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Wouldn't it be a little easier to answer questions if we knew a little about the people asking for help. Why don't they fill out their profiles. I understand anonymity but we may know nothing of the inquirer. Many of the senior members and even out the mouth of babes comes some great advice. A hint of what the person is about would help. I made it community wiki so no credit will be given.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

What comes to mind when you hear someone say "I spoke to God, and he told me this"? Do you see a spiritually advanced person who has her finger on the pulse of the Universe, or do you see someone with long sleeves tied behind his back, sitting on the floor of a rubber room?

Those of you who have dabbled with any of the ideas set forth in materials like Psitek know how wacky some of these ideas can sound to your friends, acquaintances, family members and business associates. What happens if these folks find out about your participation on this board, and start asking you all sorts of ridiculous questions, or berating you for your beliefs?

Personally, I don't need that kind of aggravation. That's why I don't use my real name here.

When Stingray posted his videos about focus blocks, he disguised his voice, and explains why in a comment here:

I'm glad you noticed the voice was disguised...I don't normally sound like a kidnapper making ransom demands down the phone :) I've had my "15 minutes of fame" in the past and I just like my privacy these days, that's all. In any case, the message is more important than the messenger.

If you believe a question requires more detail to be answered well, you can always ask with a comment. It is then up to the poster to decide whether or not they wish to provide the additional detail requested.

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OK I get it, thanks

(19 Dec '10, 21:47) Tom

When I answer a question I don't want to know anything about the person who asked it, because if I did, it would most likely change my answer.

I also like to answer only questions that awaken a response within me.

It’s best described as a balancing counterpart or negative pressure.

It's like if you can describe the question as a positive pressure, then, imagine that as you read the question you experience this positive pressure in you mind being immediately compensated into balance by the negative pressure of the answer that is rising from within your own consciousness to meet the motion created by the question.

Sometimes as you read the question, the answer is already there being discovered by your questioning mind.

Answering this question itself is very much like that.

The reason I'm trying to describe this with such great effort is to make the point, that the person who asked the question has noting to do with how the answer comes to me (or for that matter how it comes to anybody else here, as far as I understand)

But once I do decide to answer a question, then I allow my curiosity to investigate the identity of the person who asked the question, usually after I answer the question.

I usually go to the profiles page of a person whose question excites my consciousness and I try to read up other questions and answers that they have posted.

I find that it's OK if someone chooses to be anonymous because it isn't important.

I can relate to some people very well here, more that others, and those I speak of are not necessarily in agreement with the answers that I post here.

Once again, I'm going off the tangent in answering this because I believe the question was asked from a perspective of "How can you value an answer, when you don't know the person who gave the answer?"

And I'm trying to convey the idea "Don't use logic, instead let your feelings guide you with these questions" and when you use that approach, the identity of the one asking the question is not necessary.

Your feelings will tell you if something is "right" for YOU, even if, sometimes, the answer that "feels" right for you is completely "Wrong" by the usual measure of right and wrong.

Because in the bigger picture, right and wrong, are measures of if you are in alignment or out of alignment with who you have chosen to be in this lifetime.

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The Traveller

Some people do not like to give info. That simple I think.

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jim 10

maybe just lazy

(19 Dec '10, 18:54) Tom

For most of the questions we really don't need to know anything personal about the person to provide an answer. Although some of the questions are concerned with personal circumstances, most can be applied to a wide array of people.

I guess also that it depends where people are at on their journey and how much the opinion of others concerns them. Some people like to keep their profile personal because they are just very private people; others are maybe afraid that those in their physical world will learn about another side of them and are not quite ready to show this yet.

Everyone is doing exactly what they should be depending on where they're at on their journey - and how do I know that ? Because it's what they're doing and,so, each of us should respect that.

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Thank you Michaela

(19 Dec '10, 22:15) Tom

You're very welcome Tom :)

(20 Dec '10, 00:01) Michaela

I can appreciate your point, but the fact that it is very different for each person opening up, and posting their personal information on this site, then, I think we should accept and respect each person privacy rights, and allowed each person to be themselves!

I also think it is important to let each person remain in their own comfort zone, and I think we will have a far better relationship with each other on this site, if we remain anonymous!

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As I do in most social situations, I looked around to see what most everyone else was doing. I spent lots of time on this site before finally creating my own profile. I actually went back to remove parts of my profile after seeing how little was being shared by other respected users. Maybe once I begin to feel more comfortable here I would add things back in, like my website. But probably not. I feel the anonymity makes it easier to ask questions without fearing how they sound to anyone. But that's just takes a while to come out of my protective shell no matter where you meet me :-)

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answered 05 Jan '11, 19:16

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