I do. I discover what I really think at this point in time. I discover just how much unconscious information and knowledge I have accumulated over a life time.

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Answering a question gets me thinking about how the question frames the things that I already know. Sometimes, it allows me to connect together things in a way that I hadn't thought of before. Answering questions also allows me to challenge some of my most cherished beliefs, and see if they still fit.


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Without a doubt. Answering a question can sometimes show the person answering, insights that they may not have been aware of before the question was asked. Questions can often bring forth information from within that we didn't know was there or can show us correlations between things we hadn't thought of before. Answering questions can sometimes cause us to see things in a new light or from a different perspective that we hadn't previously thought of.


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I believe that we all have the answers to all the questions but sometimes we do not know the right question to ask. By asking questions I am looking for confirmation for my own answers and by answering questions, I hope that I am helping others to recognize their own truth.


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I find it much easier to answer most of the time..the answer I give just flows A worthy question is just that


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That is why I am here, I have many times answered a question that I feel that I just learned, I feel like "whoa I never thought of that!" Whether the answers come from my right brain or God or the combination of the two they seem to come through in some matter of flow that I am in. This is a stream of consciousness flowing like a water fall that when I am done may times I look at it and think "wow I didn't realize that" or "I didn't know that before."

The questions pull forth the answers and awaken me, my awareness and spirit has grown a lot since joining here because the questions make me keep my mind open for that flow of wisdom to flow through. This benefits not only the one asking, but the one answering as well.


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