I've been going through a weird phase lately, and I'm glad to have finally found a term that I think describes it well - spiritual puberty.

Some background info: I've been a spiritual seeker most of my life, and have been reading about the Law of Attraction for the past few years. However, most of the time, life got in the way of practising it. Last year, a series of events put me into a depression so deep that I was forced to spend a lot of time sorting myself out, and getting deeper into my spirituality as a result. I've always been a 'glass half empty' kind of person, pretty pessimistic, so happiness takes effort at times, but it has been worth it. I know I'm improving, because not only does life feel easier and more meaningful, but I've also had manifestations pop up that confirm that this stuff is paying off!

So, the spiritual puberty. It's a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. I can go from deep spiritual bliss to deep depression in five minutes, and then back again to bliss. I posted a thread earlier on being too over-emotional, but I think that ties in with this. I've always been an emotional person, but maybe it's more pronounced now because I'm more serious about my spirituality? Because I'm definitely happier than before, but I feel more confused and topsy-turvy at the same time.

I know it will work itself out, so I'm not looking for advice exactly (although if you have any to give it will always be welcomed), but it would be great to hear if other people have gone through this as well and how it felt. :)

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I'd also like to add that lately I've been taking the Bach flower remedy Cherry Plum, which seems to be helping. Here's a description of it: http://shalinikagal.hubpages.com/hub/Cherry-Plum-And-Control

(15 Jan '12, 12:35) cassiopeia

I love your terminology. ^_^y

[And yes, I'd say I'm in a similar phase in my life. I blame 2012 and all the "spiritual rebirth" predictions.. (that was a joke. kinda. =P)]

(As for relating, I will try to share more later, but I'm otherwise engaged at the moment. I just felt like commenting because your phrasing made smile.)

(15 Jan '12, 12:36) Snow

I like the term "Spiritual Awakening"- AA uses that to describe what you are experiencing. Just thought I would pass it on! Jai

(18 Jan '12, 16:38) Jaianniah
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you are a being of light a traveller sometime you can find some other traveller to share the journey with. travel light. experience and enjoy.


answered 15 Jan '12, 13:13

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white tiger


from a quick sneak at this video, it looks good - although can't watch it fully as I am at work. Thanks though!

(18 Jan '12, 08:56) cassiopeia

@white tiger - thanks for such a beautifully moving video

(18 Jan '12, 10:47) blubird two

Tremendous video

(18 Jan '12, 11:08) Stingray

Love the video, thanks White Tiger.

(18 Jan '12, 17:41) Paulina 1
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I think you're being a little harsh on yourself using the term "Spiritual Puberty".

Simply being incarnated on Earth during these times of transition immediately labels you for sure as a Spiritual Master. You wouldn't have made it into the Earth Masterclass of Creators if you were not.

The Pleiadian Collective, for one, (referred to in that previous link) are adamant that only the "best of the best" are playing this particular game on this particular planet at this particular time.

And now you, despite the distractions and the seductions of the physical reality around you, are coming back into the power you always had but may have forgotten you had. Even better :)

It sometimes takes a crisis or two to help you reclaim your power again. Big deal, nothing to feel bad about - I'm pretty sure everyone here, including me, can relate to that. It's just part of the rich tapestry of 3D living.

Now is a time for congratulation in remembering who you really are again and how powerful you really are, rather than a time for feeling inferior.

So, yes, as you already know, everything will work itself out if you continue to pursue your more deliberate path of unfolding - though it's actually a path of remembering.

Welcome back to the real you :)


answered 15 Jan '12, 13:56

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Thanks for your input, it feels good hearing that. When I'm 'up', I can totally relate to this. The 'best of the best'. That's awesome ;)

(18 Jan '12, 09:08) cassiopeia

We can all be enlightened with this great answer.

(18 Jan '12, 17:53) Paulina 1

You're welcome :)

(18 Jan '12, 18:13) Stingray
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Its a good term and I can totally relate to it. Its somehow has been more intense for me than actual adolescence was. At times I have 'Eureka moments' by 15 minutes. Also as a counter question, in case you are into astrology. After going through a lot of the 'spiritual puberty' stuff I looked up for changes in my chart. My stuff has been a lot to do with Chiron coming into Pisces. Do you relate to that?


answered 18 Jan '12, 08:41

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I am a believer in astrology, although I find it a bit too complex for me, so I'm not up to date with what's happening in my chart. I initially thought it might have something to do the Saturn return, as I am turning 27 in 6 months and that is around the time that it's supposed to happen.

(18 Jan '12, 08:54) cassiopeia

@MOV - do you have more information on "Chiron coming into Pisces" ... thanks :)

(18 Jan '12, 10:49) blubird two

@blubird I saw your comment on 11.11.11 thread, so I guess you've already done your research on Chiron. Still, in case required, I am giving a general overiew as a response below.

(19 Jan '12, 03:13) MOV
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no it is something more than that, I have many times over the years had some of my greatest enlightenments when I have been in the deepest depressions. I hit bottom and wallow a while then get sick of being at the bottom and get mad at being at the bottom which causes me to attack the problem. Like, "I am getting rid of this now!" type of attack I go after it like it is an outside enemy.

I have also had these times when I have "let" myself get seriously sick and totally miserable. I get to a point where I can not take it anymore and get mad and say, "That is it I have had it I am going to do something about this right now!"

Once I make that decision to be well again even in that deepest depression or sickness something happens like a polarity switch shifts from hopelessness to determination to victory!

I remember one day in a deep depression I had got to the point where I said to myself, "I am sick of this depression! I don't want it anymore!" Something weird happened I threw my arms up in the air and flung them toward the ground hard while imagining this depression was like a sticky goop all over me and I was throwing it off of me into the ground! It flew off of me and into the ground like water off a non-stick pan! Bang just like that it was GONE! At the time I thought what was I depressed about then I thought who cares it is gone!

I have come upon many meditations that cured me when I needed them most.

It seems when we allow ourselves to get the most desperate we awaken to the most powerful transformations when we decide enough is enough I want change NOW! There is a saying that it is the darkest just before the dawn. This has seemed true to me when there was no more down I had to chose up as that was the only choice left.


answered 18 Jan '12, 12:51

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Wade Casaldi


You know what, this is exactly what has been happening to me for the past couple of years... Only thing is... I'm sick of it now! I keep telling whoever is up/out there that I'm tired of dramatic spiritual bounds and leaps - can I just evolve slowly and painlessly for a while, just for as a little holiday?? ;)

(18 Jan '12, 13:00) cassiopeia

You know on some deep level I believe there is something within "ego" I guess, that says, "Oh I am not going to deal with this now, I'll be alright. I can take it." Maybe even, "I don't feel like dealing with this!" When really if you think of it all the awakenings we have had it would be nice if we just once used that stuff to start with and headed the misery off at the path. It seems we forget until we are forced to remember, "Oh yeah I can get rid of this!"

(18 Jan '12, 16:39) Wade Casaldi

Love your answer Wade.

(18 Jan '12, 17:51) Paulina 1

Thank you Paulina, love your answer too. :-)

(18 Jan '12, 23:27) Wade Casaldi
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Dear Cassiopeia, All of us on the spiritual path go through the dark night of the soul and more than on just one occasion. The truth is we are the stronger and better human beings for it even though at the time it seems anything but.

In my own experiance my toughest time came from picking up on others thoughts, feelings and pain especially if the person was going through a depression. It took me ages to figure that out but once I realised this my life changed for the better dramatically.

I learned to ask myself a very impotant question "Is this mine or is it someone elses stuff and if yes than whose. The moment I found out who I was picking up on it would disapear as if by magic.

Now I'm happy as I realise and am conscious of my true self and understand that I have all the power in my own life and I'm ever vigilent and observant of my own self so as to make sure I dont slide back.

The only way to overcome is to be strong and believe and have faith but most of all to take action on helping yourself. It doesn't happen in a day but what makes it a lot easier is to live in the moment for moment by moment one can ans shall overcome.

There is light at the end of the tunel and that light is within all of us.


answered 18 Jan '12, 18:09

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Paulina 1

Basically Chiron is an asteroid which is taken into account by modern astrologers in addition to the planetary influences. It is supposed to be a "wounded healer". You can see the links of the myth associated with Chiron here - http://www.theoi.com/Georgikos/KentaurosKheiron.html and http://www.stevers.com/ancientwound/myth.htm He is supposed to have died to save humanity. A 'wounded healer' terminology is also important spiritually because it means the healer has himself gone through a lot of pain and suffering to be able to understand the problems of others and provide healing.

Chiron's healing is associated with the astrological house it is associated with. Pisces is the twelfth house in astrology and represents karma, mysticism, mysteries. With Chiron in Pisces the healing is supposed to be at the level of the soul. The twelfth house is a little complex to explain, you can look into the links I have given below.

This is an extract explaining the essence of Chiron in Pisces "In its role as the Wounded Healer, Chiron shows where are deepest wounds lie, and where we will find the keys to healing. A soul that has experienced the intensity of experience in emotional or physical pain has an opportunity to gain greater wisdom and a depth of consciousness and awareness by delving deep into the wound that is not available without these experiences. Chiron is the guide on this journey, giving us the courage to open our hearts despite the fear and pain that may make this process excrutiatingly difficult in some cases."

Links: http://www.evolvingdoor.ca/miscarticles/chiron-in-pisces.htm http://ericfrancis.com/planetwaves/sixties3_chipisces.html http://astrodynamics.net/Articles/Cycles/Chiron-Pisces.htm

Chiron's effect in other houses of Zodiac - http://www.aquarianage.org/west/planets/ch-nat01.html


answered 19 Jan '12, 03:13

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@MOV - thanks

(19 Jan '12, 03:58) blubird two
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