There are a few clips I have heard from Bashar (Channeler Darryl Anka) that pretty much say we are not "some kind of low level kindergarten" in the broad scope of the universe like a lot of humans think. It takes a Master creator to incarnate on this earth and at this time.

It is without a doubt one of the most inspiring things I have ever heard. It just seems to resonate so much for me and is very motivational. I've chosen to wholeheartedly believe this concept to inspire more growth and make my overall journey a little bit easier. After years and years of telling myself that I was no good and I have no purpose on this earth, knowing things like this really put me in The Vortex.

Here is a youtube clip where he mentions it. Starts at 5 minutes 48 seconds.

So is Earth a master class? Or are we just some low level species that really doesn't matter much in the vastness of the cosmos?

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The process of creating and receiving is automatic @Cory we're all doing it all the time whether we realize it or not. Unless you're experiencing "voids" or holes in the universe (which by the way I have actually had glimpses of and it scared the **** out of me) your reality is always full of physical things. In other words we're all master creators. The quest is to be conscious of what is created, of what the process of choosing reality involves.

(07 Oct '15, 03:11) jaz

jaz, master class potential, yet cosmically considered mind controlled prisoners asleep at the switch

(15 Oct '15, 19:36) fred
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It's not only Bashar that says that Earth is a masterclass.

I've heard Abraham say it directly and the Pleiadian Collective (who I chatted with recently) are adamant about it as well. Plus there are numerous other channeled beings who offer similar ideas, and indeed I get information myself sometimes about this through intuitions and inspirations.

I have no doubts in my mind that Earth is an advanced-level playground for creators and I think the fact that the concept resonates so strongly with you might be an indication of your inner acknowledgement of the truth of it.

The view I've come to acknowledge is that not only is Earth the ultimate masterclass but that the "illusion of limitation" that has been played out on Earth is the ultimate game.

Throughout infinite non-physical levels, it is obvious to all that we are all interconnected consciousnesses that create through thought, whether that is non-physical creation or physical creation.

The unique twist that Earth offers is that you can experience the idea of separation and limitation, which is truly an absurd idea throughout the rest of the infinitely abundant and connected universe :)

So this uniqueness of perspective (unique within the entire Universe) is what makes Earth such a sought-after place to incarnate. The Pleiadians have even said that there are virtual "queues" to join in with this game but only the "best of the best" get to play :)

And because we're so powerful as creators, some of us create some truly bizarre (by universal standards) belief systems of conformity, limitation and self-denial to imprison ourselves within. You don't need to look very far on this planet to see how effective some of those "bizarre" belief systems have been.

It still amazes me how many people take channeled books of the distant past written in the language of the distant past for people of the distant past, label them with the word "holy" and then attempt to force themselves and others to live by them - and then even deny that channeling exists while quietly glossing over the origins of those books themselves :) And then they attack those who instead focus on the more up-to-date and relevant versions of that same channeled knowledge!

As Abraham say, "you are so free, you can choose bondage" and some of us do the self-imprisonment thing really well on Earth :)

So the game on Earth is to play with this unique experience and see where it goes. As we undergo the current transformation in consciousness, however, we've come collectively to a point where the sense of limitation has provided enough experience that we are ready to move on.

So the nature of the game is now about the transformation from that sense of limitation to reawakening to the sense of un-limitation.

That's what is happening all around us right now as I write these words....people are re-awakening and remembering the game.

No-one really knows where this is all heading because it's all unique. Abraham (and others) have used the phrase: "All eyes in the universe are on Earth".

Because of the interconnectedness of consciousness, everything that is experienced on Earth is available for others non-physically to tap into and also experience vicariously, if they wish to.

It's the same principle as posting some valuable information on a social network like Twitter or Facebook. As soon as the knowledge is "out there", it rapidly gets passed around and soon everyone knows.

The Pleiadians say that, because of this interconnectedness, then even the most apparently "trivial" experience in someone's life that they find a way to integrate within themselves can have huge universal implications as the knowledge spreads...because they have come to that integration from such a unique perspective.

What happens on Earth really affects the entire Universe in a unique way because of the unique physical perspectives available here.

So I hope you can see that the idea of "years and years of telling myself that I was no good and I have no purpose on this earth" that you used to believe is perhaps not the whole story :)


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"The Pleiadians have even said that there are virtual "queues" to join in with this game but only the "best of the best" get to play." Comments like that are really what get my juices flowing. Pretty much everything you said really resonates deep down within me. I really appreciate your detailed and thought out answer. I will use it to help better myself even more. It's really exciting and fun to know that we are "Masters" and not some run of the mill species.

(29 Sep '11, 17:22) Cory

thx for your comment.. very well explained.. :)

(30 Sep '11, 02:27) jinxx

The Game... ...

(30 Sep '11, 14:07) ursixx

...channeled books of the distant past... nice observation :) And the 'big lie' re finite life, when we're eternal beings...

(01 Oct '11, 02:12) Eddie

@Eddie - re: channeling. It's funny how rational thinking seems to go out of the window when it comes to these old books. Many seem to act like "supernatural" things were going on to create those if there were spiritual laws around then that don't operate now. It seemed "supernatural" to those people of those times - today, we just call it channeling and many people know how to do it themselves. The information has never stopped flowing to's just that there are those who seem to want to keep themselves (and others) locked into a particular arbitrary snapshot of it.

(01 Oct '11, 12:20) Stingray

somehow i believe that we are are more than a reality TV series but maybe not, some say we are here developing consciousness and individuality, yet within the plan of the master architect who enlisted master builders to do the job of putting us together

(05 Oct '11, 23:13) fred

@Stingray - Thankfully we're living in the age of transformation in which accepting the idea of channeling is becoming widespread. A few hundred years ago people like Esther, Darryl and many of this forum's members would already have been nailed to the cross 8-)

(06 Oct '11, 01:55) Eddie

@Eddie - sorry, only just noticed your comment. The funny thing is that it's probably quite likely (since we all play the dark and light roles at different times) that WE may have been the ones doing the nailing :)

(15 Jan '12, 14:10) Stingray

Who do you say the ancients were channeling?

(16 Jan '12, 12:47) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess - Non-physical has no need of names because they are ever-morphing ever-evolving consciousness streams, not label-able "clumps". When names are given, it is only to satisfy the human need to pigeon-hole everything so I've no idea how what they were channeling chose to label itself by, if anything. The channellers themselves would know presumably.

(16 Jan '12, 13:24) Stingray

Fantastic answer Stingray as usual.

(18 Jan '12, 18:21) Paulina 1

Beautiful insight Stingray, but how do the rest of the living creatures on earth fit into the experience we're creating? My sense is that from your answer, humans are the ones who have a waiting list, but what about everything else? Why would a spirit choose to be a whale, or a fly for that matter? Is there a waiting list for these existences as well? Just curious on what your take is...

(25 Jan '12, 08:32) Salvagetherapy

@Salvagetherapy - It's probably worth pointing out that the concept of "waiting list" is really just a crude analogy for our 3D minds to grasp onto. I doubt very much there are queues of non-physical beings with numbered tickets :) To my understanding, we are not "clumps" of consciousness but "streams" of consciousness and the consciousness stream that flows through you can flow through others (animal, mineral, vegetable etc) at the same time. I vaguely recall someone, Bashar I think, saying...

(25 Jan '12, 11:46) Stingray

@Salvagetherapy - ...something along the lines of there are about 300,000 consciousnesses that make up everyone/everything on Earth. Don't quote me on this, it's just from vague memory and I'd have to track down that quote to verify what was actually said. But the basic idea here is that those consciousness streams wish to experience different perspectives whether that is a human, whale, fly or whatever. At "higher" levels, the stream flowing into a human could also be a fly.

(25 Jan '12, 11:51) Stingray

I found this comment from a Bashar video with someone mentioning the 300,000 consciousnesses. From Mai-Li "I had a private one on one session with Bashar and asked questions re: mostly about our higher selves and over-souls. During one of my questions I asked about how many higher selves do we have at one time . I was told there are approximately 300,000 over-souls currently on planet Earth 2011—what does this mean?

(30 Jan '12, 02:44) Cory

continued...A little over 2,000 higher selves from each over-souls make up the 6+ Billion people on this planet!!! You and I have 2,000 “You’s” living at the same time from our One over-soul:)"

(30 Jan '12, 02:46) Cory

@Cory - Thanks for tracking that down. I just did a little search and found this also: "Bashar once said that the soul population of Earth actually came from just 300,000 oversouls. That would suggest about 23 million people are from one oversoul. Your ‘soul mate’ is actually one of 23 million possible matches on the planet!" From:

(30 Jan '12, 03:20) Stingray

@Cory - I've certainly met a number of people in my time who are so obviously the same consciousness stream as me. In fact, my wife is one of them. From what I sense from IQ sometimes, I feel there's a bit of a "gathering" going on here too

(30 Jan '12, 03:25) Stingray

@Stingray Bashar always has some very interesting and detailed things to share with us humans. There are times where I appreciate his straightforward approach which can be a change of pace from Abraham's teaching, even though they are both great when used in conjunction.

(30 Jan '12, 16:34) Cory

@Stingray I feel the same way about my girlfriend as well. We came together in such an awkward way but it feels like we are one in the same in the consciousness department. There is definitely a gathering here at IQ. Sometimes I feel like other people are taking my thoughts word for word right out of my mouth. That makes it easier on me though. I can just up vote the question or answer if I feel it's an adequate response, instead of wasting my time writing the same thing.

(30 Jan '12, 16:41) Cory

@Stingray - you linked me from another thread to this comment and I think my mind just exploded. This is probably one of those things where in five minutes I will no longer be able to access the vibration where this makes total sense, like - DUH OBVIOUSLY YOU GUYS, why didn't I ever see it this way? - but right now, so enjoyable. Thanks, @Cory, for asking the question. I have another one: are there separate streams of consciousness in non-physical, or is it all one consciousness ultimately?

(20 Sep '15, 14:19) corduroypower

@corduroypower - "are there separate streams of consciousness in non-physical, or is it all one consciousness ultimately?" - It depends what level you are looking at. At the highest level, there is only one stream. As you look in more detail (as though you are zooming in on a fractal), you see more and more streams but they are all ultimately originations from the one.

(30 Sep '15, 05:20) Stingray
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I believe earth or physical incarnation is the place to learn how to use energy to create. I am reading 'The Nature of Personal Reality a Seth Book' at the moment and this concept is also stated.


answered 05 Oct '11, 16:32

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I would say that now I have a lot more to think about. I think I am going to be more careful about what I think and say. I would to thank all of you for your input.

(15 Jan '12, 16:31) Tom

you are welcome my friend

(16 Jan '12, 14:12) white tiger

well we are all creator we are made in the image of the father. experience and enjoy.


answered 29 Sep '11, 07:36

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white tiger


Yes that is very true. Nicely put White Tiger.

(18 Jan '12, 18:22) Paulina 1
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