I've heard mixed reviews about "The Spontaneous Healing of Belief: Shattering the Paradigm of False Limits" and am interested to know if anyone has read this book, and if so, what your thoughts and feedback are, before deciding whether to purchase. I have read mixed reviews elsewhere on the web; however, I seem to trust the feedback that I receive from Inward Quest. From what I hear, this book is focused on belief paradigms, and am currently [specifically] interested in books that assist with belief paradigms, as this is an ongoing theme in my life. I feel there's more to learn, expand and grow on this subject, and am willing to invest the time and energy. Your feedback is sincerely welcomed.

Also, I adore Bashar and Abraham (have all their books); however, am in search of additional point of views. Ken MacLean is also great and I have his book "The Vibrational Universe," which is outstanding (which I often refer back to). Additional books on this subject are highly welcomed! Please do share!

Thank you and looking forward to your responses.

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I havnt but would love to know how you find it. Have you seen the U tube clip where 3 Chinese practitioners put a tumor on a split Xray screen and then treat it. The tumor disappeared in about 3 minutes! Ive never seen anything like that in real time. Only anecdotal stuff. VERY interesting. I like Greg Braden. Hope you enjoy the book, if you get it please leave some feedback. Hope someone comes along and says its good. I hope it is.

(19 Sep '13, 12:09) Monty Riviera

@figure8shape When I have doubts about a book, I usually check the book out at a library first. If I like it, I then purchase it. If your local library does not have this book, they will be happy to get it from another library for you. It's also possible your library has this book in a digital format & you can read it online from home on your own computer, mp3 player or ereader. Negative reviews are really no different than positive reviews -- matter of opinion. The 2 star reviews on

(22 Sep '13, 12:34) ele

The 2 star reviews on amazon are very interesting.. While his message is great, not sure why he claims to be something he is not... on second thought, everyone on IQ could claim to be a scientist or an explorer.


(22 Sep '13, 12:37) ele

@Barry Why is my link NOT passing the profanity screening? I tried several times to post it; but keep getting this ############ ?

This is what was blocked from my link " 1401916902 " - no profanity there.


Thanks @Barry It worked..

(22 Sep '13, 12:40) ele

@ele, the system is wrongly interpreting the number in the link as a telephone number and is filtering it. This feature has now been turned off so it should work if you try it again

(22 Sep '13, 12:43) Barry Allen ♦♦
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I haven't read the book but i have seen a few reviews and the explanations of Gregg Braden really fit in beautifully with the way i imagine things to be ... here's a video explaining the essentials of his book The Spontaneous Healing of Belief



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