

I want to expand on this much more but I don’t want to write an entire book here. So see if this information is relevant to your situation. I wrote this information down for my own benefit of awakening. I am a student just like you. Just because I got this answer doesn’t mean I have mastered this area. On the contrary, this is the area I have been working on (within myself) for the last 20 years. Remember, there is no destination. Only the journey.

(Follow up) I just added the rest of what I wanted to say here as the response to the question "How is the “attention” used in manifestation? Or is it used?” So feel free to continue on to that question. It’s more of the same answer but from a different view.


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The Traveller

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Wow!! What an amazing answer. I think you helped everyone here with this one. Thank you :-)

(12 Dec '09, 17:24) Michaela

Some really deep ideas here. Thanks Traveller

(12 Dec '09, 19:10) Stingray

We added a picture of a tree into your answer to help illustrate your points. Hope that is okay.

(12 Dec '09, 19:17) Barry Allen ♦♦

Oh my god! I love what you have done with my response. Thank you for adding that beautiful tree. Your encouragement and comments have definitely inspired me to complete this answer (there is much more I wanted to add). By god's grace someone asked the question "How is the “attention” used in manifestation? Or is it used?” I will continue the second half of this answer there but right now I'm back at work (on a Saturday, go figure). But I can't wait to get home & complete my thought. Thank your guys.

(12 Dec '09, 19:44) The Traveller

Thank you for such a great and "enlightening" answer! I know I will be referring back to it a lot. Blessings and Light, Jai

(13 Dec '09, 19:37) Jaianniah

Thank you for asking the question, and thank you "Oh inner guidance" for giving me this answer (slowly over time) and urging me right now to share it with everyone.

(13 Dec '09, 21:54) The Traveller

EFT can knock the leaves of that are having negative affects on our lives manifesting in pain, disease, undesired manifestations of LOA.

(27 Feb '11, 22:04) Fairy Princess

That's a great suggestion Juniper! It fits perfectly with the analogy as well. Thanks!

(01 Mar '11, 06:04) The Traveller
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Decide what you want to change and then write affirmations as though the change you want has already happened.

eg. to begin to change stinking thinking "I see the positive in all circumstances." "My assumption is that everyone has good intentions."

eg. if wasting money is a bad habit "I have plenty of money for a rainy day." "I save money regularly." "I borrow money only to buy appreciating assets."

Then, imagine that the affirmation is alreay true. (The important thing is to generate the feelings you'd have if the affirmations were true.)

It's not easy to do simply because the affirmations seem ridiculous at first when applied to you. And that's when others give up and go back to their comfortable and familiar habits.

If you're anything like me it may help to imagine you are watching a movie where you are simply acting that you have those feelings. It's a subtle, but significant difference to combat the "rational mind" when it says you are being stupid.

So, for a few minutes each day say the affirmations and generate feelings as though they are already true. In time, you will notice opportunities that went unnoticed before to help you achieve what you want.

Hope that makes sense.



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Breaking old habits is not easy because your brain rewires itself when you do or think something habitually.

You cannot eliminate a bad habit by suppressing it; you must replace the unwanted behavior with a new, empowering behavior. There are some fairly decent tips on how to do that here.

Of course, you can always ask the universe for help, in the same way that you would manifest anything else in your life through reality-creation. Imagine yourself in the way that you want to be, in every detail. Ask the universe to help you be that person. Then receive (and raise your level of vibration) by meditating.

Make sure that you are focusing on what you want, and not on the bad habit you are trying to break.


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"Make sure that you are focusing on what you want, and not on the bad habit you are trying to break."

Underline and highlight this suggestion from Vesuvius. eg if you want to stop smoking - focus on being a "non-smoker". Don't focus on "want to stop smoking."

(12 Dec '09, 01:26) shazsays

They also said, if you want something bad enough, you will find a way to get it. How badly do you want to change these bad habits, and how serious are you about changing them?

Sometimes the easy way can turn out to be the hard way. Sometimes there is no easy way. You will just have to not do it. It is as simple as that. If you make a promise, you are expected to keep the promise. So, my advise to you, if you want to stop these bad habits, and change, then, you will just have made a promise to yourself to change these bad habits, and mean it.

There is a saying, you can take a horse to the pond, but you cannot make him drink from it. I can give you all the advice in the world, but if you are not ready, or serious to change, it will only fall on deaf ears. So, if you really want to change these bad habits, you can without anyones' help. Seriously, you can, if you want to.

I know that I changed my bad habits, when I was really serious to do so, and I did it on my own. Good luck, be strong, and say, yes I can do this, because it is important to me, and mean it.


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Inactive User ♦♦

EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique is a fast, effective way to eliminate negative emotions, thoughts, limiting beliefs, fears, etc... There are very good videos that show how to do it and variations on the technique. Matrix Reimprinting is one where you actually go back and do the EFT with yourself in the past and change the way you see life. This one is kinda scary for me, I don't really want to go back to those places, I guess I should do the EFT on that. LOL FasterEFT is a really great way to take care of right now issues. There are some discrete techniques also that you can do in public without being overt about it. EFT is a tapping technique based on accupressure which is based on accupuncture. EFT can be done anywhere any time pretty much. No needles, just tapping on a series of meridian points. There are books you can buy, I just got the book Matrix Reimprinting and have yet to put it to practice. There are many sites that offer free videos, audio presentations, written instructions, etc... to help you learn to do whatever you want to do with it.


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Fairy Princess

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