I have faith in God, but I find that I have an issue with trust. I feel like Job's daughter sometimes! I am one of those people who is always hanging by my fingernails with God. What am I doing wrong...and yes, I meditate (that is for V.)!

Peace, Jai

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Trusting fully, means letting go of control fully. When you decide to let go, your trust will follow.

(28 Apr '13, 16:03) teeleec
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Trust is something that one has to earn in order to be worthy of being trusted. If you have an issue in trusting God, then God must not have earned your trust yet. But by faith, we know that God is all knowing, omnipotent, omnipresent, and the ultimate giver of everything we could ever have. Such qualities are already more than enough for us to trust Him.

Earning trust is not a one way affair. If on one end there is a receiver of trust, there has to be a giver on the other end. Both ends should be in constant communication with each other in order for trust to move from giver to receiver. The process of earning can only have meaning and be fruitful if the would be giver would learn to see, feel, and appreciate, the worthiness of the one to be trusted.

God, who is to be trusted has already done His part in showing His worthiness since time in memorial. But because we sometimes fail to communicate with Him, we are not able to appreciate, feel, and see that He has already done everything to earn our trust.

Constant communion with God is the only way we can establish an effective relationship and improve our trust in Him.


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Well put Kingoxen.

(05 Feb '10, 11:36) flowingwater

By developing your personal relationship with God. You know that kind of relationship that it is not what you have read or what someone have told you you know that you know deep down in your soul that he is real. He talks to you, he reveals things to you and you can feel his love for you. The relationship that is built over time, troubles, and heartaches, pains, love, rescues, saving you building your faith one day at a time until you know he is real and he exist and is real down deep within your heart. You feel him there you soul feels the connections you have and radiates when his presence is consoling you.

Know one has all of the answers. Do strong believers have doubts sometimes and are afraid or don't know the answers, yes. I sometimes don't doubt his powers but sometimes I wonder if he is going to do what I am asking just because it is important to me. We must not doubt God, his love or his powers. He loves you very much and his holy angels are all around us fighting our battles for us for the bible tells us we are not fighting flesh and blood but powers and principalities. This Jesus must fight for us for we can't fight this but he can and win.

So strengthen your faith in God in his love for you and his great powers to help you it is all done by faith in him. Don't give up now. Don't get confused now not when you need your faith strong now more than ever in God and Jesus Christ.

Talk to him and tell him all of your troubles and doubts he will understand and ask him to help you strengthen your relationship with him and he will.

Ask Jesus to come into or back into your heart and life and he will for he loves you very much. He will guide you and feel you with his love. Ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins and to guide your steps and choices in life. The bible says we walk by faith not by sight. For I know you know sometimes things are not what they appear to be.

Have a little talk with Jesus and everything will be alright increase your faith in him ask him to help you. You know he knows your heart, mind and soul so just ask him to help you to make the connections between you and him stronger. Say Lord Jesus I need you help me!


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I really enjoyed your response LeeAnn. My experience overall has been the same as yours.

Looking back over the decades in hindsight, I now see that what I thought at the time were huge disasters were actually blessings. Even the accidental death of my sister at age 18 proved to be a blessing as it set me on the path of what was to prove to be my 'life's work' and that work led me to actually see my sister again - happy to say she is just fine :) )

The simplest way to improve your trust in God I find, is to listen to that still small voice within and act upon it. Do your very best in every situation and then stand aside and see what happens ... long term.

In short, be still, listen, wait.

Oh - and work upon your sense of humour.


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Would you like to elaborate on how you saw your sister again and how you know she is just fine. If this is too personal than please don't answer Lorraine.

(05 Feb '10, 11:32) flowingwater

Why are you so hard on your self? There is a saying: no man is perfect, and you do not have to be perfect in everything that you do. When you know that you have made a mistake, and you think you have done something that is not pleasing in the sight of God. Then take it to God in prayers, and be assured that he will forgive you.

But you must also beable to forgive your self, and move on. What is done cannot be undone the past is the past, and the future is yet to come. So, look to the future to do better for your self, and trust, and obey God's teaching to love thy neighbor as thy self.

None of us has come short of sin, but we can strive to do better in our life to make a difference to humanity. Life is about giving, and sharing, and helping each others to the best of our ability. We are just visitors passing through on our journey of life, so let us leave our marker of goodwill along the way, and remember to love thy self. God loves you, you have nothing to fear. He will comfort you, in your time of need, trust, and believe!


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In what way do you not trust God?

I ask because I used to feel this way as well. In my case, as a young woman, with an unhappy marriage and 5 children to care for, every time the answer to a desire or a prayer was "No, Dear" or "Wait, Child" or even "Be patient I have something better in mind", I would be let-down and mistrustful. I thought I knew best all the time, and when answers didn't go my way, or rather were not as I had wanted, I would actually stop communicating with the Creator. I didn't like the let-down feeling of what I thought were un-answered prayers or desires and it felt better to not stake anything than to give it a try. Those were dark days, I can tell you but they got much much better. Is this what is happening with you? Help me to understand what you mean!


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LeeAnn 1

I know what you mean by dark days or hard trying times LeeAnn. I am glad things are now better for you! Have a nice day full of happiness for you LeeAnn.

(05 Feb '10, 11:35) flowingwater
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