Hi everybody. This question is another of the few 'food and mood' related question, most of which I have a huge interest in.

My answer wasn't found in this question regarding caffeine and alcohol.

I find that whenever I consume caffeine in the form of either coffee or an energy drink, I can willinglly allow myself to feel better faster as opposed to not having caffiene at all. If I am feeling bored at work, after some caffeine the next 1-2 hours are usually spent very blissfully. For extra detail, let me say I can reach very high stages of good emotion almost at light speed; my visualisations, even if they be the same without the caffeine, now give me bonus happiness and mood elevation.

I find that the effects of the drug wear off after about 1-2 hours, and the increased consumption of it has a lesser effect on my 'happy bursts.' I believe what is going on is that the caffiene allows me to concentrate sharper, and if my intention is to feel good the drug makes that happen easily. Likewise, however, during depressed periods the caffeine funnily enough amplifies my depression, and I can spiral down even further...

Apart from insight to this section of my life, can anybody link me some general information about caffeine/food regarding vibrational work? On the same token, I am after some information in terms of how foods affects mood, and what I could possibly be doing better with my diet.

Happy manifesting:)

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Should I have any concerns?

What you said right there Nikulas is the key to this whole question. If you have a negative feeling about the use of caffeine and you start believing that it could be harmful or damaging to your body, then it probably will become of great concern and you may see results you don't care for.

Ten people could give you different variations of why you should or shouldn't drink caffeine and the positive and negative repercussions from each choice. Those ten people though. are only giving you their personal experience with caffeine, or telling you what is right or wrong from reading an article or watching the news which comes from other people's personal experience from caffeine.

So what I'm trying to get at here is this. When you are using this substance and it makes you feel good, and you have no negative thoughts that it may be harmful to your mind or body, and you don't go wondering around thinking if you are doing something wrong, you aren't playing the personal experience of someone else's reaction to caffeine over and over in your head, then there should be no problem with using it.

As long as you feel good when using this substance with no contradicting thought or emotions, only you can make the assumption if it is beneficial or not. Just like when you mentioned using it during a depressed period. If you have a chronic vibration that this substance is making things worse, then it probably is not a good time to use it. Similar to Abraham's "Get into the Vortex...and then..." alignment example.

I think the concept is the same with food. If you put something into your mouth and have contradicting thoughts about it, you will probably have a negative reaction in one way or another.

I think sometimes we put too much into what works well for other people instead of what feels best for ourselves. We all have different body chemistry and reactions to different techniques, but I really believe we all have the same reaction to positive thinking when we are engaging in anything, (even food or drink) and when we start to become consciously aware of this, it's the only technique or process that we will ever need.


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