We are told, in many religions, not to judge others. Why? What does judging others have to do with our relationship with others? With our God? With our happiness?

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Dollar Bill

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If you look into the idea of cause and effect, what goes around comes around, what you put out is what you get back, then you will see the idea of judgement. Of course, over the years, judgement has been used to control and manipulate the unthinking, sleeping masses, but those days are numbered as more people wake up to simple truths :)


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@Eddie, "what goes around comes around, what you put out is what you get back,"

To me, what you put out is, at most, a weak copy of what you keep on your inside. If you put out darkness, you magnify darkness in your heart. If you put out light, you magnify your light. Where you put your attention, focus and energy automatically invokes the Law of Attraction.

(20 Apr '12, 08:04) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill, 'what you put out is what you get back' is a very short answer concerning the physics of reality.

To me, it has to do with vibrational attraction (LOA), rather than any form of judgment by an outside force, because there is no outside. Different ways of looking at the same thing :)

(20 Apr '12, 21:04) Eddie

Absolutely, Eddie! I completely agree. Always enjoy your comments.

(20 Apr '12, 21:34) Dollar Bill
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It's said "do not judge and you won't be judged" or "do onto others as you would want others do onto yourself"...but I say "Do not judge and you will be happy". For judgement is direct cause of sadness.

A judgement or in other words a measurement we believe to be true and therefore apply on everything around us, becomes measurement and limitation of our own selves. Judgement create fears and doubts. To let go of fears you must let go of judgement.

Judge someone and tell them they are doing their job poorly and you will create a measurement of quality of work which will become true for your own life. As an effect you will strive to do a good job, because YOU WILL FEAR to be judged by someone else telling you are doing your job poorly.

The more we judge, the thicker walls of our self created prison become. And the harder it is for happiness to find us there. As we have surrounded ourselves with sadness within the walls of judgements, we have created paradoxically, in hopes of finding happiness in creating our own truths.

"To understand the world in the right way, is to not understand it in any"


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"You see Doug, whatever you choose to believe will become your truth. But at the same time, your own limitation. If you choose to believe that having hair is cool, you will feel sad. If you think bald is sexy you might get to feel happy. But if you believe neither, you will feel content with what is. And when you are content and in peace with everything, then you can choose to be happy from within, and not rely on things outside of yourself to bring you happiness."

(20 Apr '12, 07:55) Dollar Bill

@CanonLan the above quote is from your post http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/51279/whats-the-matter-doug

Well said, twice!

(20 Apr '12, 07:57) Dollar Bill

I like the above answers. I know that in every question, we already have the answer. Sometimes - often - nay, always, when I solidify a question by writing it (into the group mind) the question answers it self.

Please understand that when I use "Bible" I mean any religious work. When I say "God" I mean any Deity your want to believe in, or accept.

I see the Bible as a Book of answers, consequences for our actions. I do not believe that God punishes. I firmly believe God states rules, natural Laws and our failure to follow these Laws, causes our unhappiness.

If I say to you, "Put your hand on a hot stove and you will be burned, hurt." I am not saying, "God will punish you for putting your hand on a hot stove!" To me this would indicate that God is mean and petty. Can't possibly be that way!

So when God says:

Matthew 7

1 Judge not, that ye be not judged.

2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

It seems to me that the Law is that if we focus on another person's "faults", we focus those same "faults" on ourselves. We magnify our own faults when we judge even ourselves. Do I hear the Law of Attraction cranking along? :>)

God looks at us with Love and Acceptance. He sees His Beauty in us. His Joy. Maybe when we see and put out darkness we separate ourselves from Him, causing our unhappiness. So, if you judge others, you are putting your hand on a hot stove and suffer the consequences.

It is consequences not punishment. Not dire retribution from God. If you look at the original text, you will see that "Fear God" really means "Respect God" don't be afraid of your best Friend and Guide, just listen and do, or as @white tiger often says, "Expereince and enjoy." It is what you came here to do!


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Dollar Bill

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As we judge others we are placing them below us, this harms compassion and consideration. There can not be real love in an action of judgement and thus this causes an experience of separation from the one being judged.

Also as we judge others we are criticizing God himself because if we are superior to those being judged then God must have made us right and perfect but he sure messed up creating this person or that person. Or what was God thinking creating a person like that, we are inadvertently actually judging God when we judge others.

As we do this we are separating ourselves from God himself, God is in every being equally if we believe we are better than any one else we become separate from all else.

This was the fall of Lucifer when he believed he was better than God he fell because he separated himself from God. There is the whole total this is God if any part where to separate it becomes less than the total like a drop of water flying off the tip of an ocean wave and landing on the beach away from the wave. This one little drop fades away fast in the sun light, it was once all powerful with the wave but now separate it has diminished to nothing.

So when we criticize any part we become like that drop and say I don't want to be with the whole of humanity I don't like this person or that person. He thinks he is so good with his wealth, ha he is nothing and that guy on the street look at him a street Wineo!, good for nothing, and look at those weird kids with jewelry and tattoos all over! I don't trust that guy he looks like he might try to mug me!

Who is left? How can we have compassion and consideration with all this judgement? It is like when God said I am the vine and you are the leaves we can't say "look at those other leaves I am out of here!" We pop off happy to be away at first then discover we are withering away on the ground.


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Wade Casaldi

if you judge you lie to your self and to other people around you.because you are not in truth. example i can judge and say this guy is a drunk and label him good for nothing,stupid,clumsy,etc... but if i do that am i in truth or did i miss the fact that he must drink for a reason maybe he got some problem in is life:lost is job,lost is house,lost is wife,lost someone dear to him,maybe he is sick, maybe there is something he is not able to cope with,maybe he got some pain,maybe he is now addicted to the stuff. if you would be in that person shoe maybe you would do the same or worst,would you like to be judge? maybe your ego is telling you right now that is stupid it will never be me. will you fool your self it might be going good for you now,but what tell you that anny of the reason will never happen to you? and when it happen to you and you change your mind about this someone else is going to be fool by is ego and will also judge you. and this is only one example out of many example that people pass judgement on each other. if you use your free will to judge someone do not be surprise that someone else will also do the same to you.


Thomas said to them, "If I tell you one of the sayings he spoke to me, you will pick up rocks and stone me, and fire will come from the rocks and devour you."


so stay in the truth with love, take time to listen and understand, do not be to quick to pull out the sword of your mouth. who lives by the sword will die by the sword. in the way you mesure it will be mesure to you.


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white tiger

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finite judgement is
that of authority
whatever the purview be
the way it is to be done

infinite judgement is
finding a way
to have it fit in


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