How do I discern the infomation that comes from the spirit and the imagination?

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Can you make your question a little more specific? What do you mean when you use the word, "discern?"

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Also, have a look at this question:

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Discernment - great word! Discernment in the guard to one of 'the gates that leads to the Holy City.'

I would say that your use of this word is an indication that you are well on the path to that which you seek. Discernment has to do with that which builds up humanity and that which does not. Run every thought that comes to you past this critieria and your source will reveal itself.

You will be surprised when you get to meet the guard of the next gate.

Bon Voyage


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ide say through prayer. becuase prayer is contacting and communicating with god. when you do this, the after result will be god guiding you through "feeling". only then will you be able to discern what is from the flesh and what is from the spirit. another usefull technique is medititaion. in regards to THIS subject i would say prayer is WAY more effective because you are looking for guidance. but when you are looking for clarification then of course i would reccomend meditiation. peace



answered 28 Feb '10, 08:11

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