Many metaphysical books, channelers and statements speak about knowing who we are. What does that mean?

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Thank you for asking the question ~ Thank you all for the taking the time to share and eloquently express your experience. When I saw the question, I was drawn to read what comments were made. Again I find a piece of the puzzle to my awakening. Bless you all, much ❤ ॐ

(17 Jul '12, 18:53) BrendaLee

You are welcome BrendaLee. I feel happy to ask, answer and learn from the Inwardquest community.

(18 Jul '12, 17:29) T A
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It was very confusing for me also.....

I never really heard the term "WHO YOU REALLY ARE" until I came in touch with Abraham-Hicks and then on to Bashar. And it was always "KNOW WHO YOU REALLY ARE!" and "KNOW WHO WE REALLY ARE".....and that meant absolutely "NOTHING" to me. It was actually "frustrating."......but! It touched something inside me.

I looked at myself in the mirror and said "apparently?? I don't really know you??" Leaning closer into the mirror and looking deep into my eye's reflection "is there another person in there?" I a person in disguise? .....why don't they explain this better!!!....

So I went on a quest and started at the "very" beginning......

Obviously none of us remembers being on the other side, but Bashar says when we die it's like waking up from a sleep and saying "whoa that was a cool dream!"....and that dream was the life we just lived.

Bashar also states that when we focus ourselves into bodies at birth we are made to forget where we came from so we would live this life and proceed with getting the experiences of this life that we seeked. there IS another entity!!?

So being on the other side we are obviously "NOT" a personality.....but "ENERGY" and "VIBRATION".......therefore we can't be a "who" so we must be a "what!"

Now the statement is ""WHAT we really are" stands for something....I could relate to that a bit easier, and I've heard Abraham-Hicks say that phrase also.

When we enter this world as children we were fresh from the other side and as little children the big question is "WHAT are you going to be" when you grow up? and we all had the magical dreams in our fresh little minds of being Astronauts, Nurses, Doctors, Knights, Pirates...etc and the next week we wanted to be something different. "WE COULD BE ANYTHING WE WANTED TO BE." They were MAGICAL DREAMS of our imaginations that excited us and filled us with joy. We would play with our imaginations and our worlds were happy, joyful, magical and we really couldn't see or care about anything beyond our back yards.

Seeing another new kid, you immediately ran up to them with excitement and said "HI!!" Because that's who you were and you handed them a pebble you just found as a gift. There was no fear of rejection. It didn't exist in your little mind. Then you and the other kid were immediate friends.

Kids in school start to experience negativity from other kids and teachers. They don't do it any more, but teachers use to "beat" the kids. (I remember my 1st time) Then you start experiencing new feelings like embarrassment, hurt, bad, lied to, you can't just walk up to someone new and say "hi" anymore......and you start slipping further and further away from that magical world. Then, start PRETENDING to be who they are not! Puberty sets in and everything is out of wack! By the end of high school you already slipped away from that child.....and now you have to get a job doing things you don't even like.

As you reach adulthood it's not acceptable to have an imagination or fantasize about magical places anymore......unless you write fiction books!!


That's as far as my physical brain could take me, I sum up my idea in this definition:

Who you really are = You are an entity that came to this world who only knows Love, Joy and Excitement and you EAGERLY chose to come here for the soul purpose of experiencing and creating this life. Some of us made agreements before we got here, and others didn't. Now that we are here, our soul purpose is to create our life the way we want.....Before arriving here we knew our bodies were powerful "creation machines" fully equipped with every tool we need to get what we want.......BUT we have forgotten that!

Some of us are "really far" from that entity that arrived here, and think we have to deal with what life deals us, suffer the consequences, deal with it, go without......when if we only knew how powerful our bodies really are and what we have at the end of our finger tips!!

We need to know who we really are!!

That's the way I see it..........


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@Eldavo- Paragraph #11, loved it; it displays such a burst of innocence and floods my mind with graceful, nostalgic memories. You've tapped into some good points here :)

Also just wanted to mention, I like your user name! El - davo...Probably because it reminds me of the amazing kids film El Dorado.

(17 Jul '12, 20:48) Nikulas

Thank you Nikulas.....

(17 Jul '12, 20:59) Eldavo

many came here empty and wants to remain empty. but i am not empty and i can tell you that i have decided to experience this life before coming to this world.

(17 Jul '12, 22:36) white tiger

@Eldavo - Who you really are is who you choose to be; I'm glad you chose to come back from the dark side :)

(17 Jul '12, 23:28) Eddie

Eddie, your words mean more to me than anyone could ever imagine...

(18 Jul '12, 09:54) Eldavo

@Eldavo-love this,thanks for sharing

(18 Jul '12, 11:58) Satori

@Eldavo - Yes me too, I love this. I've found in recent months that I sort of crave innocence. I've seen enough of whatever the opposite of it is to last me a lifetime or more. Deep inside, all that innocence is still there. It's closest to my truth, my heart.

Part of the freedom is just about letting go of fear, isn't it? So......

HI! ELDAVO!!! ;)

(18 Jul '12, 12:20) Grace

Hi Grace!! :) ...and a happy Joyful "HI!!" to everyone else!!!

(18 Jul '12, 12:50) Eldavo
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Remembering what? I like to think of it in terms of,

  • I've already lived, possibly hundreds of lives
  • It is/ was my very happy personal decision to come back down onto Earth
  • I know whenever I'm unhappy, eventually, it traces back to my beliefs. Even if I'm aware that these current beliefs I have are driving my body and emotional self to ruin, I remember what Bashar says, "You require belief systems in order to have a context, in order to experience life!" (paraphrasing). Therefore, though I do what I can to change them, I loosen up alot.
  • Since I'm on this Earth, I'm worthy of everything and anything.
  • Limitations are necessary in order enjoy the amazement of breaking through them. Bruce Lee quoted, "There are no limitations, only plateaus." When I speak of limitations, I am referring to our 3D physical context.

To "know who you are" just means to know you're not a meat suit running around for a spiritual experience, after the "meaning of life." Rather, you're a spiritual, infinite being, who's just down here on earth to go through the deliberate process of forgetting 'all that is' to just have fun.

Honestly man, these days, after cultivating Bashar's speech upon treating life with an attitude of play, I try and play my life as a harmonious Grand Theft Auto game.

At the end of the day, I know that "who I am" is like a billion times more detailed and greater than just a 6 ft 3, human jedi that rides a motorbike and does gymnastics ^.^ Hopefully this will inspire you to live like a happy Buddha and undertake the art of chilling out.

alt text


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@Nikulas - "Buddha's So Bright, He's Gotta Wear Shades" :)

(17 Jul '12, 13:44) Stingray

@Stingray- This is one of those times where all I can say is, "lol"

(17 Jul '12, 20:31) Nikulas

It could mean to stay connected to the Self, who you truly are.The most important relationship you have in your life is the one with yourself.

Everything else reflects that relationship :)


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If you're willing to go through all the battling you got to go through to get where you want to get, who's got the right to stop you? Who's got the right to tell no ,who? Nobody! It's your right to listen to your gut, it ain't nobody's right to say no after you earned the right to be where you want to be and do what you want to do! - Rocky Balboa

All there is. The energy. The universe. The God. - That's who I'm.

As Nikulas already said, you are worth of anything and everything. Which means you are god too. I only mean to suggest this idea to you. But I just love defining myself as god. Because the spin life takes on when I do, is amazing. You raise above all preconceived limiting beliefs suggested by others. And you go through your day as GOD. All fears, worries, and other things holding you back disappear, because your godly potential doesn't allow them. They don't exist in that reality.

Some may say this is blasphemy. Well, that's just an opinion which I let be but don't approve of its existence within my reality. So in my reality it's not true. See, even that doesn't bother me. I'm not here to play some game of "I'm a just a unworthy human being and there's an almighty GOD I should worship or pray to, because otherwise I'll be judged by him and go to hell." God doesn't judge. I don't judge. I don't care to. I'm here to experience life and to experience every single bit of it in a magnificent, amazing, godly way of which I have potential to live. And nobody can tell me - no!


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To know who you are is to know that you are source energy. To know who you are means that you can do anything and everything you think possible. To know who you are means all love and no doubt. Check out this Chi Gong Master named Master Zhou.


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My five year old put it best: he said that when he closed his eyes he felt like he was looking at the back of his eyelids.

Knowing yourself is a moment of realization that transcends to your entire self; to knowing the true essence of who you are outside of your physical body.


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