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I would just like to share with you in short my realization about the challenges you might have yourself or know someone that might have them in hope you will find understanding in it and it will help you overcome these challenges. I will write it in a simple language, without the scientific "touch", so that possibly everyone can relate.

As we rise our level of self-awareness, we begin to recognize a lot of aspects of reality. Ourselves, higher mind, etc. As we are becoming self-aware of ourselves more and more, we create a definition of who we are within our physical world. We have got all those beautiful words of our languages to help us out. We say, we are beautiful or ugly, punctual, lazy, hard-working, loving, supportive, negative or positive. Any adjective you can imagine. That itself would not create the challenge, it is us assigning importance to this definition of ourselves that does.

We seem to treat personal experience differently and with higher importance than anybody's else experience. But there is no difference between either of them. All experiences are equal. Even watching a movie and that which happen in it is an experience. You re-experience through the movie what the characters of the story in it did. But in the movie, it's story of someone else. It's not yours, oh no. You do not feel in any way attached to that. You feel attached only to your own definition of things.

And then, when you recognize there might be issues like laziness you would love to get rid of, you try to look for the cause of it and as you find it, you want to change or transform it into not being lazy. Here's what you need to understand: You actually think and believe you NEED to transform your bad habits to good ones, that it NEEDS to take work. But it doesn't.

You see, if you stop thinking for a while that the definition of who you are is IMPORTANT, then it will be clear to you that you do NOT NEED to unlearn nor transform anything. You can DECIDE that the whole DEFINITION OF "YOURSELF" as you have it right at this very moment IS SOMEONE ELSE. Your definition with all your fears and worries and believes. Throw it away just like that. Stop believing you need a proof (hard work put into transformation) that you can be someone else!! You don't, believe things even without having a proof and you will have ability to become whoever you want in an instant.

You don't have to go through the lengthy hardship of a transformation, trainings, seminars, hours of forcing yourself through willpower to do new things and habits in order to go from who you are to who you want to be. You already ARE who you want to be. So be that person. All that hard work you put into changing the old, unwanted definition of self is there only to help you realize that you never was that person. Only to help you SEE the new, wanted DEFINITION of yourself. And because I know it might take months or even years to go from where you are to where you want to be, I write this post in hopes you will learn from it what you would have learned over the years yourself. Believe you need no proof, and you will believe me, and thus believe you already are who you desire to be. And the universe will then supply you with the proof that you always have been.

It's as easy to be who you want to be, as to crumple a piece of paper and throw it away.

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I like the final paragraph :)

(29 Mar '12, 01:29) Eddie

@Eddie may each finds its own ;-)

(29 Mar '12, 03:43) CalonLan

calonlan, we are but a layer of existence. there are those ahead and behind us. for what use of the creative life force do we funnel ourselves, do we know the law of economy. he may choose differently

(05 Dec '13, 19:41) fred
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ha ha ha that was funny Calonlan. you are who you are nothing can change that. even if you throw it away you are still you. yes you have infinite potential to learn grow and create. and you have free will. i will tell you a little secret.there is nothing to throw away or divide. if you do that it does not change anny thing. it is only make belief in your mind. if you would not have annything to learn if you would not have annything to create. and if you would not have to grow you would not be here. why do you think the train and the car comes to hit you when you create make belief world and think it is the way? the way to go at it is to solve all duality by learning about them. then they become one and do not bother you anny more.and you can use them in your life because it is solved for you. then you know your self and can help other. how many have lotto ticket and think they will win the lottery? they imagine they are millionnaire they spend their life doing this and they do not become one. could it be that they are missing something? you have free will use it wisely my friend.


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white tiger


@white tiger, I wanted to approach the subject from 'perception point of view or our realities within our physical world' rather than through the concept of oneness. Why would you reject improving within your own reality first in order to understand concept of oneness afterwards? You don't try to explain to a new born child what duality and oneness is, do you? The child first start to get used to illusionary realities of the physical world and only as it grow, it can see past them.

(28 Mar '12, 06:12) CalonLan

But every human being grows differently, that is at different speed. Some may understand what 'the truth' and all there is means at age of 10, some never will. So take my post to be aimed at those who still didn't get it, or think they did, but their lives do not reflect this understanding because they didn't really get it. My post comes from understanding of oneness, but it's formulated so that it doesn't speak of it directly, only manifest its way through the meaning of my words.

(28 Mar '12, 06:15) CalonLan

some know even before that. well you have free will and so have i. but i can tell you that not letting ego control you is the first step. working on your analytical mind and logic and using your creative mind is the next step to be able to make your mind work like it should. step 3 is focus awareness wall gazing to be able to see the flow of the mind and the unsolve duality in you. after you will reach the dhyana and samadhi state. not to bad for a child that add no reading about anny of this.

(28 Mar '12, 08:27) white tiger

you see if one takes time to know him self he can reach very high knowledge, wisdom,understanding and experience with out need of a teacher or reading material. then one does not stand in belief or theory. it can be aimed at anny one that wants to try it. i did not reject anny thing i have only talk to you about what i have found funny or not working for the rest you add some good point(stop believing= try it see if it works for you). lets say i have added some precision.

(28 Mar '12, 08:54) white tiger

Two people stood on a railway track arguing over how fast the train was coming at them. At least that's was the eyewitness said according to the police report about the incident.

(28 Mar '12, 13:32) The Traveller

was there really incident in the first place traveller? or did one of the 2 on the rail road track came to help the other that add a feet stuck in the rail road? if the one on the rail road track used is free will to be not stuck and moved away from there . maybe the witness did not see them move away from there?

(28 Mar '12, 18:00) white tiger

how many have lotto ticket and think they will win the lottery?

We may never know white tiger, because anyone who truly believed that they would win the lottery, and who also had no resistance to that idea, did win the lottery; by shifting to a parallel reality in which they held the winning number :) Take a clue my friend...

(29 Mar '12, 01:41) Eddie
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Hi CalonLan, I loved your post so first of all thank you and yes it is true that we can choose to believe in an instant whatever we want to believe. Like Wade said it is like taking of one jacket we dont like and puting on another one we do. It's that simple but unfortunately most of us human beings doubt the simplicity and think that it can't be possible and therefore we don't manifest what we think we truly believe. The truth is that in fact somewhere at the back of our minds we doubt and doubt is a killer of true belief.

One should not only believe theoratically but become that which they want to become on the inside for it is only from the fullness within that we can project and attract that which we truly want.

Lets say for instance someone wants to attract love. To attract love you have to become love, for only when you become love will you give love and therefore attract that which you give.

To love you have to start with yourself for after all even the sun radiates light and warmth from its own fullness.


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Paulina 1

Thanks Paulina 1, can we say: to attract love we have to become aware of the love that we are, and from there we share our love?

(29 Mar '12, 03:06) Eddie

@Paulina 1 you are welcome. And you are right. As Bashar says, "you cannot have what you are not the vibration of". Or someone else I heard earlier "we don't get what we WANT, but WHO WE ARE". And other interpretation of Bible, "do onto others, what you others do onto you", which in other words mean "you have to love, to be loved".

(29 Mar '12, 03:34) CalonLan

very nice, Paulina!

(05 Dec '13, 12:34) Marin
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This is something I have been telling people too, we can disown, disassociate, and get rid of what we don't want not by fighting it but just saying that is not me I cast it out and destroy it.

Avatar has a saying that would make most mad because they do not realize their power, "A belief is as easy to change as a jacket." Take one off and put another on, it is simply what we are choosing to believe. It is not us, we are the believer, just as we are ones that decide to wear this jacket or that jacket. But even more important what we believe is never our beliefs but beliefs we choose to wear at the time. Maybe it's more like renting a belief since every belief cost us in some way that is not in line with that belief.


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Wade Casaldi

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Nice answer Wade. You did a nice job of explaining about our choices. I gave you a vote.

(28 Mar '12, 16:15) Tom

@Tom Thanks Tom I am glad you liked it, and thanks for the vote as well.

(28 Mar '12, 22:31) Wade Casaldi

Yes you are right Wade, it is as simple as that, change your belief and you change your world.

(29 Mar '12, 02:31) Paulina 1

@Wade And isn't it amazing to have a realization like this. When I remember how I misguided myself with so much struggle throughout my life. Wait, I did? That wasn't me! I must have confused someone with myself in my memory. ;-)

(29 Mar '12, 03:39) CalonLan
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