OK. So the more and more I learn about the LOA the more interesting life is becoming. I can really see how my desires are being manifested, more so in lifestyle versus material things and most days I look forward to what adventure life will bring the next day. Overall I’m learning how to be happy now. That’s the good part. However I feel like I’m the type of person that analyzes everything. For example, if something I desire is starting to peak its head and evidence, real evidence begins to show I start to obsessively think about it and wonder when the full manifestation will occur. For example say I’m happy at my current job but I always wanted a job in a certain part of town. And one day I get a random call asking me to apply for a certain job, in this certain side of town. At first I have an attitude of ‘This is nice but I’m fine where I am. However I’ll apply anyway because this may be what I’m wanting.’ But the next few days I find myself thinking of the possibilities and wondering when I’ll get an interview, or constantly checking my emails. Wondering if this is really going to happen because the more I think about it the more I can imagine having and loving the job.

The same goes for a young lady that I recently met and am interested in. I can see how my rockets of desire brought us together(certain things I remember asking for she has those characteristics). Buuuut she isn’t fully responding in the ways that I’d like, even though she has showed great interest in some ways. I find myself obsessively thinking or wondering why she hasn’t called or is she being a flake, when I know this is what I asked for and it’s like so close. ECT…

I know I’m moving in the right direction but am I slowing the full manifestations of my desires when they get close by my obsessive thinking?

Thanks for the help --I’m going to do a focus block now :) --should I do a focus block around these topics in my life?


I had a tough time doing a focus block for either of these examples. I really could use some help. I'm thinking about it so much that's it's bringing me down.

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Chris 2

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@Chris: the laws of female trump the LOA! haha

(17 Aug '10, 21:00) Back2Basics

If you're having difficulty coming up with a Focus Block, try a "Wouldn't it be nice if..." exercise first. http://tellinganewstory.blogspot.com/2009/02/wouldnt-it-be-nice-if.html

(17 Aug '10, 22:14) Vesuvius
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Short answer to the question in your title: Yes.

The analysis is an attempt at control. If you really want to enjoy life you need to let your mind relax enough to take in the world around you, and allow the Universe to provide.

In other words, you need to relinquish control, at least to a certain extent.

Example: Your lady friend is not responding in the ways that you like. This kind of thinking is a recipe for continual frustration. She has her own mind, and will make her own decisions. All you can do is appreciate her for the person that she is, and the person that she is growing into. Hopefully you can share a part of that journey together, and enrich each other's lives.

There's nothing wrong with working toward the things you want. But don't think you can control every detail of your manifestations. Along that path lies misery. Life has a charming way of giving you exactly what you need, when you need it. Allow that process to take place, and you will find that you have all you will ever need.


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I thought one of the positive things about the LOA is that you can control what goes on in your life. Is that thinking wrong?

(17 Aug '10, 21:06) Chris 2

You control your own thoughts. But look at other questions and answers on this site and you will see that the real work is launching your desires and then letting go, so that the Universe can do its work.

(17 Aug '10, 21:08) Vesuvius

In the business world, they call this process "delegation." Since you can't do all the work, and you can't control every aspect of the business, you must hold a clear vision and allow others to help you fulfill that vision.

(17 Aug '10, 21:11) Vesuvius

@Chris: I hear your confusion with the LOA. It appears some use it differently - some to control all aspects of their life and then others like Vesuvius' perspective. then some just say be aware of it don't "use" it....

(17 Aug '10, 21:12) Back2Basics

I think the confusion comes in when I do a process like segmenting. I'll segment my day and say exactly how I'd like to feel in those moments and I've had consistant results with that process. To me I'd think that was being in control.

(17 Aug '10, 21:30) Chris 2

And by no means am I trying to control the young lady I'm refering to in my question above.

(17 Aug '10, 21:31) Chris 2

@Chris re: segmenting...So what's wrong with that? If you get results, why not?

(17 Aug '10, 22:16) Vesuvius

Vesuvius has a great answer i think.We can control what comes to us BUT were not meant to pull any persons specific strings.God will do that as HE sees fit.Forget the manifestation,do your bit and chill out.Gods running the universe not us.Put you feet up and watch Him work out the details


(06 Sep '10, 14:31) Monty Riviera
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In my experience, over analyzing hurts the flow in life.

It's so easy to do. Now looking back it seemed like a waste of time like looking down a tunnel with blinders on.

It is hard to do but stepping back and looking at the whole picture is proven to be better.

I'm always working hard to force myself to do that.


answered 17 Aug '10, 21:13

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The way I see it is, overanalyzing is a form of not trusting the LOA to work on your behalf. So I would say yes, it hurts your FLOW. Remember ASK AND IT IS GIVEN...all you have to do is be in the ALLOWING and leave the rest up to the Universe. It's really that simple. However, sometimes we complicate things with fear of not having and therefore keep our good from manifesting --simply because we get what we think about--whether we want it or not (sound familiar???).

All the best.

Relax.......breathe, think good, fun and positive thoughts and just go with the FLOW...it truly feels better to be in the allowing of life!


answered 17 Aug '10, 23:19

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Chris, I have been guilty of this as well, throughout my adult life. At times I knew I was sabotaging my happiness with over-thinking, but was unable to stop. In time, working with the LOA over many years, I have learned, when I catch myself over-thinking, to not fight it; just recognize the feelings and thoughts, and replace them with better ones (tedious but helpful) like "I will be just great, no matter how this turns out. In fact it may come out much better than I had even hoped" and then I let it go. You do get better with letting go and living in the moment with practice; it becomes easier! Keep going with your program!


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LeeAnn 1

I'd agree with Back2Basics.

As B2B says, it's easy to do, and I'd add that in a way for any thinking entity it's also inevitable too, it's a 'phase' one will go through. For only by over-analysing things in the first place can one gain from the experience by learning not to do it!

And the lesson learnt from analysing the act of over-analysing can be distilled down into the concept of 'The Law of Diminishing Returns'. And so one acquires new knowledge about the nature of Mind!

Also, one has to watch out for when analysing turns into 'worrying'. Worrying is what the Mind does when thinking about something fails to yield any answers, but it nevertheless continues to think about it anyway! Worrying can of course become chronic.

Like B2B says, it's helpful to step back and look at the wider picture, as a way of putting things into their proper perspective, what daleks would call the 'context'.

OK then, I'll stop there, before I end up over-analysing the nature of over-analysing and it turns into some weird bottomless vortex ... eek!

All The Best!


answered 18 Aug '10, 02:16

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