Are we doing them "good" by praying for them? Jesus said to "pray for our enemies". So, from this, I assume that praying for others is important- but how does it help them? We are either in control of our own experience, or we are not-there seems to be some conflict here with the theory of manifesting and praying for someone else.

I am not saying this well- I hope you all can understand what I am getting at. By praying for another, aren't we interfering with their path? Then why does it feel good to pray for other people?

A personal note: I simply pray that God's Will be done for them...but sometimes the minister asks us to pray for people in the hospital, or who have lost loved ones, etc.

Blessings...I am hoping that your end-of-the year-plans are going well! New Year's Eve Eve, 2009, Jaianniah

asked 30 Dec '09, 13:57

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I have heard that it sends healing energy to the person. Those who are good at visualized prayer can apparently speed the healing process.

There are examples of such healing in the book "The Power of Alpha Thinking." It is out of print, but I have an old frayed copy on my bookshelf. The examples in that book are quite dramatic; they suggest that, with the right training, you can actually "see" illness in the body, and then impart healing energy to that illness. Some of the techniques described in this book are reminiscent of the "mental workshop" techniques that Silva teaches.

In my church, when we pray for someone who is ill, we will all raise the palm of one hand towards the front of the sanctuary. There is something very powerful about this. It is almost as if we are sending our energy to the pastor, who then channels it to the sick person. You can feel the energy in the room when this happens.

Or maybe the relatives go to the sick person after the service, and tell them about the prayer experience, and how wonderful it is that so many people care about them, and they get better because that makes them feel better. Who knows?

What is clear to me is that the sick person must want to get better. If they don't want to get better, prayer will not help them. So there is no violation of free will. Even so, prayer always feels good because prayer for others is also prayer for ourselves, is it not?


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I like that of raising the palm of one hand towards the sanctuary and it goes towards the preacher and it gets channel back to the sick person. That sounds so great. There is powerful energy in praying to God for someone or something for Jesus said ask anything in my name and you shall receive. Love that story you told Vesuvius.

(16 Feb '10, 18:56) flowingwater

I think that we are not in violation of free will in that, everyone wants to feel well and have a well being of happiness. When we are praying for someone we are making this a group effort, the original person that wants help and the person that wants to see the person that wants help get help. Two or more are involved in this manifestation, so it brings it more energy for the creation process of righting the thing that was wrong.


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Wade Casaldi

I agree Wade Casaldi.

(16 Feb '10, 18:53) flowingwater

Praying is anointing to the body, soul, and spirit. It is healing to the ones in need of prayers, and healing for specific things in their lives. Some people will recieve the healing in the moment, or at a later time, or they may reject the healing if they are not ready to accept it.

If there is a positive connection between the healier, and the person, he or she will feel the anointing, and will know that they are healed. The more people available to perform the task the greater the energy to perform the healing. Praying for the sick, your love ones, the homeless, the under privilage, world peace, the earth, healing for the universe, and healing for yourself is a very blesseth thing to do, and you wiil recieve blessing every time you say a prayer for someone else. Praying is calming to the mind, and it gives a sense of peace, and comfort in a serene way.

Most people likes to be prayed for, because it lift and renew their spirit, and trust in God. And, really, nobody likes to feel sick, and laid up. So, most people welcome prayer to receive healing, and a speedy recovery. In essence, praying works together, to promote healing of all kind, and it is a good feeling for everyone.


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So well put Vee.

(16 Feb '10, 18:52) flowingwater

I asked this question some time ago, little dreaming that Traveller would organize a prayer round-robin for me! I suppose you'd like to know how I'd answer this question now....???

Well, it felt wonderful to be prayed for and over! Even if my leg will not heal (but it is, and rapidly), my heart has undergone a strong change! My anger has melted away, and I feel ready to tackle the weeks ahead.

Your prayers meant so much to me. I can only imagine how it must feel to someone when you say, "I WILL pray for you!" You are making a commitment to that person's well-being- and to yourself, too. For as the love pours through you as you pray, so too are you healed!! I firmly believe this.

Bless you all here at Inward Quest.

Jaianniah on Mardi Gras (February 16) 2010


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I only Jaianniah changed the word pay to pray for you hope you don't mind Jaianniah. Glad you are doing so much better. Everyone keep the powers of the prayers going for their is powerful power in prayers to God together for a cause of healing among people it transforms people for the better.

(16 Feb '10, 18:51) flowingwater

Jaianniah I am glad your heart has undergone a strong change and your anger has melted away. That is so good that is why you must pray for many things about a person and ask God for a complete healing for we know not all what needs to be healed. Continue on with your rapid healing so your leg may be completly healed and all else as well the healing energy will go where it needs to be for God knows where to direct it for that complete healing of all of you including your soul. –

(16 Feb '10, 19:03) flowingwater

Thank you sooo much, flowingwater!! Love, Jai

(16 Feb '10, 19:04) Jaianniah
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