I consider I´ve done some progress in mind power, my relationship with my wife is gettting better, formerly we were thinking of divorce! But I have still some issue with receiving money...

Actually I don´t know which point I miss.


How can I pass the limit of survival and boost the energy to abundance? I am doing almost daily meditation for one year now.

One more; the School of Success: I have 2 twin daughters, 3 years old, and I would like to initiate them in mind powers, there is there any baby traininng in this matter?

Some program I would like sounds like:

  • mind power
  • psychology
  • finance(course,not at 3 yo)
  • healthy life and mind

actually I would attend it myself in my 40`!!

Best regards,

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@Criper - it would be better if you ask your second question separately as a new question otherwise many people may not see it

(28 Jul '10, 18:51) Barry Allen ♦♦

Money measures the value that you are providing to other people. What actions are you taking to increase the value you are providing?

For some people, that value is increased by going back to school and getting a degree. For others, it means changing vocations to something more meaningful and inspiring. For still others, it means starting a business, learning a new skill, or cultivating a talent.

What does the creative part of your mind say about the talents and initiative you can bring to others? Is it something that you feel inspired to do? Is it something that inspires others to reward you for your work by paying you money?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself.

Abraham was once asked, "How can I make a million dollars without working for it?" Abraham replied that the person was asking the wrong question, because it contained a contradiction. Instead of answering the question, Abraham suggested a different question: "How can I make a million dollars, and enjoy the process?"

As for your children, your best bet is to be the shining example of what you would like them to achieve.


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There seems to be some belief of some sort associated with money that is preventing you from manifesting your abundance. Really take time to ask yourself how you feel about money, and the relationship you have with money. As you've probably heard, how our parents dealt with money has a big effect on our overall outlook pertaining to money. When you have money, what do you think? How do you feel? When you don't have money, what do you think? How do you feel? Take some time to be the "watcher" of your thoughts AND words and see what you REALLY think and FEEEEEL and speak about money. You may have some beliefs about money that are no longer working for you that need to be released and/or changed. Give it some thought. Continue to make the investment in yourself and as you make positive changes, it will be the best example of manifestation for your children.

All the best....


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Prayer - asking to show you how to act on this new mindset you have successfully created may just tip you over to abundance.

I remember when I was manifesting with my mind set and the thing I wanted did not come.

A year later when I was completely over it, it did come.

Good luck.


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Regarding question #2, Silva Ultra Mind is Great for all ages. Jose Silva, the founder perfected many of the training techniques with his children.

Additionally, if you are seeking spiritual studies which embrace mind power, consider Centers for Religious Studies (previously know as Religious Science) or Unity. These teachings are based on the creative power of the mind/spirit. I am 4th generation, and I have to say it set a foundation within me of unlimited possibilities.


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Thank you all... to be more specific,I started a contractor business almost one year ago and sometimes looks like something tryes to screw up my deals. instead of gaining good contracts even I am a creative engineer I seem to get only small deals wich I cannot charge well. Then, good contracts are posponed, not closed, or clients are not sure to invest yet. Well can you get me a more specific hint?

(02 Aug '10, 06:57) CRIPER

In my opinion I think that we must ask ourselves the hard question, "How much money will it take to make me happy?" All too often we hear of people who want jackpots but have not explained why it has to be a jackpot. "Is the jackpot the only means to money that will make me happy?" Until questions like these can be answered, there may be manifestational resistance. Many times we put ourselves in the "All or nothing" position" which may produce impatience, fear, and disappointment under a mask of expectation. I would suggest realignment with more specificity that produces patience and expectation with joy. It may be a more scaled down wealth expectation but it is the starting point to producing more wealth in our lives.


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Only process as advice and opinion. Be very grateful with the contracts you get. They say a person has to make peace before moving on. Do not take contracts that are really to small if it can be helped. Provide the best materials and service have supreme confidence in what you do. This attitude will propel into the bigger jobs. Change user name, I mean Criper, come on. Do you just want to Crip along or ride with the big boys. Rather than school for prosperity just do it. Like Nike says just do it. I know you have it in you. Me self-employed. I work on feeling deserving. I don't dwell on what others do in my field. Since no one will do the job exactly like me I have no competition. I am the best and I have reference for customers to look at. I charge more do more and target upper end customers. I do not feel bad for those who cannot afford my service. Pride of Ownership, Service With a Smile, pick a theme.



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Read the last five sentences on Tom’s answer, and really mediate on it. Personally, I agree with Tom you need to change the way you in which you do business. You should also think in terms of always letting the business work in your favor, not against you.

You must remember that you control your destiny, and as they say the sky is the limit!

Change your way of doing business, and you change your income flow!

You have to do your part, and take action, and the LOA will manifest your desire!

*Have you ever considered sending your children to Gifted School? Did you ever have your children tested for Gifted School?


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I was in the sam perdicament untill I learned not to worry. When you make yourself feel you have to have something it comes at the last minute of doesnt come at all. When you realize that it will come it only a matter of time, and use what manifestion or focus methods that suit you, things begin to come quicker. Hj


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