So I have been familiarising myself more and more with a method of manifestation where I just feel what it would feel like to have achieved my goal. Usually to do this, I sit down meditative-style, and put myself into a mild state of self-hypnosis. I then tell myself to suspend all disbelief, and to imagine myself in an alternate reality where I have achieved this goal.

So far so good, and I have been able several times to bypass resistance and make myself feel like I am living the life where I have what I wanted to manifest. I usually use gratitude and appreciation to power it up.

My question is this: I know that there is a lot of resistance regarding some of these things I manifest. I used to try to manifest things by releasing resistance using EFT and the Sedona method, but these methods don't work very well for me, for some reason. I find myself more frustrated than relieved most of the time. I've tried all I can with these methods, so I'm not looking for answers telling me how to apply them better - I prefer to use this method I am using now.

My question is, in purely technical terms, what happens to this resistance when I focus on feeling good about a subject? I know it does dissolve a lot of the resistance, but more in a 'behind the scenes' way than if I would use EFT for example. What I am basically doing is focusing on Step Three - Allowing. I know that allowing releases resistance in the form of negative beliefs, but... how? (technically speaking)

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Hey cassiopeia, I can really relate to your post. I practiced EFT and Sedona for more than two years... With very little results. While I am grateful for the lessons I got from these methods, and the ability to notice my emotions that developed from that practice, today I understand things better and my life is changing because of that.

The problem with EFT and Sedona, and many other methods, is that they are focused on "eliminating the negative". I found it very hard to really let go without focusing on the positive. When you try to eliminate the negative, you automatically focus on it. It is very tricky and I know of many people who fall into that, including myself in the past.

The keys to understand in order to really improve your vibration and release resistance, in my opinion, are :

  1. Like I said, focus on the positive, not the negative. Even Lester Levensons, the creator of Sedona method, said that holding the positive in mind is a better method than eliminating the negativity.
  2. The realization that your beliefs are thoughts you keep thinking. This is so important, that Abraham repeats this all the time. Beliefs are simply thinking patterns. When you start deliberately looking for better feeling thoughts, you change the pattern and the "belief" is gone - since you are no longer giving it "air time". It is not something stored in your mind, that you must search and destroy - it is just a thought we must stop giving attention to, and we do that by reaching for a better feeling thought, which brings us to the next key :
  3. Doing the work gradually and based on your logic/belief system. For a person that feels desperate about money, reading a mantra of "I am rich" is ineffective - he is nowhere near the vibration of that statement and can't even understand it from there. That is why we look for every thought that offers even a slight improvement. You focus on a very general statement (usually negative - for example - "there are people in the world who managed to turn their financial situation around, so I have some chance of doing it" - this feels probably a bit better than "I will never have enough money", but also not reaching too far), a one that makes sense, focus on it for 17 seconds and let LOA match that thought. This is called a focus wheel. And slowly, with statements that you already agree on, you move upward until you are in the vortex, and can focus on the subject specifically.

There is a lot of information about focus wheels on youtube, I suggest you have a look. It is absolutely excellent.

Also I suggest you let go of your goals and make your only intention a one of feeling positive about the subject automatically - and just enjoy the feeling until you get there.


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Thanks this is perfect. I have exactly the same problem with release techniques - I had some successes, and they have taught me to be much more aware of my emotions, but at the same time practising them all that time made me look for the negative more often, in order to release it. So I'm trying to re-condition myself to reach for the positive. I am glad Lester Levenson agrees.

All of what you said is what I believe as well, but it helps to hear someone put it so clearly.

(22 Jan '12, 15:04) cassiopeia

But the main part I liked about what you said was about beliefs not being 'stored' anywhere. This is the key that I have been missing, because I have been thinking of beliefs as more tangible things, stored away somewhere in my brain. It all makes more sense now!

(22 Jan '12, 15:06) cassiopeia

"focus on positive" ... :)

(27 Apr '15, 01:51) jaz
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As you practice and master the art of letting go and allowing, the release of resistance just happens gradually and naturally, this is because you are more focused on feeling good rather than focused on trying to manifest a desire, so you can feel good afterwards. Sooner or later we'll wake up to the fact that conscious creation isn't about manifesting desires but more about following our joy, which melts away the resistance even faster as positive thinking [appreciation] becomes our dominant focus [vibration] and positive momentum is achieved. For myself practicing the art of allowing and letting go has been the fastest and most effective way to release resistance bar none, allowing the negative thoughts [resistance] as they surface, to be as they are, with no emotional attachment or influence from them their calling, allowing them to weaken and run their course in their own time, while focusing on the more positive aspects of life, building more and more positive momentum, thus releasing even more resistance, and allowing the more preferred realities to unfold in perfect timing. Notice how many times I've typed the word allowing in these last few sentences, that's the idea here, to allow and not to resist, so it only makes sense that the more you are allowing, the less you are resisting, it just occurs naturally, that's as technical as I can get.


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@Kreatr This is exactly how it plays out. I sometimes think the LOA is a funny old thing. We try and try with processes and visualizing and EFT all to release resistance so we can get all this 'stuff' that will then make us feel happy. Often without realizing that if you just stop with all the trying the resistance releases really really fast and we get what we wanted anyway which was to feel happy. And, once you're feeling happy all the good 'stuff' that you wanted just flows in. Genius really!

(18 May '15, 06:31) Yes

kreatr, perhaps conscious creation is on a continuum and feeling joy is nearere the beginning of our unfoldment

(18 May '15, 20:11) fred

You are spot on Yes, even without thinking about the good stuff it still flows towards us with added bonuses in between!

(18 May '15, 22:48) Kreatr

Well put fred, I agree with this comment because a lot of us tend to practice conscious creation in a backwards approach when we discover we can change our reality, we aim for the material things which is good, but following the joy first saves a lot of time and frustration and, as Yes put it so nicely, unconditional happiness brings the good stuff you want which flows in!

(18 May '15, 23:00) Kreatr

@Kreatr - allowing the negative thoughts/resistance in a non-judgmental, non-attached way (that is, not resisting the resistance, or even physical pain) is huge for me. I used to spend a lot of time essentially tensing defensively against my own resistance, while insisting that I was doing LOA work, trying to willpower my way through it I suppose.

(18 May '15, 23:58) corduroypower

Thank you so much for this Kreatr. I have reached a similar realisation recently ^_^

(19 May '15, 15:19) Surfgrass

Used to try so hard to 'stay in the body', 'be in the heart', observe my thoughts etc when just by relaxing and letting go and allowing ourselves to be naturally drawn to things that resonate with us, we hand our healing to the inherent intelligence of life.. it might be that EFT doesn't work, because we don't get to set an order or a timing on what's released when..

(19 May '15, 15:29) Surfgrass

You are welcome, effort isn't necessary at all when we are allowing, after trying all of these aligning techniques we tend to become over dependent on them relying too much on them to help us manifest a specific outcome, it's unnecessary really, although they can help in the beginning, we eventually move on to the next phase, letting go and allowing.

(20 May '15, 11:48) Kreatr

That's a cracking comment Kreatr and very true.

(20 May '15, 12:07) cod2
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Hi @cassiopeia,

See this answer about why releasing resistance (a.k.a. judgement) is a key requirement in spiritual life (which goes far above and beyond law of attraction), and exactly how it contributes.

Hope this helps.


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