If your world is created by your mental framework, is it not reasonable to suggest that your framework be cohesive, or at least logically consistent?

If there is such a thing as reality-creation, is there also such a thing as reality-checking?

Or, to put it another way, is everyone's opinion valid? Is any arbitrary idea a workable one, if you just believe in it strongly enough?

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Hi ...Vesuvius. Nice question, especially since I was pondering over a very similar question a few months ago. So if you will allow me, may I share my thoughts on my original problem as an answer to your question?

I was wondering how we arrive at knowing the limits of our own potential at any given stage in our life. Which actually came from a notion I had years ago that "we are incapable of thinking beyond the limits of possibility". What I mean by this is not Physical possibility, but manifest able possibility including thought forms that expand multi dimensionally.

So after letting this question rattle around for a while an idea came to me. I don't know if it is the right answer or if it is capable of satisfying our constant need for tangible & verifiable solutions to our thoughts.

It is best illustrated with a situation.

Imagine that you are making a speech to an audience about this subject and you make the statement "We are capable of manifesting anything in life".

Intending to stump this statement an individual (a smart ass) in the audience shouts out, "Hey if that is true are you saying that I can instantly grow wings & fly like a bird?"

Now you have a problem. Because both you and the other person know that it is impossible to instantly perform that feat.

Now here is my observation on this situation. Because I believe the answer exists in this example. I think the consciousness within us always knows the invisible line where possibility ends and impossibility begins.

It is the very existence of this inner knowingness that allows the "trouble maker" in the audience to know what example to present so that it is a clearly impossible task.

It is as-if the person asking the question commands their inner consciousness to give an example that is beyond what is possible, and instantly the example of growing wings and flying leaps forth within their consciousness in response to that command.

If you observe the movement of your own thoughts & emotions you will notice that we are hardly moved by things that are beyond our potential. We never worry about dreams that are impossible because we just don't give a damn about them.

Instead we worry about dreams that are possible because deep inside we know that they are within our potential & literally came to us because we were the ones chosen to manifest those dreams.

It is our own fear of failure that often keeps us from going after our own potential.

It seems that we constantly suffer & triumph within our potential of possibility.

Perhaps your thoughts on this idea are different?


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The Traveller

I'm interested, what is the answer you would give this "smart-ass"?

I have heard Bashar say that it is possible to do such things but not probable, the path of least resistance would be to buy a plane ticket.

(19 Jun '13, 05:38) lastplacefavourite

@The Traveller- I got many insights through this answer, tonight on IQ I'm seemingly able to piece together my dream reality, your answer has been a great merit in helping me, thankyou.

(19 Jun '13, 10:39) Nikulas

@lastplacefavourite- Yes, Bashar is always heeding how everything is possible, yet constantly on the side is the reminder of how we are all agreeing (before incarnation) to accept certain guidelines and physical rules upon planet earth; eg, gravity.

"The path of least resistance" is still a term I'm not exactly sure what it means...But yes, always take it. Whilst it is possible I can train my psychic skills to guess what your name is, it's easier if I just ask you right now. See my point?

(19 Jun '13, 10:42) Nikulas
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I hope I'm interpreting this right Vesuvius. For me I would have to say my mental creations become nonsense when my physical creations ( or what is showing up in my life experience) are meaningless. That's when it is time to do a 'reality check' and figure out what's not working and change the 'mental framework'.

I think everyone's opinion is valid in that we have free will and are all individual parts of the Whole so that 'arbitrary idea' may work for you but not necessarily for me or vice versa. I think strong belief or faith definitely plays a huge part in what works for us as individuals. Your question gave me food for thought - thanks:-)


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Isn't the judgment "nonsense" one that is made by others?

I may personally think that Picasso produced "nonsense" as artwork, but evidently, the world disagreed...

I think that many people, including myself, may live on the edge of what others may call "nonsense" but it works for them- at least, they are here and alive, so who is to say what is nonsense and what is not?

I am presently reading an old book about a man with ten children who married a woman with eight-whew- and no one called them crazy, but I certainly would not have wanted to pay their grocery bill!

I guess what I am saying is that if we construct our reality to some degree, then our sanity, or lack thereof, would be reflected in what manifests outwardly to others-- but also, what manifests inwardly to ourselves. We have to be happy in our constructs, I guess!

Blessings, Jai


answered 30 Jan '10, 04:10

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