It says that "The hope dead the last". Is it a help or a disguised procrastination? a waiting without chances or a self-served trap? Is hope a "partial" faith? maybe a "partial" trust? or a substitute for them? Has it creating energy or only a beautiful smiling hidden force to block the actions for realizing some goals? Is hope SOLELY a friend or an enemy? What is hope: thought, feeling, or "miscellaneous"? Could we turn the hope to be truly the corollary goodfeeling mood of success?

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For me hope is the place we need to reach on this journey as a precursor to realizing faith. Without hope we can live in a place of despair but with hope a whole new world of possibilities opens up to us. I think I remember reading in "Ask and it is Given" that when we reach hope on the emotional scale - we have reached the turning point.Hope puts us in a place where we realize that our desires could possibly happen and often times gives us the strength we need to climb out of "the Rabbit Hole" and continue on the journey to faith and self realization.


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maaan micheala your as good as it gets. i swaer all of your answers are great. you sure your not a teacher?? lol blessings

(15 Feb '10, 04:53) Mebb

Thanks Mebb - we're all students and teachers:-)

(15 Feb '10, 21:37) Michaela

Hope is like wisdom. It is a spiritual energy there to be used by us humans if we choose to do so with our free will, to keep us elevated up in our spiritual knowledge and quest on our journey here on this earth.


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When you "hope" something will happen, you don't really believe it will happen; hence, hope is a poor substitute for faith.


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I tend to disagree on this one. Someone in the depths of despair needs hope to be able to climb out of that despair, so I see hope as being a precursor to faith and not a substitute for :-)

(14 Feb '10, 16:13) Michaela

OK, I'll buy that. I upvoted your answer.

(14 Feb '10, 19:23) Vesuvius

Thanks Vesuvius - I do love the diversity on this site because it genuinely helps us grow and become more openminded and that is what this journey is all about. Your contribution is invaluable - keep up the good work :-)

(14 Feb '10, 20:39) Michaela

Thanks to both for your answers and for the discussion. The acception of nption "hope" is very different within the people.I heard many variants, from "I hope God knows how many I pay to church and returnes me tenfold when I need", or "I don't get drunk with hopes, better is vodka", to the moving "Our hope is God Himself". I think we could working a few for clarify some spirituality notions to those who address us, with hope, for their problems.

(15 Feb '10, 02:34) Gleam

Reading over the answers I found out we said the same thing pretty much. +1

(15 Feb '10, 04:08) Wade Casaldi
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Hope is a poor replacement for faith, this way I can hope something works out without having to say "I know it will work out." That means if it doesn't I can be less disappointed because I knew it wouldn't but I hoped for the best at least. It is a way out of the responsibility of faith. When Jesus or any of the saints did miracles no one ever said I hope this works, lets see if this works okay I am going to try now, I hope this healing works for you, I know you need a miracle lets hope together maybe that will be stronger! NO NO NO they took charge with full authority there was no hope there was no trying, it was all command and doing, raise and walk now you are healed! They knew it that in the mind of God that person was whole, and we are all in the mind of God.

Where there is doubt there is plenty of room for hope, where there is faith there is no room for hope.


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Wade Casaldi

Most people in a state of depression or the depths of despair ( with the exception of people like Eckhart Tolle or Byron Katie - who had a spontaneous awakening and a transcendent experience) would find it hard to jump from doubt to faith. However if they find even one thing that offers them hope, this can be the motivation they need to keep them going until true faith is realized. For most people, hope is what buoys them up when darkness threatens and without hope a lot would give up. Hope is one of the greatest gifts we can give another human being.

(15 Feb '10, 14:25) Michaela

if hope is used as a transition like you say then it can be good, but we must be sure to get beyond hoping to knowing. That reminds me of the Red Steam Engine that thought she could, she way attempting to get up over a mountain.

(15 Feb '10, 18:12) Wade Casaldi

On reaching this mountain she thought whoa this is big but I'll try, so she charged onwards thinking I might be able to, I might be able to, I might be able to. As she tried and tried she thought, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, then further up she thought I know I can, I know I can, I know I can, as she climbed higher she thought I can, I can, I can, finely as she got over the top she thought I knew i could I knew could, i knew I could.

(15 Feb '10, 18:20) Wade Casaldi

Too cute - I remember reading that one to my kids.

(15 Feb '10, 22:19) Michaela

I like this dialog, thank you to both, Michaela and Wade. Your mountain, Wade, is not only a task, but also a motivator, teacher and price. What after atteinding the peak? In your answer, you notted the responsibility of faith; what if you take a question about?

(16 Feb '10, 05:40) Gleam

You are right we can see the mountain as a task to be conquered or as an obstacle blocking us from achieving our goals. Conquest we charge forwards, but if we see it as an obstacle we give up before even trying. Conquest "wow all I have to do is make it over that mountain to reach my goal!" Fear doubt and worry "Oh wow look at the mountain I'll never make it to my goal!"

(16 Feb '10, 07:46) Wade Casaldi
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"Hope you have faith in the thoughts you believe". That thought just came to me.


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Deep thinker..

(18 Jun '13, 03:53) ele

Hope is Faith in disguise - Faith that God is good and has a perfect plan.


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Inactive User ♦♦

Someone gave me hope once when things were hopeless, it is one of my jobs now to pass it on to others. For anyone out there who feel they have nothing to live for... just hang on, you might be surprised at how things will turn out for you. Maybe tomorrow, maybe a year or two down the track...just hang on in there and know that Hope is one of God's most wonderful gifts.

(15 Feb '10, 02:22) Inactive User ♦♦

I agree with your comment. I will note "Hope is one of God"s most wonderful gifts", rogether with your name, for my collection. Thank you

(15 Feb '10, 02:59) Gleam
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