I would like to know why people never speak about those moments when they feel empowered. It could be lyrics to a song, words of a poem, images of people fleeting across your screen... and suddenly you have goose bumps and a strange lump in your throat... Is this common or do people just deny these feelings of overwhelming emotion?

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There are three scenes in the movie, "The Blind Side" with Sandra Bullock that are relevant here. In my opinion, it is these three scenes that were the tipping point for her winning the Oscar for best actress.

In one scene, she is setting up a room for Michael. Michael is looking at the room with a "wow" look on his face.

    It's mine?

           LEIGH ANNE
    Yeah...(off his look) What?

    Never had one before.

           LEIGH ANNE
    (confused) A room to yourself?

    A bed.

    We can see this unsettles her.  She turns away a bit, 
    trying to contain herself.

           LEIGH ANNE
    Well, you got one now.

    She leaves the room, walks down the hallway and enters her bedroom, 
    closing the door behind her.  She sits on the bed and begins to tear up, 
    fighting it unsuccessfully.

Later, Michael asks Leigh Anne's husband why she always moves away when she gets emotional. Her husband replies, "She's an onion, Michael. You have to peel her one layer at a time."

If you haven't seen the movie, I encourage you to see it.


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I'll have to check that one out-sounds like a great movie.

(08 Mar '10, 21:32) Michaela

+1 Thank you for taking the time to share this.

(09 Mar '10, 06:36) emination

I loved the movie and that was a touching moment.

(19 Mar '10, 02:00) LeeAnn 1

Thanks for recommending. Great movie...

(21 Mar '10, 20:29) emination
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I have experienced such moments, although quite rarely. I therefore do not think that it is a common experience, but I do think that people who do not talk about these moments feel that it is such an intense experience that their words would not do it justice, so they opt to keep it private. Others may feel that they'd be ridiculed.


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Oftentimes too, when we are feeling emotionally moved we hold back from letting others see our vulnerability. Because we are in fact showing a part of our authentic self- which most of the time we tend to cover up with a mask and hide from the rest of the world. We often, needlessly, fear that others may think less of us if we appear emotional and so we use a lot of our energy suppressing those emotions.


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I totally agree with you!

(19 Mar '10, 02:01) LeeAnn 1

As I get older I enjoy that I am becoming far more emotional. When I watch movies I get tears so easily now and I love experiencing that amazing sensation. Not the tears, but the feeling within that causes the tears to flow.

If you ever get a chance to watch the Secret Millionaire (the British Version) you will find that every episode will move you to tears (of joy) at the end.


answered 09 Mar '10, 07:22

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The Traveller

+1 I understand, exactly what you mean.

(09 Mar '10, 07:33) emination

I think they do speak about it. Or at least you are able to notice when they do have these special moments because they may be more excited than usual. I can tell when my mom has these moments because she releases a powerful aura of love.


answered 09 Mar '10, 03:56

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Armando Williams

+1 How wonderful that you pick up on it... should be magical.

(09 Mar '10, 06:35) emination

Nope, it isn't common at all. And yes, people do tend to contain it, afraid of looking fragile. But we also show it sometimes, specially after learning there's generally no problem of doing so in our current society. Grace to that.

Most of the times I've had those moments were while watching a movie and identifying myself with it. The last time was thanks to Okuribito, a really beautiful and little bit funny one. It's cliche all the way, but it's well done. The music and scene come together just perfectly to put me in tears, slowly, even when noticing before starting: "that will make me cry, but if I already know that why am i crying?".


answered 18 Mar '10, 21:18

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