Can we really draw wealth like a magnet, or is this only a saying? What do you think?

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should you listen to anyone at all? Even to yourself, who is this self that you should listen to it. lol.

(10 May '13, 03:32) CalonLan
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Why do people seem to use this law to attract wealth? One sees what happens to mega wealthy people.

Wealth (over and above what one needs to live) does not set your free - it binds you. Every thing you possess, ties you down one way or another.

The millions who participate daily in lotteries would indicate that it is not easy to draw wealth to one like a magnet.. and a lot of these people BELIEVE with every fibre of their body that they are going to hit the jackpot.

And I have deduced that there are many members here who place absolute faith in the Law of Attraction and wealth. Are you wealthy yet?

The only law relating to attracting wealth that I see in action time and again is, those that give freely will receive freely. Honest - give it a try.


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There are 2 parts to this question.

To answer the first part, the Law of Attraction is in force at all times. Just as we do not need to "apply" gravity to be affected by it, similarly our lives as they are are the constant reflections of what this LOA has brought into our lives through our own thoughts and preoccupations and attitudes.

However, knowing about this force (LOA) empowers us to take steps to work it to our advantage. Hence, the "gurus" teach us how to harness it. Whether it is easy or not probably depends on how quickly we can shift our mindsets and emotions, and how disciplined and confident we are about it.

The second part of the question about whether we can draw wealth to us like a magnet - well, it is only a saying if you think it is only a saying. :)


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Pat W

Krishnamurti was very sceptical of the gurus and felt that we should come to enlightenment ourselves by the process of examining our own thoughts. I am always wonder why these people want to teach others and can't help but think there is a lot of ego involved. There is also a lot of snake oil salesman involved in the selling of the law of attraction idea who are making a lot of money from it; so you may be attracting wealth into their lives but not yours.

The second part of your answer-it is only a saying if you think it is a saying- stops all enquiry of a subject and is used frequently to control people and keep them in line. As is: you seem to be tied into a negaive belief system- you need to let go of that anger and you need to keep an open mind. All of these are saying you are a bad person for thinking like this and you dont belong to our special group.

Are you wealthy yet? We need an empirical system which can be tested to see if it works. If you have faith in The Law of Attraction and it hasn't bought you wealth then why do you still believe it? If I told you to drink this potion and it would make the hair on you head regrow and it didn't work and I told you you were applying it wrong you would try again. Still doesn't work.I tell you you are wanting it too much and you need to relax. You might try it again. Eventually you get the ingredients of the potion tested.


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@Alan Crabbe, I've merged your three answers into one. Unless there is a very good reason, please only answer once per question and edit that answer if additional material is to be added

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No, try it at the risk of your serenity. Serenity is inversely proportional to your expectations. Keep having all the expectations you want, watch what happens to your serenity when they are not met. This life is not a fairy tale, and you cannot magically make things go your way. Wishful thinking, I wouldn't waste a lot of time on it, you're setting yourself up for disappointment if you do. Take it from one who knows.


answered 09 May '13, 12:47

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@zotac - If you take the time to peruse the many threads and answers on this site, you'll discover that there are many here who have had a completely different experience than you regarding "magical thinking", wishful thinking, prayer, and using the Law of Attraction to create positive ends in their own lives. Regarding your former homelessness (I saw that you mentioned this in another comment) there are those such as Chris Gardner who were homeless and used the power of positive thinking...

(09 May '13, 14:11) lozenge123

@zotac - lift themselves out of those circumstances. I invite and encourage you to learn more from others on this site who have much to teach and offer about these things.

If your object in coming here is to "disabuse" us of these notions, to tell us that we are all powerless and at the mercy of the inherently negative forces of "life" or "reality", then I can tell you right now, you are not going to convince anyone, and it will be like butting your head up against a brick wall.

(09 May '13, 14:14) lozenge123

@zotac - Take it from one who knows. :)

(09 May '13, 14:14) lozenge123

@zotac: Not everyone is going to get every wish they make, if they did we'd all win the lotto every day and get every thing we think we want even for a moment. But denying the power behind positivity isn't really something anyone disagrees with without putting their hands over their ears and chanting 'la la la I'm not listening', even the most extreme of nay-say-ers.

Wishful thinking may be taking a simple idea to an extreme, but I don't believe you can say you've never felt or observed ~

(09 May '13, 20:40) Snow

~ someone who was sick or feeling ill and feeling better just because their cat jumped on their lap. Or someone who was injured and their recovery being hastened by being surrounded by uplifting and encouraging people.

Even just going out an exercising with a bright person makes the entire task better, whereas going out with someone full of negativity can find you more drained. I'm sure everyone has observed at least one of these scenario, if not much more. The same principle applies to life.

(09 May '13, 20:42) Snow
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Do you mean this Guru? I have seen some of his manifesting videos but he seems so different than anything I had ever learned from other sources.

But if you prefer a manifesting Guru then I guess maybe if you find him helpful then go for it.

He has some kind of merging the Sun and Moon meditation too.


answered 16 Jan '12, 22:47

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