200 million people come daily to facebook being connected an average hour daily. What would happen if the same amount of people, and all at the same time pray for world peace? To save the whales? to increase the good vibrations? for the hungry and homeless?

My question is given by the fact that recently I read that the bad things, mostly go by, because humans almost always focus on the negative or dark side of things. It's almost as if we expected to happen bad and good relegated .. then ... what would happen if we turned all at once to see how positive it is also any situation? what would happen if all of us realize the force that has the power of intention? what would happen if 200 million people to focus on one thought to change a given situation? I can not imagine ... can you?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@Robert: Just the thought of this really energizes me. Any plans on starting this?

(12 Aug '10, 19:05) Back2Basics

i have some ideas.....be sure i let you know when thunder hits my head.

(12 Aug '10, 21:10) Robert
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I have often wondered the same exact thing. Just the mere attempt at something like this would be phenomenal!

There should be a full time job and company dedicated to organizing this. I mean
think about all the years we individually work to chip away at things like this.

Something like this could quantum leap the human race in a fraction of the time.

I would support this in any way I could.....

Any desire to start something like this?


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I suggest someone starting a Facebook page for good intentions and work on building up a big following and running some experiments! Let us all know so we can "like" your page right away.


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LeeAnn 1

Far, far, far, far, far...etc.....more than the equivalent of 200 million physical people thought this Earth into reality from non-physical.

If those combined consciousnesses from non-physical thought there was really something wrong with it, don't you think they would be able to focus differently and create something different in an instant?

Doesn't world peace imply that everyone thinks the same way?

Isn't imposing similar beliefs and values on all also an act of war?

And, if in response to that, you say that not everyone has to have peace, only those that want it, then isn't that what we already have on Earth thanks to the operations of the Law of Attraction?

And what about those who have manifested involvement in conflict, and don't want it now, but have forgotten how to choose something differently for themselves? Well, isn't that what we are doing on websites like this one...reminding and showing people that their lives are completely under their own control? When they're ready to hear the information, they'll naturally attract it into their realities whether through Inward Quest or somewhere/someone else.

I think there's a reason that 200 million daily Facebook users put socializing above praying for world peace, and that's because they feel, perhaps at an unconscious level only, that it's simply not necessary to do so.


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(12 Aug '10, 09:44) wildlife

Interesting reply. I'd love to know where you got your figures? I'm under the impression that in our world of 6.5 billion only approx. 8 million consciously aware people are necessary to steer this reality in a new direction. Also, considering the volume of conscious beings all with free-will already existing on Earth, I think you place too much emphasis on the non-physical beings willingness or ability to make any changes whatsoever. It's up to those of us currently existing on Earth to make changes or not.

(12 Aug '10, 12:04) Eddie

@Eddie - I haven't quoted any figures other than from the question. If you mean my "far, far" comment then I would say that since consciousness is streamlike and not physical clumps, I could use the word infinite instead in the same way that there are an infinite number of colors in a finite spectrum...but it would ultimately be a number of angels on the head of a pin argument :) I'm not much of a fan of the world is broken and needs fixing idea - it's an outside-the-Vortex concept.

(12 Aug '10, 15:26) Stingray

@Eddie: I do not like that world is broke either but there is much suffering and pain in the NOW of the world that does need help. If people can get together and pray at the same time to change this, why not?

(12 Aug '10, 18:50) Back2Basics

@back2basics> exactly....why not?

(12 Aug '10, 21:05) Robert

@Stingray - OK, we're at cross purposes, so I'll leave it at that.

(13 Aug '10, 02:47) Eddie

@Back2Basics/Robert - Sorry guys, but I'm with Stingray on this one. I'm not against making positive changes, but I understand that "There is nothing I have to do." Maybe it's your calling to do that, but it's not mine. Peace :-)

(13 Aug '10, 02:49) Eddie
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I belong to a group on facebook called

God gärning

(good deeds) translated from their facebook page

Have the ambition to do a good deed every day so you can join the network "good deed". There can be little things you do for someone else: eg open door, say a kind word, give away money, help someone with the stroller, ask for one. What if we get ten people who do a good deed every day for a year. There are 3650 good deeds. What if we get 100 people or 1000. There are a lot of good works, and hence a better country and a better world to live in. Every one of the first 100 people in the network.

World peace starts with good deeds in your own backyard



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This was the spirit for what i made the question.Every day a good deed...then at the end we will have a better world,a better backyard,a better home, a better soul.Thanks is pleasent to see somebody understood my point of view here.

(12 Aug '10, 18:02) Robert

To organize a couple million people to pray for peace would be a disaster. Praying for world peace indicates that world peace does not exist in the present moment. This goes back to the subtleties of the LOA. We are supposed to feel the feelings of living in a world with peace. What does world peace look like, what does it feel like, taste like and smell like. When we get a good handle on what world peace is, than we can hold that vision in our minds and feel the love in our hearts. Smile! and see the whole world smiling because everyone has enough to eat, clean water to drink, and fresh air to breath.

It's exciting to be alive. The whole planet and it's people are actually evolving at an unpresedented rate. We are where we are supposed to be. Our collective consciousness is moving from the third dimmension into the forth. All this means is that we are moving from thoughts of seperation, duality,(good vs bad) and ego to thoughts of oneness and wholeness. In the forth dimmension of consciousness we realize that we are all brothers and sisters, and we are all in this together. God's world is One, and God's world is perfect.

I Unconditionaly Love you my Brothers and Sisters


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This isn't an answer but its something I wanted to share, related to the topic. I recently thought about the same question , and I decided, since there are so many people on here, why dont I use facebook to reach out to people to try to make a difference, getting closer to world peace one mind at a time. So I decided to use what I can to give people a little insight to try to give them a more so, wider perspective, so far so good.


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