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Good morning; This website is a place for Q’ing & A’ing on things that matter, issues that are meaningful. It is an endeavour I applaud, and effort that must be extended. Admittedly, I discovered it only recently when one of my team found my name there via a Google search; someone a year ago asking, “Whatever happened to Lynnclaire Dennis and the Pattern… I guess the Pattern wasn’t as important as she thought.’

Today, 26 years have passed since my first Near Death Experience; 17 years after writing the book she read, “The Pattern” about that event, and the spiritual, neurological, and personal changes it led to. After as many years working in the highest levels of science and academia— gaining entrance without having one of the ‘normal keys’ to open these doors, the Pattern opening these doors, this work has been verified, mapped and scientifically validated. Under investigation is the way that the Mereon Matrix acts as pivots for ideas and understandings; attracting and connecting remarkable minds, it continues to catalyse discussions as diverse as the structure of the symbolism domains as seemingly different as astronomy to music to the symbols of the Knights Templar to the use of exceptional Lie algebras in the articulation of spacetime. It is demonstrated to link the tensegrity structure of the living cell to the topology of knot energies to the role of the Vector Equilibrium in R. Buckminster Fuller’s geometry. The dynamics of the polyhedra in the Mereon Matrix is shown to link the abstract foundations of quantum theory to the foundations of discrete physics and the structure of deep dialogue.

In its unity it connects diverse perspective, touching that which is personal, local and global.

Today we are currently in the home stretch of writing a 500 page book on this work, under contract with the most distinguished scientific/academic publisher, Elsevier Reed [Oxford, England]. This book links science and matters of ‘spirit’, the latter defined as the personal, interpersonal, and social dynamics. It addresses real solutions to put into play when things are ‘out of sync’ or going against the flow of nature. Revealing the process of ‘how to’ make the connection, a ‘decision making path’ that is sequential, logical, measurable and meaningful, it presents the fundamental aspects of this work, and shows how this work is currently being applied in science, education, business and personal lives. While the Elsevier book is geared for the scientific and academic community, it is written in clear and simple understandable terms, and accompanied by over 1000 images and a website filled with animations, it is readily available to the lay person as well. [Consumer oriented books will be released in the Spring of 2013 as well.] As lead author, I would like to invite your input as I write the final chapter, Resolving Current Challenges with Precision and Predictability.

I would like your perspective on issues it addresses; topics are listed above as well as the current state of ‘where we are’; linking personal, interpersonal and natural disasters with ‘normalized’ behaviour. One of the greatest challenges humanity and the planet face today is apathy; from my perspective this is fear, ignorance and/or arrogance turned inside out; many deny it; run from it; or shroud it in false humility or otherwise wrap it in “ism’s’, ‘ics’, and ‘ologies’.

Living authentically, on passion, with compassion and a commitment to social justice requires taking action. Making our lives physically, emotionally, mentally, spatially and spiritually real in real time, and act in ways that make powerful and positives differences in our lives, the lives of those we touch, our community and the world is urgent. Even the smallest contribution will work; our actions are like dropping a pebble into a pond; we all know what it is to observe the ripple effect as it returns back toward us, positively or negatively.

While many on this site are asking serious questions, today, the existential questions seem to be more in the way of what I call “Whyning”… “Why not?’, ‘Why now? , ‘Why should I care?’ and worst, ‘What’s in it for me?”

Transformation is an inside to out dynamic. We are responsible for what is going on in our lives, and like the pebble in the pond, what is happening in the world is profoundly, personal.

If you would like to share what you care about; what you find meaningful; what you are willing to do to make a positive difference in your life, your relationships, your local community and the world, I would like to appreciate hearing from you. You can respond here, and if you are willing to be quoted should that possibility arise, the response would have to be registered via a questionnaire located at I will respond to as all; please know however , that it may not be until this ‘baby’ is put to bed, due in Oxford on 21 December 2012.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Curious to know why someone would down vote this question and not even make a comment.Love and Light.

(23 Nov '12, 20:59) Roy

Yes I wrote on The Pattern here a few times. It is a very interesting read, I recommend it.

(24 Nov '12, 00:26) Wade Casaldi
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to follow the active impulse of
the spirit that makes me a human
has become a priority these past few years

it provides a frame or what some
call a 'ring pass not' and my
journey has me embrace experiences

yet with much reflection afterwards


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Fred, Thank you for your response. It is quite disappointing that few have done so. Maybe 'too much to read" in a world of 'sound bites'. Oneness is the high play one and all, transformation requiring all who dare to 'awake' and care in 'real' time. LD

(23 Nov '12, 18:34) clarity33
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