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Probably just out of curiosity, but what do you think motivates people to answer questions on the Inward Quest website? Or what motivates you to answer questions on the Inward Quest website?

Is it just for reputation points, or do you think that you might get new insights out from answering the questions?

Personally, I seldom answer any of the questions unless I feel really compelled to do so or it is something which I have experienced before in my own life. When I find myself trying to answer every single question, I feel really empty and hollow sometimes, so props to those who try to do so everytime ( no pun intended).

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Barry Allen ♦♦

As I've said before on IQ, I never intended to take part in this site. I just created this Stingray account purely to answer one question right at the start (How can we overcome or transcend our sexual desire?) that I felt wasn't being answered in the way the questioner wanted - and then I noticed there was something else I could offer in relation to another question, and then another question, and so on and so on...until today :)

So, for me personally, it's really just about providing "value" to others.

Over the years, I've picked up a lot of information (both from "within" and "without") that has been useful to me and if I get an inner urging to make it public in the form of an answer, I seem to have been gifted with a big enough internet mouth to follow through with that urging :)

I don't know about answering every single question though - I'm not able to do that. Sometimes I feel an urging to provide an answer, sometimes I don't. If I try to "force" an answer, it also feels empty and hollow, like I'm trying to "cheat" myself and the questioner with something that isn't sincere.

And, as I've mentioned before on this site, a lot of answers I personally write are often also directed at myself. You can gain a lot of clarity about thoughts that are nebulously floating around your mind by making yourself articulate them to others.

There's that old, old saying that I've found to be so, so true time and time again...

"If you want to learn something, teach it"


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Exactly Stingray. I feel too that I learn a lot when I answer, it is easy to observe someone else's experience, answer it from an objective point of view and then realize the value in the answer for you.

(29 Jan '12, 14:16) Benjamin

You know Stingray, your posts make me mildly envious. Do you put a lot of forethought and preparation into your posts or are you just one of those natural speakers?

Also, my sensei always taught that last quote as well.. An excellent lesson.

(30 Jan '12, 07:03) Snow

@Snow - "en vie" = living, desire :)

(30 Jan '12, 07:18) blubird two

@Snow - Apart from the manifesting experiments and related stuff, I don't think I've ever prepared any answer. You probably read them (if you read relatively slowly) at almost the speed at which I write them. Too often, they are written in a hurry because I'm busy with something else. Wouldn't say it was a natural ability; I worked as a newspaper reporter for years and with the constant daily deadlines, you either learn how to write quickly and clearly, or you learn how to find a new job :)

(30 Jan '12, 07:28) Stingray
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Hello kakaboo, for me the answer is simple ... inspiration.

To coin the word of streetsanto "think tank" ... this is how i view inward quest as a big reservoir of living energy ... it feels a bit like choosing a tarot card, it stimulates the imagination and always leads to an enlightening path ... enlightening in the way of showing us when we are being negative and when we are being positive.

have fun :)


answered 29 Jan '12, 05:38

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blubird two

I've felt your energy getting lighter over the months, must be all of the inspiration here... :)

(29 Jan '12, 05:46) Eddie

@Eddie - it sure is :)

(29 Jan '12, 05:49) blubird two

I used to read questions and answers here way before I ever created an account. I made one just so I could be apart of it and voice my own experiences and opinions. Sometimes, questions are answered much better than I feel I could have answered them. Sometimes, though, I feel like there's an answer that no one else is touching on... so I made an account instead of keeping it to myself. :) I've never done it for the reputation points... to me they're just an easy way to say "thank you" or "thanks for asking this/I wonder that too". I'm not trying to get points, but when my answers are voted it reassures me that someone found something valuable in it. But I also know there are lots of people who follow the site who don't have accounts but still find information here helpful, because I used to. There are a lot of great people with insightful answers here and I wanted to be apart of it and help people out.


answered 29 Jan '12, 13:53

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Helping other people is always something that I felt the need to do in my life. If I can give some helpful advice every now and again, then that makes me a very happy guy. I definitively don't expect every answer I give to be the "a-ha" moment for the person who is reading it, but even if my answer gets zero votes and a random individual visiting the site for the first time finds something I said to be beneficial, then that is a very exciting thing for me.

I also only like to give an answer when I personally feel that its coming from my heart and not boredom. This website is different from a lot of others. There are plenty of other places on the internet to ramble on about things out of boredom or to rack up posts or points, but to me, this place deserves deep down well thought out questions and answers.

I am very appreciative of well thought out from the heart type of answers that I receive here, so I only see fit to do the same for others who are in need of some well thought out advice and opinions in return.


answered 30 Jan '12, 00:14

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"we teach best what we most need to learn" says Richard Bach. I have enjoyed answering the questions that caught my attention on the site. I have never forced myself to answer any question. I just have fun at this site.


answered 30 Jan '12, 06:11

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I had no road map, so I read and sucked up as much knowledge as I could. It has helped me out of some real situations. So I give back and it helps me too. It is always better to be involved, it stays with you longer and it expands ones awareness.


answered 30 Jan '12, 06:39

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The Knights Alchemy

For me, I feel drawn to the questions that I have probably thought about or asked. In the past and was led down a path to search for a semblance of understanding towards. I may not always have the answer but I usually can share ideas that I've found or my own experiences in relation to or in support of the question being asked


answered 12 Feb '13, 11:03

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