I was browsing through my email dis-morning and came upon a letter from someone mentioning a book that sounded good...I clicked the link and found out it was Claude Bristol's "The Magic of Believing."

I haven't actually read that book before, despite its good name. I felt like doing a little 'googling' and came across a small digital book entitled "The Power In Secrecy" by Steve Bailey. In this book I read something that surprised me - it was this quote:

"From Chapter 16:

This advice is necessary for you now as beginners, but as your grow in practice you will find that these qualities become a part of your very being. Then they function automatically, without any conscious effort at all on your part.

What is the result? When you persistently hold to your goal, and keep absolutely air-tight secretiveness, the Outer Mind finds no escape for its increasing energy, and in desperation it plunges through, like the overload of steam through the safety valve of a boiler, and your objective is reached."

It surprised me because - I had never read that quote, or that chapter. Yet I have flicked through that book more times than I can count. The quote speaks in the same language as the author seems to in the rest of the book.

I have not read a physical version of that book though. All online versions I have flicked through have only 15 chapters - none with that quote in them.

My search continued, and I found another mention of the same quote in an amazon review of "It Works" by JHB. I haven't found any other mention.

I'm wondering if any of you could enlighten me on this?

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The quote that you refer to is in page 83 of the book "The Message of a Master," sold at Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Message-Master-John-McDonald/dp/0931432952.

I found it using the "Search Inside This Book" feature. The book has a total of 96 pages. I don't know if there is a chapter 16; the book does have chapters, but the Table of Contents does not list them. However, since the quote really does appear in the book, it's reasonable to assume that Steve Bailey got it right about Chapter 16.


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Yes there is short chapter 16 in the book Vesuvius linked to. No idea why it's missing in the "public domain" version.

If you really want to read it mail me at
and I'll see what I can do about it ;)


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This secrecy principle is my TOP LEARNING in the LAW OF ATTRACTION. Very very important. Sometimes, I just converse to myself or write it down everytime I feel like saying something especially when I see signs of manifestation. But really, being secretive about my desires result to rapid manifestation.


answered 17 Dec '10, 15:15

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