Consider: And is this premise of scarcity true due to false belief that there is a limited amount of money in the world?

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There are so many common negative beliefs of money.

List of beliefs:

Money is the root of all evil, Money doesn't grow on trees, Money is scarce, Money is tight, We are good because we are poor, We are good because we can afford to pay our bills, Rich people can't be trusted, Filthy Rich, Rich people are snobs, Rich people think they are better than us, Rich people are crooked, Rich people don't deserve it, Rich people are out of touch, Rich people are elite, Rich people are born into it, Rich people got their money in some underhanded way, Rich people don't understand.

Now with all these beliefs about wealth wow money who wants it, who needs it, I don't want to be like that!!!! So my brain tries to do everything it can to keep me from becoming like "Those Rich People!"

This is why we need to change our beliefs, about money and about the rich too, we need to maybe not like them but at lest not see them as something we despise. So if we can just get to indifferent, like there is no difference between us we are all good people that is a good start. Then we might start growing to be desirous of being like them, and liking them. By the way the bible says not that Money is the root of all evil but that The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil, what that means is God always comes first love God and you will be blessed.


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I agree, and I have heard some of those same statements about money. Thank you for your answer, and indeed, there is a lesson to be learned about money in general!

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I think each individual has their own perception or beliefs regarding money and their financial situation is a reflection of that perception or beliefs.

The universe will always reflect back to us what we believe - If we believe in the "premise of scarcity", that is exactly what we will perceive in our world, so in that sense yes it will be true in your world. However, once we begin to challenge limited beliefs like this, our perception of the world begins to change and hence what is true for us changes accordingly - we can then change this "premise of scarcity" to one of abundance.


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Well said, thank you!

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My general perception and conception about money is that it absolutely equates to FREEDOM.

In this reality money is the key to unlock the prison doors of life. If we have money we can do so many more things than if we havnt.We can also unlock the doors for others too.

Without money were not REALLY free. You may argue with that but consider this.

If you have a great school in mind for your kids,one with a good track record,one with the right ethos,and its 15 grand a term....and you havnt got that kind of money...then your not free to send your kids there are you.

When you see a TV programme about some far flung destination youve wanted to go to since you were young,and its thousands to get there,and you havnt got thousands,then your not free to go there.

Sure you can still enjoy life,you can still love and be loved,but your not truly free UNTIL you can do what you really want to do.

Money buys you freedom,its not the ideal way a world should run,its not the way i would run the world.....but its the way it is.

Its been that way for thousands of years and i believe it always will be.There will always be poor people and always be rich people.Some can do what they want,and others are limited.

In fact Jesus Christ prophesied it two millenia ago.



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I can relate to your point of view, money is freedom indeed! Thank you.

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