The old ways we once had seem to call us from time to time. I promise myself that I will change the cat litter on a regular basis...I do it right for a while...then I backslide. (This is NOT the best example, but I do not want to get too terribly personal!) Changes, once made, tend to feel good. Then why do we have to work so hard to keep the ball rolling?

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I remember reading a few times that in order for a changed behavior to become a real habit, that it would have to be in place for a couple of months. If that is true, then it will be much easier to keep going with the unwanted behavior or habit, and more difficult to institute the changed one. It would take persistence to make the new habit ingrained. I guess the key is to persevere until some momentum is going, and before you know it, the new behavior will be a habit. With myself, this has certainly been true, that I have had to repeat something new many many tedious times in order for me to change.


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Because it was not actually changed on a deeper level it was only changed on conscious level not a subconscious level.

Once it is change on the subconscious level you don't have to remember not to it would be automatic for you. Now this is not to say that every once in a while something from the past want remind you of how something use to be than you will rememeber how you have changed and you backsided or even thought about it until now.

So what do you do now you don't hold on unto the thought of what you have forgot and say to your self that don't interest me anymore and God has brought me from that so in the name of Jesus he has brought me out of that and I refuse to go back. And say thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus. Don't doubt and think and feel postive about your self. And please don't start kicking yourself about it always forgive yourself as Jesus has if you have ask him for forgivness even if you have backslided. Stop and regroup your self and move on and purge all negative thoughts of it from your system. The point is don't focus on I slip I slip focus on I over came this through the power of Jesus.


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Change always depends on a certain amount of work and can be tedious until we instill determination and persistence into the process. Admittedly, procrastination seems to contain an energy of it's own until we become aware of it and watch that habit play out. When we do this with Awareness, or from a witnessing perspective, the procrastination or old habit seems to lose some of it's momentum and when done continually, I find this 'witnessing' or 'watching' can actually diffuse the procrastination or dysfunctional habit. This 'witnessing' allows us to become aware of what areas we are acting out dysfunctionally and unconsciously and when we bring 'awareness' into the situation the dysfunctional behaviour tends to fall away by itself. It is usually not a one time process but takes persistent focus over and over to become 'Aware' and stay 'Aware'.


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I remember when I changed a habit of biting fingernails, for me I became repulsed by the habit. I noticed that this was not better than they were. They were bleeding and painfully sore! I really looked at my fingers and what a mess I made of them. I then thought of the crud under the nails I bit into to tear them off, the hangnails and the top part until it was down so low to the finger itself, it disgusted me! I really observed for a while and thought is this what I really want to feel and look like? So I built up this disdain for the habit in that moment to the level total abhorrence that I never went back to that again! It is so much better to just go grab some clippers, that is what they are made for, and besides they are so much more congenial.

So I would say when the thing you want to change becomes more displeasing than the thing changed, then the habit changes. This must last though, if you say, "I'll let it slip for now", you are saying, "for now that is not as pleasing what I am doing now just ignoring it", that is the reverse and falling back into the habit.


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Be tactful.

The question is how discipline you are? What is your priority? How do you handle change? How will change benefit you? Do you set goals, and follow through on them. Are you confident with the decisions that you make? Are you a responsible person to follow through on your responsibility? Do you get things done in a timely manner? Are you consistent in your work habits? Why are you backsliding? Are you ready for a change?

Change is a big step in ones life, and whether or not we are ready for change, change is evitable. Change is the thing of the future, and we feel forced to change with the times, or we feel left out in the cold. Change is good for our future, and change helps us to expand on what we already know.

So, how you handle change, and stay focused is entirely up to you. You will no doubt have to learn how to prioritize, and follow through on it. Make change as you feel necessary, and compliment yourself for being worthy of making these changes. Do not feel guilty, or ashamed, for it is right to make changes that improve the quality of your life.

Make a daily list of your plan of action, be consistent, take responsibility, and follow through on your commitments. If any time you feel that you have lost focused on any of your commitments, then it is time for you to reprioritize your list, and move on.

If you are truly committed, and passionate to a cause, then you will have no problems doing your part. And if you are backsliding, then it is time for you to revaluate what you are doing, and why are doing it? But most important, what has changed for you?


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