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Within the next few days, the software that runs Inward Quest is being upgraded to make it easier for visitors to become registered users...something that we've been after for some time now.

This will mean that anyone can register for the site using just an email address and password rather than having to use OpenId, which has proved to be a bit confusing for non-technical internet users.

After that upgrade happens, we will be pushing the promotion of the website a bit to bring in more members. There are so many wonderful questions and answers here that it would be a shame not to have more people sharing in the knowledge.

As part of our marketing-style efforts, it would be helpful if you could tell us, as an answer below, how you originally came across the website.

Many thanks,


In case anyone is wondering, this is a Community Wiki message so no points will be gained from responding to it


We've now received confirmation that all the website upgrades have been completed successfully.

If you have not registered for Inward Quest yet (and you wish to do so), you can now sign up with just an email address and password.

If you have duplicate unregistered accounts, we will merge them together for you when we spot them, otherwise just drop me an email at (or click on the Support link at the top of this page) telling us which accounts they are and we'll sort them out for you.

Thanks to everyone who has responded so far about how they found the website.

To begin with, I'll send off an email or two to the PsiTek mailing list and see if it attracts a few more people to Inward Quest. Last time I checked there were at least 15,000 subscribers so perhaps one or two may decide to come over. :-)

asked 30 Jan '10, 15:56

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Inactive User ♦♦

I am looking forwards to registering as a member with my email address, and password. I have not registered as a member, because I do not like the openId idea. So, I am still a visitor to Inward Quest.

(31 Jan '10, 06:33) Inactive User ♦♦

Hi Elsa, yes, a number of people have said the same thing to me. The software we are using to run the website is still very new and is still under development. New features are being added regularly. It has taken longer than expected for the software developers to add the email and password feature but they have told us that the website should be upgraded by Tuesday at the latest. After that, you should be able to register without OpenId. We should be able to merge together any previous accounts you have with your registered one, if you want, so you can keep all your previous points.

(31 Jan '10, 08:54) Inactive User ♦♦

Great, yes I would you to merge together all my previous accounts, so that I can keep all of my previous points. Thank you.

(31 Jan '10, 18:46) Inactive User ♦♦

Elsa, we've merged your accounts. However, you need to register yourself to get the extra account features that your reputation points entitle you to.

(06 Feb '10, 09:56) Simon Templeton ♦♦

has it been that long already

(18 Aug '12, 07:42) ursixx
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My dear friend, Wade Casaldi, kept telling me about this great site with lots of spiritual energy to I looked into it, and wham!!!!! I was an addict before too long!!! Blessings and light-hearted love, Jaianniah

EDIT Look at us now! alt text

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answered 01 Feb '10, 09:48

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edited 18 Aug '12, 07:55

time does fly Jai .....

(18 Aug '12, 07:42) ursixx

@ursixx- Yes, It does!

(18 Aug '12, 07:46) Jaianniah

You sent me an e-mail...... and I ignored it the first time.
But the second e-mail I received from you broke my resolve & my curiosity dragged me over here.

And you know what? I'm so glad that I did. Talk about the power of manifestation or the law of attraction. A couple of months before your invitation I was creating a vision within my mind of connecting with a group of like minded spiritual seekers.

I was expecting to stumble upon a club or group in the city that I live in. Instead your vision crash landed in our lives. This approach I feel is better than my vision because the participants can be from any part of the Globe.

P.S I forgot to add that I have been visiting your PsiTek Free Metaphysical Books website for quite some time. That's why I received that invitation from you.

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answered 30 Jan '10, 16:04

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The Traveller

Simon.. Is there a way for the software to maintain your identity as the "last entry" tag on this Community Wiki question? Because I want the participants to see that this is your request instead of the last answer being the identifying tag. You will get an overwhelming response if everybody knows that it is your question.

(30 Jan '10, 16:14) The Traveller

Good idea, Traveller. I'll edit the posting from time to time to keep it visible.

(30 Jan '10, 17:35) Inactive User ♦♦

i got it from psitek website. i had registered on the website and i got an email from you!

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answered 30 Jan '10, 16:42

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Same as the others. Interestingly enough I, too, was asking for something like this shortly before the invitation. I agree with Traveller in that I love the fact it is global and there is such diversity among the participants - this contributes to greater expansion and openmindedness for us all. Thanks again Simon.

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answered 30 Jan '10, 16:57

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I agree completely with Michaela, and also was invited through an e-mail from PsiTek. I am so glad.

(30 Jan '10, 20:35) LeeAnn 1
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answered 30 Jan '10, 17:21

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I received a recommendation for a book from PsiTek site, wher I was pleasantly surprised by the interesting offered books. After I received your invitation for the Inward Quest. I visited the site sometimes, i very liked it, but I has doubts because my precarious English. At end I given in to attraction.

I have no much days within the community, but the today' balance sheet shows some valuable items: # A beginning to settle some disparate knowledge and, especialy, to emphasize the own hollows of knowledge and to specify my own questions. # The birth of an appartenence feeling, the experience of living a part of my life together with this community and - the most important - to thinking together to the same things for solutions. Maybe this is the germination of collective consciousness of a not big, but not just little community. I feel like a minuscule fractal from an YouTube movie, which is unrolled inversely, from little to universal. And it's a gladness.

For all Y thank you, Simon.

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answered 31 Jan '10, 03:43

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Why is added the "delete" under my answer? (And only at me?) I'm sorry if I did something wrongly. What is the thing which disturbed you, Simon? I can do not write more into your site, only read it.

(02 Feb '10, 03:29) Gleam

Thank you for your answer Gleam we are glad to have you at this site. I don't see a delete under your answer there is a link/edit/flag which is under all answers for this question Gleam. If it was than some adminstrator has change it. Have a nice day.

(04 Feb '10, 11:15) flowingwater

Hi Gleam, not sure what you mean by delete under your answer. I can't see anything there. There is no problem with anything you've written - you are most welcome to continue posting.

(04 Feb '10, 19:01) Barry Allen ♦♦

@Gleam: If you add an answer to the website, you own it. You therefore have the ability to delete it, but no one else does. That's why you're the only one who sees the delete link.

(07 Feb '10, 08:01) Vesuvius

Thank you flowingwatwr and Barry for your good words, as support Thank you Vesuvius for dissipating my doubts.

(08 Feb '10, 21:28) Gleam
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Well I was surfing the Internet looking for Metaphysics courses, and I saw Psi Tek link for free Metaphysics Books. And when I went to Psi Tek website, I was quite intrigued to find such a wide variety of free books available for reading. Well, I must say thank you for being so kind, and generous, and another thank you to all of the people who has donated their books to this site for us to read for free.

So, to continue what I was saying, I signed up for weekly reminders for my metaphysics reading courses from Psi Tek website, and with my reminder I received an email referring me to Inward Quest, but I was busy, so I ignored it for a while, and then one day I decided to click on Inward Quest Link, and I have been hooked since then. I truly, love this website. It is a place for me to relax, and read, write, and share my thoughts. Very Informative!

There is a saying: knowledge is power, and you have shared your knowledge and wealth of power with us. “Freely you have given, and freely you shall receive.” This is what our world needs, people, helping people from the heart. Thank you Simon!

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answered 31 Jan '10, 06:22

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Inactive User ♦♦

I received a personal invitation from you Simon Templeton to come and volunteer to be on your website to ask and answer questions and I did I jump at the chance and when I got their I saw that I really was going to really like it; than I decided that I liked it already. I went to the site and started using it the same day I received the invitation from you I believe 4 months ago. I was there at beganing or the early stages of it. I have enjoyed reading the questions and answers.

Thanks for sending me the invitation too Simon Templeton. The reason I jumped at the site I had already been on your other site which I enjoyed very much and thanks for it allows everyone to enjoy your free books at:

I knew I liked reading those Free books that shows you how to use the power of your mind so I volunteer and ask questions and gave answers and use the site continously for a good while lately I have been on and off.

I believe this is going to be a great site for all to read and help understand a lot about the mind. The questions, answers and comments that help them on thier personal journey of life and its many questions and thoughts that we incounter along the way of life.

There is someone out there that maybe it will help you by the question they asked or the answer they give or maybe it sent your thoughts another way and open up a new way of looking at your own talents, gifts of your inner self or maybe it just answers a question you have been needing a answer too. It might even enable you to see things from a different view point or angle form our 360 viewing surface. God made us in his own image and we must undertand the power that he gave our minds and tongue the words we speak and how we think. How we are connect to him and how we are all connect being a spiritiual being.

It helps us to realize that there are so much about our selves,the world, an especially our minds we just don't know or understand but we are begining too. We are allowed to talk about God who is so important in our selves whether we believe in him or not even though there might be a difference of opinion of who he is or what his name is or even how to serve him. We try to respect one another their opionions, questions, and answers. But we are given the ability to down a question or answer or up a question or answer.

This is a very rare site to fine and be able to particapate in with our various opionions, questions, answers, comments. I think you and others adminstrators have done an excellent job and I think the members of the site have done an excellent job as well as we have come together and ask questions and answered questions of one another if we so chose to do and I like the way we have been given points or reputations and badges to encourage us to continue to do so and how the adminstrators help us in the begining and do such a great job of keeping the site runing smoothly as the problems arouses they quitely behind the scenes get them solved or corrected.

Again simon thanks for creating this site. There are so many that will like this site and it will help.

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answered 31 Jan '10, 07:39

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edited 17 Feb '10, 19:54

Yes Flowingwater, I agree with you this a rare Website, and one very much needed, if I may dare say. Indeed we learn from each other, because no one person has all the answers to life's questions. I have learned so much from every ones' anwers on this site that you would not find in just any Text books. God's work is very wonderful, and we need to learn from each other. Thank you for your thoughtful answers.

(31 Jan '10, 19:09) Inactive User ♦♦

You are so very welcome for your very nice comment and we are so happy to have you welcome to this site and we appreicate your contrubutions of questions ask, your answers and comments please feel free to dive in anytime for we are all learning and growing each and everyday. Improving upon our selves physically, spiritually and mentally or consciously. You are so right no one knows all of the answers. This is like a resvoir of many libraries being researched and now we are bringing all of this information together that would take many years for one person to do. Thanks Elsa welcome enjoy.

(02 Feb '10, 01:59) flowingwater

Read the facts so you will know about the up and down votes of reputations. The facts will explain all of what you need to know. How to receive badges and all. Just gave you this information in case you hadn't read it if you already have than good. Take care and have a lovely day.

(02 Feb '10, 02:09) flowingwater

Thank you for your kind comments, flowingwater

(17 Feb '10, 01:09) Simon Templeton ♦♦

You are so welcome Simon Templeton.

(17 Feb '10, 19:59) flowingwater
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I registered through psitek

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answered 31 Jan '10, 11:18

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I actually got here via Twitter. I'd read someone's question there, and clicked the link, and this is where I landed. I have to agree, the registration process was confusing, and the first answer I gave to a question is listed as 'unregistered' or was before I registered. I have not yet looked to see if it picked up on the IP.

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answered 31 Jan '10, 16:34

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justTheo 1

Thank you Simon, I had been a member of PSI Tek for years, so you had sent me the invite for Inward Quest when it first started, I was one of the early members here since October I believe it was.

Now for how I have found Inward Quest, I have found it to be very open and welcoming and enlightening as well, not only this it has sparked enlightenments in me through the questions as the answers pour from me about things I may have never ran across on my own.

Overall this is a warm friendly place of spiritually and mentally inquisitive and wise people, very enjoyable home to return to again and again.

Namaste Wade

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answered 01 Feb '10, 09:49

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

edited 03 Feb '10, 06:38

I received a invitation through psitek,thanks Simon :)

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answered 03 Feb '10, 01:58

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I was in psytek,saw the link and here I am..great reading here very interesting veiws and comments. Keep up the good work. I really like the functions and how the navigation works

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answered 04 Feb '10, 07:59

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:) Inward Quest just kept popping up on my computer.. you wore me down :)

Interesting that it happened as I closed a door elsewhere.
Have not had time to explore much yet, but I do like what I see. Congratulations on the work you have all put into it.

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answered 05 Feb '10, 04:00

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Inactive User ♦♦

Thanks Lorraine and welcome to our site hope you enjoy it and continue here for a while.

(05 Feb '10, 11:28) flowingwater

I had realized that the Christian Church has become a place that I don't believe Jesus would approve or be happy with. So, I started searching and asking questions. Karen Naumen, an EFT master, I think, suggested I come here after I asked her some questions. Before I came here, I had been journaling my thoughts and revelations. When I came here, I was able to get feedback on my thoughts and stopped journaling. Interestingly, I had a thought, a revelation that I wanted to enter into my journal, so I found it and went to write it, but it was the same as the last entry I had made months before. LOL

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answered 20 Oct '11, 16:01

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Fairy Princess

Stumbled upon PsiTek (I could not even remember how, the Universe just brought me to it). Did not even discover IQ until weeks later, again, the Universe brought me here, and much thanks that I am here.

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answered 20 Oct '11, 15:37

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