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We had a question about our favorite Bible verse. I thought I'd go a step further, and ask which Chapter of the Bible has touched your heart the most.

I am looking forward to reading your answers.

Blessings, Jai

asked 06 Mar '10, 08:30

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I like Issiah 60 because it talks about we shine with the glory of God.


answered 06 Mar '10, 08:58

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Wade Casaldi

My Favorite Chapter in the Bible is Romans 12. At 21 a pastor spoke to me about Romans 12:1-2 and when I got back to my room my Aunt had written me a letter. At the end she had wrote Romans 12:1-2. I was in the Army at the time. That night after reading that chapter I knelt and prayed offering my body and asking for the renewing of my mind. This answer is not about what happen but it was a beautiful experience. The next part of the chapter is about our oneness but we are not the same. Paul as he is accredited with writing the book of Romans gently shows us what a transformed life of service would be like with the rest of our lives after this mind Transformation. Paul’s Theology does not contain the concept of being born again and that’s it. No his is one of experiential conversion and Transformation into the deeper life.


answered 09 Mar '10, 19:56

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