Speculation and Insight
We have heard people say "money hasn't changed me." Even with our values intact, we can't really expect to see friends and aquaintances the same way. Once our vibration matches our desires, we become sensative to different things.

Please disagree with my speculations, since my observations are from a visualization I had of being wealthy. I'm not actually wealthy. My visualization was set in an urban montage of parties, and very diverse crowds of people.

"My sensitivity towards people was much greater when I was wealthy. I
even saw my current self, not poor, not untalented. It was worse! I saw
blurryness, unclear aliances, and unrealiabilty."

"Bottom line, I saw in everyone was how clear or unclear they where.
It had nothing to do with money or talent. My new friends didn't all look
wealthy, but they we all very clear, like I was viewing them through special
optics. Brilliant and unbrilliant entrepeneurs and creatives where present,
but it didn't matter. Myself, I developed some unusual skills at conversation,
but nothing else was different in me. (this was not a class-conscious view,
quite the opposite) After that, I fell out of the visualization"

Question, about social radar and wealth vibration
Have you acquired a social radar? To asked it a different way, have you been changed by a new wealth vibration, but are struggling to utilize it? It feels like an early gift from being successful, but I don't understand what I've experienced.

asked 21 Aug '12, 15:58

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Barry Allen ♦♦

As I think on this, I unlike yourself and Dollar Bill am not wealthy so I have to do this from a contemplative point of view.

It would seem so yes that you are right that having wealth would move us up the Maslow's Pyramid away from worries of survival to most lofty ideals and greater clarity.

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Wade Casaldi

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It's only my humble opinion. I see our economy filled with people that are educated, and talented, but don't shine in wage-slavery and social drudgery. No one sees the people that get stuck in the lower-three-tiers of the pyramid, they're "blurry and unclear" by my description.

(29 Aug '12, 00:31) AlicianFields

With Maslow's example before me, I see how our desires and vibration don't always match the paradigm we're after. Sometime I would offer the response that your "desires and paradigm are not aligned." I'm drifting off topic, but thanks for the answer Wade Casaldi.

(29 Aug '12, 00:31) AlicianFields

Much agreed, but there is a way out. It is when we give our problems to God to handle. This lifts us up the pyramid. I will admit it can at times shake your faith with worry. But that is when you need to read God's promises to take care of us, he wants us to turn to him in times of need.

Albert Einstein, "The only way to solve a problem is from a level above the problem." This helps us have faith because God is above all problems.

Thanks for best answer, I hope it helps you very much. :-)

(29 Aug '12, 03:21) Wade Casaldi
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True wealth has nothing to do with monetary value...that's merely an added, albeit a beneficial, side effect on the physical plane.

I genuinely don't mean to sound disagreeable Alician but seeing "blurryness, unclear alliances and unreliability" does not, to me , sound like much of a wealth vibration.

Maybe there's a greater gift in the visualization for you. I would suggest sitting with it, without adding any mind interpretation to the scenario, and feel what comes forth. I have a feeling it will be worth much more than an material manifestation :)


answered 21 Aug '12, 20:32

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"I didn't feel like I shined," but maybe there's more meaning. Illumination, transparency, feeling unnoticed, all could have meaning. My association with the wealthy being more-solid is strange-funny. My idea of wealth may have had to do with freedom in this visualization, not riches.

(29 Aug '12, 00:38) AlicianFields
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