Are people loosing their faith, and trust in God, or are they too busy to serve God lately?

The reason I am asking this question is: because many people that I know are not going to church any more, or they are too busy with their work, or personal life to attend church. It is an open ended question: What do you think?

asked 18 Feb '10, 07:26

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Dude, this is not a bible bashing exclusive site. Your question sounds as though there are things that one must do, like having faith or trusting in anyone, even in the idea of a God created by historical Christians. In my reality there is nothing that I must do, only that which I choose to do joyfully with love 8-)

(18 Feb '10, 09:33) Eddie

The question is sincere, and it was not meant to be negative, and you are allowed to agree, or disagreed. Peace, Love, Unity, and one Fellowship!

(18 Feb '10, 19:13) Inactive User ♦♦
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Although I don't agree with your statement, if I were to assume your statement as being true, by that calculation I doubt that the rest of God's people who belong to other religions see themselves as being weak.

Of course, I am trying to address many assumptions here.

(the rest was added later)& the remaining answer has been re-edited a bit.

Seeing how this whole thing is panning out, I think a re-write of my answer is in order, because we are starting to become blind to our own behavior towards you.

My original answer had many implications hidden within it.

Mainly, your assertion that Christians are weak may not be shared by the rest of the Christians.

Secondly, that the rest of us God’s chosen ones definitely don’t feel weak (it’s not structured into our belief system)

And finally, if my instincts are correct, there seems to be an assumption within your question, but I am choosing not to get it, because I am choosing not to be insulted by it.

I think the rest of us should do the same.


answered 18 Feb '10, 07:48

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The Traveller

edited 19 Feb '10, 05:58

Traveller, how could I insult you or anyone else, so to speak? I have re-worded my question, and I hope this help you, but you are allowed to agree, or disagree. Peace, Love, Unity, and one Fellowship!

(18 Feb '10, 19:39) Inactive User ♦♦

I am sorry Vee. It is how my instinctual consciousness responded at the time. Certain Ideas have a familiar flow of direction, in the way they are presented. Your original question had that flow of familiarity to it. This has never been a problem for me, because I grew up in a country where all the major religions enjoy a harmonious coexistence, and I was a member of the local "Youth for Christ" through my teenage years. My answer was an attempt to isolate the intent behind the question, but our reaction was un-fair to you. I am responsible for that, so please accept my sincere apology.

(19 Feb '10, 05:52) The Traveller

God's people are so "weak" because they have forgotten that they are part of God and here to express creation through themselves...They look outside themselves for God, for Jesus or for proof of both. They look outside themselves for answers and to blame others for everything they cannot control or obtain.

Once they remember, they will find that the Kingdom of Heaven is not something we go to when we die, it is available to us here and now IF we choose to live a life of Christ Consciousness. To do this, we must first accept all responsibility that our world is a complete creation of our previous thought process. We must do a thorough inventory of ourselves and rid ourselves of all that we hold against others - i.e. we must forgive. In this inventory, we must also identify our emotions that we no longer are able to control. Once we can still ourselves and we have forgiven, then we can hear that still, small voice that we need for guidance.

When we know ourselves as co-creators with God and as such, free, then we are no longer weak - we become ONE with the Father and powerful.


answered 19 Feb '10, 00:12

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Awaken to Spirit

noo....they're just awaking;) lol. PEACE


answered 18 Feb '10, 08:04

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Some of them appear to be falling back to sleep!

(18 Feb '10, 19:45) Inactive User ♦♦

HA! depends on how you define "sleep". if you are reffering to them not folliwing what was FORCED on us (religion) then yes, MAJORITY are "sleeping" LOL! oh well, at least we are getting our beautiful rest, no?? LOL! your welcome to join if you like Vee:) lol

(18 Feb '10, 20:03) Mebb

Mebb, I take it you are not a Christian, and that's Okay. I am just curious to know what you are inviting me to join with you? Send me a link, if possible. You appear to be very strong in your values, and beliefs, and that's Okay too! Peace, and Love.

(18 Feb '10, 23:14) Inactive User ♦♦

ahah EXTREME christian Vee....or was anyways. im chaldean (decendant of the ancient babylonians. its all listed in my profile if you want to learn). and if your gonna ask how that has any relavance to this is becuase OUR people were amungst the first converts to christianty, also aramiac is our language ( what jesus also spoke at the time). so evidently it is VERY relevant. i STILL do belive in jesus and his divinity BUT when it comes to the bible and the church i am VERY iffy(at the moment anyways). if you read the history of early christianty you will see ALOT of corruption took place

(19 Feb '10, 04:56) Mebb

Mebb that reminds me of an article of why Hindus accept Jesus but reject Churchianity. There is a difference in how Jesus taught and lived compared to Church rules and beliefs. By the way I have the Aramaic bible translation it is interesting the differences.

(19 Feb '10, 06:36) Wade Casaldi
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First when you said God's people I thought you were talking about the Jews, since it said from the beginning in the Bible they were the chosen people. Me I see us all as God's people.

I wouldn't say too busy as much as disenchanted by their churches, people fall to sleep in church. But if a football game were on they would be excited and wide awake. It shows they do not feel the teachings as their own, that is sad because it was meant for everyone to understand. It was meant to free everyone, but when people don't want to hear they can not hear what is being taught.


answered 18 Feb '10, 09:24

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Wade Casaldi

edited 18 Feb '10, 10:27

I have re-worded my question. I hope this helps. We are all God's people!

(18 Feb '10, 19:43) Inactive User ♦♦

See my new answer that has nothing to do with this answer but everything to do with the power God's people actually have but don't know they have.

(26 Feb '11, 03:40) Wade Casaldi

The Bible is clear that man's problem is sin and that no man is exempt from being a sinner. Although we are saved from the penalty of our sin at salvation, we are being saved from the power of sin in our lives throughout our entire lifetimes - this is quite a process of becoming more and more like Christ. We are far from perfect and will not be until we are glorified in heaven.

Are Christians failing every day to reach the standard? Absolutely. There is not a perfect person out there. The question we must ask ourselves is: Am I growing in Christlikeness? and are they growing?

If someone has personally offended you or failed you, you might need to confront them about their actions or words (Matthew 18). Talking with them will help you clarify whether their failure was real or perceived. Perhaps they are not even aware of their failure and your bringing it up will be a help to them to grow as a person. If it is not something you feel you need to go to them about, then you can find some resolution in understanding the depravity of man and the fall of man. The extent of the fall has pervaded not only mankind but creation as well. Take a day and read about it. Most of all, keep reminding yourself that every man's offense is primarily againt God and not against you (Ephesians). Ultimately, any person's failure in his relationship to God will be expressed in his relationships to people.

We are all in need of God's mercy, love and grace. May that thought help you extend some of that mercy to others as it has been extended to you. A battle yes, but we must try our best not to be like the Pharisee who was thankful he was not "as bad as" others, but more like the publican who was humble and knew he himself was in need of God's mercy.

God bless.


answered 18 Feb '10, 15:10

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People serve God, when they serve their fellow man. People go to church, or elsewhere, to recharge their batteries so they have enough energy to serve their fellow man well.

People who spend all their time in churchs, spiritual meeting houses etc, are probably a bit phased out by the huge challenges and immense tasks the creator has laid at our doorsteps. Feed my sheep, lift up the fallen, love they enemy...

I take special note that there are more volunteers in the world today than ever before in our history. And we have all those marvellous organisations doing what the nuns, priests and missionaries struggled to cope with in earlier times. Red Cross, World Vision, Medecins Sans Frontier etc etc etc. It is no longer legal to use child labour, it is not longer legal to kidnap and sell slaves, etc etc.

I'm with Meb.... we are waking up! We are starting to stand on our own two feet. We are starting to think for ourselves and follow what God says to us directly, using our own IN-TUITION.

Go to church by all means if that is what your intuition says you need, but do not fall into the trap of believing that that is the only place where God can hear or see you.


answered 18 Feb '10, 23:05

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The Church of today is far from the Church Jesus started. The values are not the same. Jesus said to love your neibor as yourself. I hear that preached in church, but it has been diluted with Republican agendas as well as the veil that has developed over our eyes and we have been sleeping. Jesus said to His desciples that they had seen him do great things and that they would do even greater things. Peter walked on the water as long as he believed. Jesus said to ask and it shall be given. There are many clues in there about this living matix or web that if we access it, we can move mountains, walk on water, heal the sick, cast out demons, etc... These 'supernatural powers' were given to us and we fell asleep and now we are dawning on a new age, an age of enlightenment. I would like to find a timeline of inventions. I think that we would see that each stage of our civil evolution, a shift happens in the way people are thinking and accessing the matrix/God and the ideas that are all already under the sun. Many people are 'awaking' right now as we enter a new age, an age of enlightenment. We will find more and more poeple becoming aware of this and accessing it on their own and then searching for other people who have had similar experiences, and because of the internet, we can all connect and share ideas and learn new things which changes how we see the big picture more clearly. I am so glad to find a group that includes other Christians who understand this and don't think it's "new agey" in the cult sense. This is a new age, but an age of enlightenment.


answered 25 Feb '11, 04:29

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Fairy Princess

We are the enlightened generation, indeed, thank you.

(27 Feb '11, 07:43) Inactive User ♦♦

You're welcome.

(27 Feb '11, 13:53) Fairy Princess

No one is weak but the lack of strength appears to be manifested as weakness.


answered 25 Feb '11, 08:21

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You have made a very valid point indeed, thank you.

(27 Feb '11, 07:39) Inactive User ♦♦

it seems that all present day organized religions are a deterioration of the tenets of it's first recorded master.
if true compassion for our fellow man were the foundation of any 'so called' religion, the world would be back on track again.
what we see around us is, at best, the mere shadow of the spiritual light.
and, maybe, those who are less hypocritical realize that to commune with the 'Father' can be more fruitful in individual silence


answered 25 Feb '11, 09:52

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edited 27 Feb '11, 11:22

A very logical answer, thank you.

(27 Feb '11, 07:32) Inactive User ♦♦

To the contrary, I don't see people losing faith, but rather more people are waking up to their true relationship and connection to the Divine. They are no longer being held in bondage by what has been indoctrinated throughout the years and are discovering and experiencing their own individual connection to God and as a result they are able to be a reflection of that divinity, influencing those around them in a much more positive, uplifting way - I see this as strength rather than*weakness*.

With this experience comes the realization that God is in everything and everyone so we don't have to go sit in a church to commune with him ( unless the individual finds solace there ), we can do that anywhere.


answered 27 Feb '11, 13:46

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A very insightful answer! Thank you.

(28 Feb '11, 00:43) Inactive User ♦♦

I believe that many Christians never make it past being baby Christians, so they never find just how much authority, power, control and force that they own as Christians to call into existence through the word what they want to manifest. They never realize they can heal people through Jesus, they never realize devils and demons tremble at their presence and they can cast out with a word gone! They never realize every word they speak creates their future be it negative or positive. They never realize how to pray as if God is doing it right now and to give thanks for it now. They never realize they must let go of the prayer and do not look back but know that Amen means it is done. They never realize that when they say something they should expect results. They never realize when they experience negative things like sickness to ask God what he is trying to teach or correct them. They never realize once they get that message they are free to command that sickness away and it will go.

Even being an advanced Christian I know Jesus is looking on me saying "But you don't realize you are way more than even that!"

But we are all awakening at different levels and speeds, the important thing is being there to help and guide each other with love and compassion through Jesus.


answered 25 Feb '11, 09:11

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Wade Casaldi

There is a lot of merit to your answer, thank you.

(27 Feb '11, 07:38) Inactive User ♦♦
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