Are we being insecure?

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It is an evolutionary adaptation; women are born with the instinct to protect their family and keep it together, and jealousy is one of the emotional components of this instinct.

That doesn't always make it the most appropriate emotion for a given situation. Feelings like jealousy are an old adaptation; because these emotions exist in the older parts of the brain, they can hijack our more rational thought processes. Which is why people can behave so childishly sometimes; the emotional part of the brain essentially matures at five years of age.

But I think it is useful to be aware of the origin of such emotions, and how they form an integral part of our experience of being human. Being aware of such emotions (and the effect they have on our lives) allows us the freedom to make the best choices we can, by tempering our emotions with wisdom and taking actions that are consistent with that wisdom.


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Men do not get jealous ???!!!

(04 Mar '10, 22:42) Inactive User ♦♦

@Lorraine: I didn't say that. But the dynamic is somewhat different with men.

(04 Mar '10, 23:48) Vesuvius

Love is patient gentle and kind etc etc... it is not possessive... a jealous person is a possessive and insecure person.

There is wisdom in the words about loving someone enough to let them go - someone worthy of your love will not go far.

Easier said than done, granted.


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Jealousy is definitely something that guys experience as well quite strongly and probably more when it comes to their wives, girlfriends etc.

I have seen my boyfriend jealous many times when I have interacted with other guys on some occasions, especially guys who he thinks might be attracted to me. And I experience the same thing when I think about my boyfriend in the company of other women but on very rare occasions.

I think there is an element of insecurity but it also shows that one cares about that particular thing or person. I think if one was indifferent or not too bothered about something or someone, they would not be jealous.

However, I also think that if we were totally convinced that the universe was abundant and we could get an endless supply of anything whenever we wanted it, we would probably never experience feelings of jealousy. But I guess most people do not think in terms of abundance but more in terms of lack.


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