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My initial question was to ask "What is your path?" Then destination showed up in my mind.

I have a sneaky suspicion that we are all on similar paths, yet as I look closer at the interactivity here on this site I see that we share a common goal of pathness (no edit necessary I made that word up) yet our end game is not very clear.

My destination I'm sure is different than yours.

What is your end game if you have one?

Will there be a time when IQ serves you no purpose? I think a lot of us might answer "Life is a never ending lesson" Some people ask and answer a few questions and move on. Did this site fulfill a need or are some afraid to see an answer?

I ask because I see people "pop" in here and not stay long, then we have our "core" group.

I think the reasoning for our being here might be different then we expect.


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Barry Allen ♦♦

I joined IQ in 2009. I was pretty messed up, but I did not know it...What I did have was a LOT of "Book Knowledge", combined with the personality of an egomaniac suffering from an inferiority complex. To be fair, I did have a "spark" of something which made me keep pressing onwards, despite regular attempts at suicide and other really negative behavior. Maybe I am being hard on myself, but maybe not...anyway, I knew that I loved God and I knew that God was calling me, despite my deficiencies...I kept pressing on, answering questions, asking even more, and finally, a goal started to appear before my eyes.

I wanted to run retreats. I wanted to share what I have learned so far on this journey through life, and I knew that I finally was starting to really develop something to share in the first place...

Without IQ, I guess I would not have moved along the continuum of progress as fast as I have. Without IQ, I certainly would not have learned all that I have. Without IQ, I would not have met this really sweet, terrific guy who has also helped me to grow and learn...(and has also kicked me soundly in the butt when necessary!!!)

I suppose when I finally open the retreat center, and start running it, I may see the day when I am too busy teaching about how to live a spiritual life to be writing about it! I dunno...But IQ has certainly been a welcome companion along my personal path.

I cannot thank IQ without thanking the individuals who make up IQ---you must know who you are!!! I have said "Love, Jai" to you many a time.

Hope this answers your question!

Blessings AND Love, Jaianniah


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Yes it did J! I love you always for your honest answers.

(14 Jun '11, 05:21) you

But, (sorry I just lied sort of) what if any is the end? Also I see you say "You must know who you are" does that imply that some here do not? Just saying lol

(14 Jun '11, 05:24) you

I decided to add that I always thought that if I ever reached 10K on this site, I would "retire"...HAHAHAHA! As soon as I did reach 10K, I immediately thought of another question to ask...So I guess, for me, "The Beat Goes On"...maybe not as actively, but it goes on...Lots of Love, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(23 Jun '11, 03:50) Jaianniah

love jai take care!

(25 Jun '11, 03:18) white tiger
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I found IQ a little bit more than a year ago. I found it very helpful! What I discovered is that when I'm reading a book on any of the topics we talk about here, I feel great! But if for any reason I stop reading for a month I get back to my old tought patterns! But coming here help me to stay in a good mood and working on my beleif.

At first my first goal was to mannifest an extrem abundance in my life. The first part was to found a girlfriend and a new job. I made it! Still not have over abundance yet but I know that I have to work on my beleif and feeling about money! I often feel bad about it and get scared to lack of it!

Well my next step is to feel good always! I want to reach enlightment! I want to be happy ever and love everybody ever! In a natural way!

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I love the feeling of sincerity I get from your answer :)

(14 Jun '11, 14:10) Michaela

I am a recent user of IQ and thus I have little past to base this question on. However, I have been struggling with how IQ can benefit me. From a new combers perspective it appears there’s a lot to digest and yet is that really why I came to this site? No, it was to move myself forward, to find a source to free myself as I am stuck and cannot figure out how to move beyond my present situation which weighs like the weight of the earth on my shoulders.

As I have returned to this site the last week, I have asked a few questions and read many of the most recent questions. In do this, I have been thinking of asking another question but I didn’t want to be know as the “Question Man” so I have refrained from doing so. But now might be a good time to bring this up, not as a question but more of an idea for the group to reflect on.

What if the group worked as a whole to move individuals forward? What if instead of simply asking and answering questions that we combined our energies together to assist each other with a specific accomplishment, task, or manifestation? I recall a video hosted by Gregg Braden in which he described an exercise where individuals concentrated their thoughts of Peace during a specific date and time and in doing this the recordings of criminal statistics across the world showed a decrease in occurrences during this allotted time period.

So, what could this group do for the good of the whole if coordinated efforts could be organized thus moving each of us forward one at a time? Could we begin and sustain such momentum that we eventually have an impact beyond our group which is beneficial to society as a whole?

That’s really what I want to do. I want to get beyond my present situation and free myself so that I can help my fellow man/woman move forward. I want to take what I have and share it with others. I’m not talking about selling it; I am speaking of providing the guidance, the tools, the knowledge, and the support to move others forward. How much further along would each of us be if we did not have to recreate the wheel through our own efforts? What if we could utilize each of our abilities/knowledge and instead of jumping forward we begin to leap forward?

I think this would be such an accomplishment and not only give each of us an individual sense of fulfillment but what an honor to our Divine Presence to take the tools given to us and to utilize these tools not for our own individual well being but for the well being of those around us. For is that not what Jesus did, he cured, supported, fed, etc. others not himself.


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Jim 1

Hey Jim I don't mind being known as the answer man, I am sure most don't mind either we need people like you the question man, so please ask away. A coin needs two sides to exist, I think this is why I had problems of being inspired on other sites, no questions to answer I had to think up articles and topics myself. If you ask a question the topic part is done and inspires us answer people onwards. So please ask as many as you like.

(14 Jun '11, 17:24) Wade Casaldi

We have done what you speak of on a smaller scale to heal Jai and Jai and I deeply appreciate that wonderful cooperation of IQ friends that care here. So I can tell you it does work, could we do it as a group to bring blessing to all the members, maybe that is a good question to look into.

(14 Jun '11, 17:29) Wade Casaldi

I (don't think) have never answered my own question (I might have).

My end game is to know more about YOU

The more I learn about you, the more I learn about me,


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I grew up searching for spirituality and God. As an adult, I took a few years and forgot about it all. Then I started going to church, then other churches trying to find the Truth. I was in some accidents and was injured. I learned EFT, but it didn't really click until I read Healing Back Painlink text By John E. Sarno and learned that most pain and ailments were emotional in origin. Then I read another book that mentioned AS above so below, which really resonated with me so I looked it up online and found the next part, As within so without. I wanted to know how far I can take all this. Can I walk on water? Can I fly? So somebody on Facebook told me about this site and here I am answering and asking questions. There were some questions on here that until I read them, wouldn't have had an answer, but reading the questions, gave me some answers to post. While reading the new line of books, I come up with ideas and thoughts. Some of them I can post as questions, but some are not questions, but hypothesis. Sometimes somebody will ask a question that I can then answer with my new revelation. Since I learned some new concepts here, I have also had new ideas from them. My goal is to understand what 'powers' and abilities God gave us. I want to be able to share that illumiation with the world living in darkness. I want to bring hope to people. I want to help people get out of the deep dark pits they are in and show them the way.

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Fairy Princess

I see IQ as one of the many great tools that I use to better understand myself, and my relationship to The Source. It has been a journey...starting with self study in santeria, chaos majic, golden dawn, franz bardon, abraham hicks, bashar and many other teachers. IQ acts a very nice interactive (group) dovetail for all of these ideas, concepts, and processes...which i greatly appreciate and try to use daily. I joined IQ, over a year ago, but now am on the site nearly everyday.

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Honestly, I don't have a specific destination or end game in mind where IQ is concerned or even where life is concerned... maybe right now for me it's just about embracing uncertainty and trying to stay in that Now moment as much as possible. And that's coming from someone who previously needed to hold the reins of control and security meant everything to. I do know this journey,for me, is definitely about serving in some capacity and right now I just try to take each little opportunity the universe offers me to do just that...where the bigger picture is concerned, I really don't have a clue and I have to be ok with that.

I think that I've come to realize that for a relationship to be authentic and grow, it is about bringing out the best in the other person. My relationship with IQ has provided me with the opportunity to realize some of that best in myself and hopefully help others realize that in themselves too.

Will there come a time when IQ serves no purpose for me?...right Now, I just don't know :)

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You seem to have asked two entirely different questions so I am happy to answer both.

Answer to: Popping in and out of Inward Quest.

As for popping in and out of here, it depends I could get distracted so my time gets ate up or if I slide down into a depression I want nothing to do with "old routine" so I change what I do entirely.

An example of this: I belonged to a spiritual yahoo group called "StarryOnes" I fell into a depression and for a year maybe more I wanted nothing to do with anything spiritual, as a matter of fact I switched from answering spiritual questions to hacking old Atari 2600 video games into new video games (same game just changed graphics and sometimes sound variations). It was fun for a while and you may still find my creations on that Atari web site someplace but eventually some friends got me back to my spiritual self and I joined another group "SDDLightworkers" and have been in there off and on depending on mood but here "Inward Quest" I really felt the Holy Spirit flow with my answers so this place has taken most my time. But as I said I get distracted away at times or I just don't feel inspired to answer. Sometimes when I feel I gave a good answer and I get no points for a long time I feel like well no one liked my answer I may as well not have posted it, so that can turn off the inspiration too. Appreciation makes things appreciate in other words I feel good so my vibration is in a higher state to be inspired. Example I was reading an old answer of mine, when I read it I was stunned and said that must have come from Spirit, because my mind is not there right now.

Answer to: What is the destination you wish to get to on Inward Quest?

I really haven't a destination in mind, I enjoy the present and each day is a new experience for me. It is in this reason I feel Inward Quest is more of an adventure than a road to a destination. The movie "The Peaceful Warrior" there is a scene where the old man takes the young boy all the way up a mountain (hours climbing) to show him something special. When they get there to the top the boy asks "Where is it, what did you bring me to see?" The old man points down to a rock and says there it is, it was a plain rock you find anywhere. The boy gets upset and says, "You brought me all this way to show me that!" The old man says "What is wrong, did I spoil your fun? All the way up here I heard you complain not once, you were excited and giddy to be coming up here! You where having a grand ball of a time now you are upset with the destination?" The boy was enlightened it was the journey not the destination.

We spend a life time traveling through life that is the journey the destination is the grave, so really the journey is something flowing it is life, it continues on, but the destination is the end the stop of flow. We get on a ride at the fair and have a wonderful time riding that is the journey the destination is when the man stops the ride and tells you to get off. Retirement sounds wonderful until you get bored and want to do something other that laying around relaxing the rest of your life. You feel you want change in other words you crave the journey back.

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Wade Casaldi

I have good days and bad days, I just wanna wake up everyday happy, not think about the past anymore and try to move forward, but it's hard for me I dwell a lot on the past and can't let go of a lot of things, or forgive certain people, I'v always been like that. I don't believe in coincidence, I read this book The Secret which led me to another book The Master Key To Success,(only up to part two) which led me to this site so maybe someone or something is telling me its time to move on. I'm not sure what my destination is but I think I'm in the right place.

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Welcome friend I think almost the same two books led me here also. You are certainly in the "right" place. There are so many wonderful people here!

(14 Jun '11, 21:29) you

If you stick around this great place, you will soon find out that there are NO coincidences!!!! Welcome! Blessings,>>>>>>>Jai

(14 Jun '11, 21:42) Jaianniah

Thank you for making me feel welcome

(14 Jun '11, 21:49) TheBeardedDragon

Thank you too Jai I don't think I'l be going anywhere anytime soon

(14 Jun '11, 21:53) TheBeardedDragon
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Like Michaela I don't know where I am going and just happy to be moving down stream. IQ is a vitamin for my daily thoughts.

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I am going and just happy to be moving down stream.~~~That just made my day :)

(15 Jun '11, 07:31) you

"Well, I built me a raft and she's ready for floatin'"

(15 Jun '11, 17:40) ursixx

Love your response Ursixx, and I feel much the destination, just enjoying the spiritual food, and food for thought.

(15 Jun '11, 19:54) LeeAnn 1
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I suffered a bad physical experience at the hands of a doctor a year and a half ago and then suffered from severe depression as a result of it. I found IQ after researching the law of attraction and all I honestly wanted to find was a way to heal myself and make it manifest physically. Along with other books and videos IQ helped me along as I read the questions and answers of other people who thought along the lines that I did. Even now when I have a tough moment and think nothing is possible and life basically sucks, I come to IQ and I'm reminded of many things. Then I feel hopeful again. So a lot of people who don't even know me are actually helping me thru really rough times.

What do I want to gain? I'm still looking for a way to manifest physically healing and I would love to be stronger spiritually. So I read on once a week or so at IQ for inspiration or just when I begin to doubt.

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answered 23 Jun '11, 03:25

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searching for rather how and what ppl in the vortex would do and suggest. eventually with enough experience I can turning my life around and I can start giving back. till then more of a observer and learner but always will be.

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@Imperfect... 'Observing' is the best way to learn. And just a suggestion... don't wait till your life is ok to 'start giving back', start doing that now and watch what happens :)

(26 Jun '11, 12:30) Michaela

The reason number one why I am here is because of the wonderful spiritual community of amazing people. You cannot find a community like that anywhere besides IQ.

The second reason why I am here is to help people.

No destination really... :)

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well i have been here only 2 month i have come to share some light with you! you read book and i have also! but i have add experiance before the book! and what i have experiance and know is not stuff people talk in there normal life! as for book it often come back to the samething! so i do not read as much as i once did! and i think this site could help other people seeking wisdom and knowledge! i know somepeople do not like when i ask question and seam to know more then them! but for me that does not matter! it is by sharing that we learn! no one know all! it is one of the reason we are here to grow and learn is it not? and we know so little that we will never have end! so if i decide to reincarnate i hope this site will still be up! as for my destination i will go where i want to go! but i come here each day to see if there is some new question or answer! so enjoy the experiance!

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white tiger

"it is by sharing that we learn!" And sharing is caring!

(25 Jun '11, 06:20) ursixx

I have no destination on Inwardquest. I guess my destination on Inwardquest... is to find my real destination! I am sure many others feel the same way as me too ! :)

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answered 27 Jun '11, 12:35

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