In our times, meditation is more and more practiced for the self-development and enlightenment.

But are we sure that our individual practice is destitute of any jeopardy?

Do we know the intimate 'mechanism' of meditation?

How can we know the true purpose of our unconsciousness and its occult control, when it allows the immixtion into its domain of deliberate conscious (mind) intention, for meditating?

How discerning and disclosing the true effects of our individual meditating techniques?

Is it truly wise to consider the existence of two kins meditation: "one used for penetrate the authentic nature of our minds and the other used for avoid emotional truth" (Tom Kenyon)?

These are only some questions which, together with interesting ideas of Avoidance Meditation, the Wounded Healer, Emotional Immunity and more..., issued in my mind reading article "Emotional Cancer" by Tom Kenyon:

Considering as salutary, I would like if you think about and post your opinion, serving the goal of to yield some clearing up in domain of meditating.

Thank you

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Wade Casaldi

Gleam I like this question so I made it a little more clear by fixing the spelling typos for you, I hope you don't mind. :-)

(07 Aug '10, 10:58) Wade Casaldi

For those wondering I looked up Immixtion it is a French word meaning Definition 1 Action to mix a substance in another; result of this action. Definition 2 Action to interfere in something. Interference from this abroad in our business. Definition 3 Term of jurisprudence. Action to involve itself in a succession. The conservatory acts do not carry interference.

(07 Aug '10, 11:03) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi. Thank you the help, I needed it.

(07 Aug '10, 12:04) Gleam
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Gleam you do point out something I have learned through the S.O.S. and this also goes for hypnosis. Meditation and hypnosis bypass the left logical brain and open up the right brain so there is no temperance there when something does come up or like you said no safety net. While this happens in our dreams all the time with no ill effect we most of the time do not act on what we dream and think of it as only a dream. But meditation many times we do act on it, now hypnosis has less control than meditation at least with meditation after you meditate and something comes to you you could weigh it for practicality and something good can come out of it. In other words you could temper it with your left brain afterwords, this is why sometimes something that seems so perfect and great in a dream when you try to bring it into life you say "what happened this was a stupid idea, why did it seem so good before?" We need both sides of our brain for real success with what ever we want to build.

Bicameral Mind, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes

I like meditation but it is an outdated method to get answers from your right brain, it is like doing things the long way around. Here is meditation in words, quiet the mind relax, quiet the mind relax subconsciously let the right brain take over and bring answers from the abstract world of idealism. That is a lot but it is relaxing so it is enjoyable but if you don't have the time and need an answer now demand your right brain to work on the answer then forget about it.


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Wade Casaldi

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Yes, Wade. you are right and I like this. I also think that it is words about autohypnosis (selfhypnosis) which, comparatively with heterohypnosis (induced by other person), is less deep, only partialy, a state of non-integral consciousness, more acting by "automatic pilot" and a totaly absence of ability to see the sensible modification of own consciousness accuracy and control. I know this state from my many years professional practice of clinical hypnosis. It is very similar with a partial awakening from heterohypnosis, is associated with a more suggestibility and needs re-hypnosis and

(09 Aug '10, 02:03) Gleam

re-awakening. The selfhypnosis is never deep and striking for unwarned eye. From the viewpoint of selfdevelopment and enlightenment, this is a way which leads nowhere. I'm sorry for. And large actualy opinion (maybe supported by some interest!?!) that doctors never know what are saying, is not true!!!...:) What to do? There are solutions. The key of all solutions is to maintain a state of watchfulness (not mindfulness, which includes thoughts, reason, analysis and synthesis, etc), like the permanent observing the Polar Star, mariner's needle or beacon by seas' navigators.

(09 Aug '10, 03:35) Gleam

Meditation needs a 'watchfulness lamp' of consciousness. This "lamp' can be a candle which you see until meditate, an odorant Chinese little stick or plants essence which you consciously smell, a collateral but very present thought of connection to Source (Michaela says about) available only for those faithful, say or listen along a mantra, listen an adequate music. Those who created these tools, had know what and why they do this. Mantra sources: Dalai Lama mantra (for downloading):

(09 Aug '10, 04:46) Gleam

Dalai Lama Mantra (for listening): Under photo of Dalai Lama is a green link"Sri Mrityunjaya Mantra" (site is on Romanian); Om-mani-padme-hum Mantra for listening: for loading (a version more musical): httpL// and for meaning:

(09 Aug '10, 05:43) Gleam

From classical music -> 1.Ludwig Van Beethoven "Moonlight" Sonata part I: and Ravel - Bolero (first half): I use all them (and more) pending of topic of meditation and mood of moment.

(09 Aug '10, 05:56) Gleam

Wow Gleam thank you so much for all of these links! :-)

(09 Aug '10, 06:32) Wade Casaldi

Correct link for (m-mani-padme-hum (meaning) is:

(09 Aug '10, 19:49) Gleam
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Hi Gleam - in my opinion one will gain or experience, from their meditation practice, exactly what they expect to experience.

Meditation has in fact two meanings - the first being to empty the mind of all thought and the second being to concentrate the mind on one thing which is done when one is practicing mindful meditation.

For me meditation is an attempt to put aside the internal chatter that is generated by the egoic mind so I can connect with my Source, God, Higher self ( or whatever other terminology one wishes to use). If I go into my meditation worrying that what I experience may not be in alignment with a Higher consciousness but that I may encounter less than desirable energy ( occult) then the egoic mind will probably be more than happy to drum up that experience for me.

I choose to believe that occult forces are generated by the ego and therefore an illusion so I know I will not be inviting them into my meditation experience. The egoic mind is capable of pretty much drumming up whatever negative experience you want if you are willing to listen to it. I choose not to.


answered 07 Aug '10, 23:17

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I like you answer, especiali that you mentioned the connecting to Source until meditation runs. But I think both notions "empty mind" and "mindful" put together could create confusion for a beginner on the path. Then, in the comment of Wade's answer, I tryed introduce a meaning difference within "mind" and "mind" juxtaposited near "empty" and "ful". Thank you the answer.

(09 Aug '10, 06:38) Gleam

You're very welcome :-)

(09 Aug '10, 12:02) Michaela

well meditation is to master your self on every level(body mind spirit) how can mastering your self be harmfull to you? did you master walking, speaking, writing, driving car is it dangerous? how can having a better control on you and better mind(with no more veils) and better focus (still mind) and experiancing what is spirit (when you leave the body) be harmfull to you? it is more the people that do not meditate that are having lack of control and are dangerous to them self and other!(example: people that suicide! people that steal from other! people that try to have power over other! people that do stupid and harmfull things because of ego! people that bomb them self for religion or concept!etc.)The human mind has learnt to think in complicated ways and expect complicated solutions and theories about life and its meaning. All these ideas have to be rejected if we want to succeed in our endeavor. It is the mind that is creating many theories, worlds, powers and entities. It creates problems and then looks for solutions. We have to get beyond the mind in order to control it and its creations. Freedom from thoughts and a realization of our true eternal One identity, free us from the mind's games.

Meditation has to be practiced with a spirit of detachment and without tension. In time, you will become more aware of your Consciousness, your Real I and act and do everything from its viewpoint, not the ego's point of view. It is really inaccurate to say, " to be aware of your Consciousness" as you are it, you do not experience it as something separate from you, you are It. If you say, I am observing my consciousness, ask yourself who is this observer. You can observe your mind, but not yourself. The mind observes what is happening around, but when you observe your mind, it is actually you, the consciousness that is observing the mind. Please do not regard what I have said as a game of words, because it isn't.

What is to be done is to stop thinking and just Be. 'Be' means, feel your real being, with no identification with your thoughts or personality. This has to be practiced; otherwise whatever you read here will remain as useless and meaningless words. If you are able to stop all your thinking and still remain conscious, forgoing any false identification with what you call your personality and its attachments, and just experience what is left, which is certainly not a vacuum, then that's it. You have what people call 'found yourself'. All what you have to do next is to stabilize in this state, always and under all circumstances.

also if you would do maha samadhi the great samadhi to get rid of the body and stay with god in heaven! god would talk to you and tell you that you made the choice to come to this world to experiance this life and trial you set to achive! and that the choice is yours to continue in this world or stay in heaven! so you see there is no danger!


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white tiger

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White Tiger. I haven't read all the answers that you have posted here. So based on only the ones that I have read so far I must say that this is probably the most Brilliant answer I have read from you. You analysis and insights are really wonderful. "It creates problems and then looks for solutions". That statement is essentially the key to breaking free from the illusion of the mind. Your second and third chapters are also profound. Thanks for this answer.

(04 Jun '11, 01:47) The Traveller

well the traveller i am glad that you like it!

(04 Jun '11, 05:57) white tiger

Meditation could be harmful in the same way medication can be harmful, if not done properly!

So, discipline, practice, awareness of right method, and meditation exercises, will not do any harm, if done properly, but will enhance your ability to listen to get clear answers!


answered 05 Jun '11, 07:19

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Inactive User ♦♦

The question isn't "if meditation is dangerous OBVIOUSLY?. The question is "if meditation COULD be dangerous in some conjuntures: defaults of technics,lack of discipline and, maybe, not just honest intentions beyond the audio guided meditation.

(06 Jun '11, 10:53) Gleam

@Gleam:I answered your specific sentence “Meditation could be dangerous.”

(09 Jun '11, 04:19) Inactive User ♦♦

Actually meditation can be contraindicated for some people but not for the reason given.

(25 Apr '22, 22:45) ele
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