i havent enjoyed or embraced who i am or this life ive been watching pass me by. truth is, im not truly self aware at all. i was at one time. usually strong; at a weak point i may have given away my power and allowed my thoughts of myself, emotions, and actions controled from someone elses thoughts, moods and opinions of who i am (opinions that i KNOW are 117% ridiculous.

anyway i feel if i could get my hands on book/video/audio of self awareness knowledge, meditation.

ANYTHING to help a beginner with a good starting place. from a genuine source who really would like to help people. free doesnt hurt. :)

asked 26 Mar '12, 17:31

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Diane 1

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Diane first welcome to Inward Quest, and second you may have missed this question "Where can I find free reality creation books." Check out the links I posted, there are a ton of great books in those also audios as well can be found in those.

The Manual of Epictetus may be a good place for starting I believe.


answered 27 Mar '12, 02:19

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Wade Casaldi

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All except the book are free ;-). Have you read Richard Bach's Illusions? That book is incredible, really small and easy to read.

Hope it helps!


answered 27 Mar '12, 10:37

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PSITEK is a great website that I always go back to: http://www.psitek.net

FREE Metaphysical Books & The Law of Attraction

Awesome resource.


answered 22 May '12, 15:12

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i could suggest you the bible, the gospel of thomas, the tao, buddha. and meditation, wall gazing, witness meditation. but the most simple way for your life is to stay in the truth and not judge. if judgement comes in you ask your self where does it come from. seek and you shall find.

here are the link that you have asked for Diane now you can beguin your search.








experience and enjoy.


answered 26 Mar '12, 17:48

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white tiger

Thats funny you mention wall gazing white tiger, that and sun gazing are my two favorite thing to do when I am alone.love and light

(27 Mar '12, 20:45) Roy

sun gazing i would be carefull if i was you it can damage your eye. so what did you discover up till now in wall gazing?

(27 Mar '12, 20:55) white tiger

did you reach that point out of the body that look like this once out side of the body and the mind. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQ7pSQCE22I

(27 Mar '12, 20:59) white tiger

I see similar energies like those in your video all the time,plus several others. Sun gazing can be done at sun rise or set for an extended length of time without damaging your eyes,up to fourtyfour minutes.And for me wall gazing shows me fluidity and constant movement or flow , kind of like watching it breathe me. love and light

(27 Mar '12, 21:14) Roy

well of course in wall gazing you will see the flow of though in your mind that is not solve. only once you have slow it and analyse it under all angle and understood it can it be put to rest in the assessement of your mind. that is the longuest process and can vary from individual depending on the baggage they carry in their mind.

(27 Mar '12, 21:20) white tiger

how can you see if your window of perception is full of unsolve thing that you are not aware about. thoses are the stones that can serve you. but often people decide not to see or care they turn thoses stones in judgement and throw them at other people. they should have stay in the beguinning and learn from it. then they would see the futility of it in the meanning in all the angles.

(27 Mar '12, 21:29) white tiger

jesus buddha bodhidharma as travelled that road and have understood this. there might be other that i am not aware about. they all talk about the same thing from their level of understanding. from physical mental and spiritual level and how it all relate together.

(27 Mar '12, 21:45) white tiger

Jesus said, "Recognize what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you . For there is nothing hidden which will not become manifest." Jesus said, "I shall give you what no eye has seen and what no ear has heard and what no hand has touched and what has never occurred to the human mind."


(27 Mar '12, 21:48) white tiger
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Try a Google on whatever part you would like to start with-meditation, manifestation, happiness. That will give you a life time of books and exercises.


answered 27 Mar '12, 01:22

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There is a documentary that just came out called "Thrive", check it out at www.venusproject.org and www.thrivemovement.com Thank you.


answered 27 Mar '12, 20:58

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I suggest reading The Secret of Instant Healing By Frank Kinslow.

Here is an exercise I came up with after reading his books. Put the palms of your hands together and close your eyes. Quietly ask, "What do my hands feel lik?" Then just feel your hands touching. Don't try to think or not think, just feel your hands touching.

Then, Quietly ask, "What does __ feel like?" and then touch . For example if you are sitting in a chair, ask, "What does this chair feel like?" Then place your hands on the arms of the chair and feel them with your hands. Then ask, "What does _ feel like?" and then feel _ with your mind. For example if there is a tv on the other side of the room, ask, "What does the tv feel like?" Then feel the tv with your mind. Do this with other objects. Then do this with other senses. Ask, "What does the tv taste like?" and then just wait. "What does the tv smell like?" etc... After each question, just wait. Don't try to answer the questions, just wait.

Then do this with feelings like love. "What does love smell like?" "What does love taste like?" The more abstract the better. If we ask, "What does love look like?" we might get images of preconceived ideas, so do those ones after the abstract ones.


answered 19 May '12, 12:04

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Fairy Princess

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