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Do you recall feeling spiritually elevated and inspired when reflecting on the creations in the heavens and earth? How do you feel when you look into beautiful roses and gardens, and sun shne beams , and delicate clouds, and mighty mountains, and wide oceans birds flying high above, fishes swimming, stars glowing. Do these not increase your conscience and belief in Allah, the creator.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

we often misconstrue
how it is we got here,
the builders followed
the plan of architects

all material form was
assembled as designed,
then set on a path
to develop concsious


answered 18 May '12, 21:28

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Yes! I feel

spiritually elevated and inspired when reflecting on the creations in the heavens and earth

Such Beauty leads me upward to the Source of that Beauty which is God, Allah, Brahma, the Universal Mind, or whatever else you want to call it! I feel inspired just reading your question!!


answered 19 May '12, 08:34

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Dollar Bill

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Hi Springflower, I feel grateful to be alive every time I see the beauty of Gods creation and that includes man made beauty as well. I know God exists when I set my eyes upon the wonder of this beautiful world we live in.

Yes one can even feel euphoric with the miracle that is life. Everywhere I look I see God in in the creation that surrounds me and am happy to be alive.


answered 18 May '12, 05:39

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Paulina 1

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