I find that during or after applying releasing methods,tears or you can say water starts to flow from my eyes.

Has this any Significance?

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Hi Zee,

Yes, that kind of crying/tears is the way that your body cleanses and releases energy that's been trapped inside your body. It's the physical representation of the releasing of negative emotion. Remember that emotion is created by thought and that thought is vibration/energy.

I went through a period of about two years where I shed these kinds of tears almost daily. I didn't feel particularly good or bad, it was more of a neutral feeling. However, I knew I was in the process of cleansing old thoughts and beliefs and I'd studied the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, so I had an idea that water holds and carries information. Due to having that knowledge, overall I was happy about those tears carrying negative energy out of my body :)

Here's a short video which shows that water has memory.


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@Eddie - Wonderful video Eddie - thanks for the link. Dr Emoto's book is simply stunning.

(14 Jul '12, 13:16) Catherine

Yes, I agree Catherine :)

(14 Jul '12, 23:29) Eddie

Crying for no reason at all,when it takes place when we are alone, detoxifies the emotional body like no other human activity. However, we don’t use crying as a tool to gain attention and sympathy.Despite what many therapists tell us, crying alone when involved in emotional processing is more beneficial than crying on another’s shoulder because then it’s pure and authentic.It doesn’t become a superficial drama and a tool in the hands of the mental body.



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Very true; crying on anothers shoulder, not in all cases though, has a grand tendency to evolve into a clownish act of ego, "oh, feel sorry for me, I'm crying..." sort of thing.

What this means is that you require approval ( in this case, sympathy ) from others in order to run your life with contentment. The act of crying now becomes just that- an act, as opposed to a natural physical ritual to detoxify oneself of resistant energies.

Good contribution, Satori.

(14 Jul '12, 11:16) Nikulas

@Nikulas-Yes came across this info recently and thought it might be of some relevance here, thanks :)

(14 Jul '12, 11:44) Satori

The emotional tear reaction can occur when there is more energy being summoned in the moment than you can allow i.e a sudden flood or avalanche of emotional energy.

So you can have tears of joy, or tears of sadness. Both are situations where you are summoning more energy than you can allow in the moment but one has a habit of resistant thought behind it.

Of course, tears can also occur as a physical reaction when the body wishes to cleanse the eye because, for example, there are some particles irritating it.

See also: Everytime I replace doubts with positive feelings I start getting a dull headache - why? which also applies to tears.


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Wise and noble Stingray, you answers enlighten me. I have a really dying urge to ask you if you could please give some more information on tears/crying....There is also some Abraham knowledge that crying is the physical act of releasing alot of resistance. You explain things perfectly so everyone can understand your answers when they read them; may you please give assisted informatio about tears please :)

(09 Feb '12, 09:22) Nikulas

@Nikulas - I'm not going to argue with Abraham :) I think that becoming tearful needs an element of suddeness to it i.e. there's a temporary overflow of emotional energy which you quickly catch up with and the tears soon stop. I guess that crying must be some in-built cathartic mechanism we have because I've noticed that people who cry and cry until they can cry no more are able to then face the subject that led to the crying from a more stable, presumably less resistant, place.

(09 Feb '12, 09:58) Stingray

@Nikulas - Quite possibly, you could simply cry regarding issues that are troubling you until you feel better about them. Just a guess, I've never tried it myself in a deliberate fashion :) It doesn't strike me as being quite as elegant a release method as writing out a few belief-change statements, or doing a bit of EFT tapping but, hey... if it works, use it :)

(09 Feb '12, 10:01) Stingray
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Can negative energy move to another person close by when released. Someone cried telling about how she was being targeted by a 3rd eye Guru and was sincerely scared. I did wonder whether she was passing it off to me


answered 11 Dec '17, 22:42

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