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                                                 -Chinese Fortune Cookie

I'd appreciate all of your feedback and suggestions.



UPDATE February 23, 2013: I really want to thank you all for your comments, suggestions, and input. Something was stirred with this...Keep on trucking! I have included some material from Bashar which may also prove helpful to you. Love, Jai

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(pic created by Jai)

I have taped to my laptop a fortune from a fortune cookie I have saved for a long time. It reads:

We create our fate every day we live.

I didn't know that every little choice I made; indeed, every thought I thought, was having an effect on me and my life. But since we are just starting out, from this point onwards, do what Abraham, channeled by Esther Hicks, has said: Just choose to think one good thought at a time (I have paraphrased the saying a bit.) It is an easy habit to start out doing.

For example, if I am dead broke, and very frightened, my thoughts seem to be consumed with debt. But all of existence is built on our thoughts. So, to start changing our existence, we must start by creating a bubble of new and much more positive thoughts in our minds. I must start creating my new life first by creating new thoughts. Here are some examples of what you could do:

1. I think, “I am desperately broke.” Replacement thought: “Nothing really good or really bad lasts really long.”

2. “I am am ugly.” Replace this thought with, “God does not make Junk.”

3. “I am good for nothing.” Try, “I washed the dishes and took out the garbage. I am a productive human being.”

Always choose to think the good, the higher, thought. This little change will start you on the road to a new way of living that will make you happy all the time, and in return, make other people happy to be around you. Bashar calls this "vision".

2. GO FOR A HIGHER ENERGY WAY OF LIFE. This is a pic of Wade, who holds a Sixth Degree Black Belt in Karate. I hope it inspires you!

alt text

alt text

Don't be a groaner. Keep your mind off your aches and pains. I am not endorsing a rigorous exercise program here. This is about the harmonics of your soul- your "vibes". Check out Mike Kemski and Banabu; I have to give him credit for this. Mike talks about becoming charged up and high on life. How do you do that? You may think this impossible, but it really is much easier than you think. Imagine the last time you were totally enthralled with something. Maybe it was music. Music is a good example, because we all seem to share a common response to music that can uplift us. If Sting makes you laugh and bang your head, play Sting. Dance. Have fun. This is living in High Energy. You need to make choices that always, always will follow this high road. These decisions also include your passions. Follow your passions. Bashar says, "Believe!" If you think it is too late, it is never too late. Why? The Universe likes High Energy. It will practically drop what you need at your feet once you pick this highway (pardon the pun!).


alt text Sometimes the Next Right Thing is Relaxing and Appreciating Life...

I learned this gem from AA. When I was a confused and newly sober human being, I could not organize my life. My sponsor would say, “Then just always do the next right thing to do. If it is the dishes, than do them. If you need a walk on the beach, do that." It sounds easy, but sometimes it isn't. You must totally accept where you are, and at the same time, envision where you want to go. Sometimes, multiple choices beckon. Sometimes, multiple people pull at us. This is something that comes from the heart. You will get better and better at this, I promise. That invitation for coffee will suddenly not seem as important as getting over to the Art Museum and spending a few hours charging your batteries. Your desire to sit around all Saturday and watch college football will seem a huge waste of time when your conscience tells you that the lawn needs mowing, and that you promised your kids a day at the zoo. The “Next Right Thing” is a Spiritual commitment, and a necessary opportunity to grow your soul.

4. BUILD CONNECTIONS-WORK YOUR NETWORK By now, your life should be a LOT more exciting, and a LOT more full- both with events and people. Be sure to talk about your goals and dreams with your friends, your acquaintances, even the lady next you on the bus. You never know where your next opportunity will come from exactly. Assume, though, that just what you need is just around the corner. (Actually, it is if you believe it to be so!) Walk with this assumption at the ready, and don't be afraid to ask for help, advice, anything. You just might be surprised.

alt text

5. TRUST IN SYNCHRONICITY By doing these steps, you have built a new, positive world entirely created by your own positive thought. Remember Step One- Think the Next Right Thought? Well, Synchronicity has to do with being in the right place at the right time. If you are working these steps, things should start getting positively eerie for you. The person you need to fix your garage door happens to be standing inline behind you at the grocery store. Your new babysitter turns out to be a girl that you helped tutor two years ago. You may already be experiencing this phenomenon. The fact that synchronicity is working for you tells you that you are definitely doing the right things! You need to reach a state of "total acceptance" says Bashar, of everything. You must trust that everything is as it should be.


alt text

By now, it should be clear that the Universe just doesn't run randomly. You may already feel this connection with a Higher Power (I will call Him God). The changes in our life should have, by now, also changed your very soul. You are now ready to start exploring this new relationship with the Great Sychronizer! In truth, you will find good books and good reading that will enhance and build your new way of life. You will find, also, great synchronicity in this endeavor. God is reaching out to you! The Bible verse of the day will be perfect. A song will come on the radio in the car that you needed to hear. This is your God, Loving You! Explore and Believe!

7. PERSIST AT POSITIVITY People may think that you are crazy. You may be making some deep and radical changes in your life, and there will be doubters. So what? Persist. Don't quit now. If a friend becomes a doubter, avoid conversing about your changes. Ask her about her life, and giggle inside. Set Higher and Higher Goals. Don’t be afraid! Wade just posted a very good lesson on persistence here. As kids, when we want to get good at something, we practice and practice for hours until we master what we want. We just do not quit. He did this with skateboarding- I did it with roller skating. I had scabs on scabs on my knees, but boy, could I skate! Persist, persist, persist. Be a kid with the things that matter.


alt text

This is Wade teaching Karate...Teaching is the winningest way to attract other winners! :)

This is so very important. Wade, my partner in life, is a very up-beat guy. His optimism is infectious. He has been working years at manifesting and the Law of Attraction. This is what attracted me to him- he almost always looks at the bright side of everything. We find that we can, if we choose, pull each other up. Just last night, Wade came down with the stomach flu. Without any effort, he immediately put on some AC/DC, and I said, “Well I will listen to that if you will listen to something I choose.” It went back and forth- Rock and Roll and Acid Rock competing with the 1812 Overture and Moody Blues. We ended up in that High Energy Place. It was great. I felt we combated that flu pretty good. I don't know about Wade, but I sure felt like a winner!


The Girls of Little Women (scene from the movie. C. 1994 Columbia Pictures)

alt text

It is not easy to live today. We are pelted with ads that ask us to get more, do more, be more “than we can be”. But be a Lover, no matter what you do. Do everything out of love. Love is the whole point to this. It starts small, but by now, you should be loving yourself, and everyone else, too. You have within you the power to do and be anything you want to be. Now is the time to believe and act as though what you want is already right in front of you. If you Trust, and Love, then you can also completely LET GO of any results. Love allows you to let go of results.Go for it! Be happy. Be loving. It's all that matters, really. The less you invest in results, and the more you invest in love and being in the moment, the more likely you will be to manifest your dreams.

This article came about because I was asked by a member if I believe in the LOA or not. I decided to write down what I believe in a short version of what I hope will become a book someday. This plan for life I learned from Church, AA, and more than anyone, Wade Casaldi. I, of course, owe a huge debt to this site, Inward Quest, Bashar, and to Wade, for all the many lessons, corrections, and information. It is my hope that it will be a guide for you to a richer, happier life. I, or course, know all of you to be my teachers, too. Feel free to teach me more!

Love you all.

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I love this post, Jai. You did a really great job with this! Hugs!

(18 Feb '13, 22:02) LeeAnn 1

Love that,

Part 7 is the core, 'Don't be afraid. Persist, persist, persist'.

(19 Feb '13, 05:35) r0la

lovelyyy jai., amazing post. thank u so mch for sharing.. :)))

(19 Feb '13, 12:33) supergirl

Thank you for this! Very helpful and a beautiful reminder. :-)

(21 Feb '13, 12:46) OceanSize

I suppose all of this could be condensed into, "Love everything that comes your way." Love. It is so very important to live a life of love. It is almost impossible to be grouchy and full of love at the same time.

(06 Jun '15, 00:56) Jaianniah

"Nine Steps to Manifesting Happiness in Your Life" implies that the ultimate goal lurking behind "all" of our wants and desires is to "feel happy", to "be happy" everyday all the time whatever is going on around us ... in my experience this is real "Truth" ... in other words; feelings of what we label depression, bad, anger, peace, pain, boredom, excitement, anger etc all dissolve into a living stream of emotions like when you do something you really love doing

(06 Jun '15, 02:16) jaz
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@Jaianniah #2 Don't groan. I love that! I have made a concision choice to not to groan . And I mean audibly .You know how when you get up out of the sofa or or maybe squeeze in to the back seat of a car .. out comes a groan uhhhhhhhhhh.
It seemed to me to be a "verbalization" of resistance and negativity. I thought to myself .I can do things slightly strenuous without the groan. And if you notice people that do groan a lot are also the ones that moan a lot.
Now sound has I would think both positive and negative energy .The Kia sound used in martial arts is used to to give a punch more power ,I know that a rusty bolt doesn't have a chance when I add the strength of a good growl behind the wrench.
So the negative groan of not believing one can do something is something to think about and change


answered 18 Feb '13, 19:40

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@ursixx- You should hear Wade doing his Karate, and his Kiai rattles the windows and hurts your ears..and results in a Death Blow or concrete stacks of blocks being broken...Me, on the other hand, am a sound-maker..I moan and grunt and generally let the whole world know that I am really making an effort by getting out of my chair LOL Thanks! Love ya! Hope you are warm enough in "Swenski" (that's what my Norwegian Dad called Sweden (no love lost there) is freezing here.

(18 Feb '13, 19:51) Jaianniah

Please explain here why you downvoted

(18 Feb '13, 19:53) Jaianniah

I made a mistake and re-upvoted

(18 Feb '13, 19:53) Jaianniah

@Jai Det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga klä old Swedish saying :There is no bad weather ,just bad clothes

(18 Feb '13, 20:00) ursixx

Aha! @Ursixx , a handy tool for a woman to know .... "I know that a rusty bolt doesn't have a chance when I add the strength of a good growl behind the wrench"..... and something my darling son taught me, tweak it the teenest bit tighter, yes tighter,first and it unwinds soo much easier . Have I told you lately how very much I love the males of the species ♥♥♥ :-)

(18 Feb '13, 21:11) Starlight

Ursixx, I am going to stop the groaning and sighs for awhile, to see what happens! :-)

(18 Feb '13, 22:00) LeeAnn 1

Hey what's wrong with moaning @Ursixx ?

Warning ~ This link may NOT be appropriate for the workplace - but @Catherine ~~ no nudity. If you've never seen the play; you should. Read the 1st comment under the video...

I debated whether or not to post the link ~~ decided it was uplifting.

(19 Feb '13, 03:15) ele

@ele well there are moans and groans that serve us well(uninhibited) and others that are just inhibiting.

(20 Feb '13, 04:28) ursixx

@ursixx ~ so you are saying the sounds you make when you are in pain (groans) are voluntary & do not serve you well. I disagree; I think they can actually make you feel a bit better. As for uninhibited sounds - are you sure?

(20 Feb '13, 05:01) ele

@ele sounds as amplifications of emotions.Lets say that Harry and Sally stub their toe. Harry whimpers and cries over it and Sally curses at it. Harry stays in a negative state longer than Sally that moves away from the pain quicker. and if you compared a couple that don't care what the neighbors hear and a couple that make less noise than ninjas who do you think has more fun?

(20 Feb '13, 05:34) ursixx

@ursixx ~ now I remember ~ it's NOT groaning which helps relieve the pain; it's cursing. Thanks. As for the rest ~ I give, IDK. (kidding)

(20 Feb '13, 05:40) ele

@ursixx ~ if sound proofing a room is a concern. Here's a couple links.

. . . or you could live in the middle of nowhere like I do ~ you won't have neighbors to worry about.

(20 Feb '13, 05:53) ele

@ele I live just a little north of the middle of nowhere ;)

(20 Feb '13, 06:15) ursixx

@ursixx Sally is a smart woman.

... and your analogy was brilliant (I was just giving you a hard time)

(21 Feb '13, 05:36) ele
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wasn't sure where to post this, so feel free to move to wherever....was wondering if anyone has had experience with this ebook:

"The Ultimate PowerFor the ManifestationOf All Your Wishes" By Jack Greenwood

or if it is just a rort?

definitely loving #2 Music:)


answered 19 Feb '13, 07:23

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@smellingtheroses : gave it a quick read found it very interesting Liked the authors view on sincerity. The earth is a living thing many believe, and a source of energy. I liked his words at the end of the book about LOA. Worth the read.

(20 Feb '13, 04:23) ursixx

1) you asked for Feedback ~ Love, love your post Jai. Thank you!

2) Suggestion ~ you left out one essential element. What you ask? Sex! The importance of Sex. Did you know NOT having enough sex actually knocks your hormones out of whack & when you are out of balance in any area; it interrupts the flow... It's also natures sweetest most effective pain reliever .. It certainly is a mood elevator. What gets you in the Vortex faster than sex? Good for heart health & your immune system also.

. . . and we can't forget the importance of laughter either. No better mood elevator & it's contagious!

. . . and always follow your bliss... Your deepest joy ~ your passion....

@CalonLan ~ couldn't get the comment box to open. I may have misspoke. Actually laughter get me into the vortex faster than anything else & keeps me there. I took you for a man with more expensive tastes in spirits....


answered 19 Feb '13, 03:11

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edited 21 Feb '13, 17:34

"What gets you in the Vortex faster than sex?" - bottle of Tullamore Dew. lol

(21 Feb '13, 07:18) CalonLan

@ele actually I'm a boy, and I have kiddo taste. haha. But honestly, I cannot say more expensive spirits would not be my cup of tea, it's just that my financial situation never quite let me venture into the world of "expensive and awesome". Can't go around paying hundreds of $ for a bottle. And the environment I live in, it is considered harsh to spend more than 25$ for a bottle. And I rarely find anything to laugh about sober, on the other hand, alcohol turns the whole world into a joke ;)

(22 Feb '13, 02:03) CalonLan

@CalonLan Ha-Ha! 'Boy' you wish. Being a body builder I can't see how drinking in excess is going to help you any. Buy a more expensive bottle & sip it - really savor the taste & enjoy it.

(22 Feb '13, 02:43) ele

@CalonLan No alcohol required :D @ele and "Life is too short to drink cheap booze"

(22 Feb '13, 02:56) ursixx

@ele, But there's a point right there. I know alcohol and working out are opposites. But how many lives I'm gonna have that I can afford luxury of repression and regret? I drink cause I feel like drinking, I work out cause I feel like working out. Sometimes I drink and then feel like working out right away.

I can't repress my wants, else I may create lifelong regrets. And I can't justify days of tomorrow in the face of today. For tomorrow may never come.

(22 Feb '13, 03:06) CalonLan

@ursixx lol! The link you posted for Cal - one of the answers I planned on borrowing. It also was one of the very first questions I read when I came to IQ. No wonder I always knew you were a guy. I'm on my mobile hotspot - no 4G around so I couldn't watch the video (I can barely connect to IQ) - but I recognized her - funny.. thanks!

(22 Feb '13, 04:49) ele

@CalonLan Your last paragraph ~ so full of soul. Is drinking really a desire or are you numbing pain? A happy drunk is an oxymoron. I know you wants are many; but your wants will remain elusive if you don't reach out.

(22 Feb '13, 04:59) ele

@ele actually a I'm a lesbian trapped in a mans body ;) I have the flannel shirts to prove it too

(22 Feb '13, 05:16) ursixx

@ursixx lol! They have surgeries which will free you. Like I said on the other thread ~ ele is personal pronoun in Portuguese & means he. I said it mainly to freak blu out.

(22 Feb '13, 05:29) ele

@ele, It's not that I want to drink, it's just that I don't want to not drink either. Imprisoned by senses for life until we die. People say drinking is not healthy, but I don't want to be healthy, and I don't want be unhealthy. Healthy or unhealthy we'll die one day. I don't mind if I die today, but I don't mind if I'll live another 70 years either as long as I don't have to give into ways of repressing the current cravings my senses have. All those reasons, people don't do things they want,...

(22 Feb '13, 05:45) CalonLan every moment of now, are absurd. Sugar is not healthy, well candies here I come. Alcohol's not good, I'll do 3 shots in row. I bought a bottle of wine and handed it over to a group of homeless guys. Just because I felt like that's exactly what makes them happy, and my ego will feel so different from anyone. Whoever does that? Nobody. My ego wanted to feel special, so I made it feel special. Then I laughed out loud about it.

People think it's weird to go alone to cinema. Because "what...

(22 Feb '13, 05:55) CalonLan

...will others say when they see you sitting there alone" right? So much bullshit that people fear. I go to cinema alone all the time. I buy me a huge popcorn and coca-cola and sit there alone.

I will not hold back from satisfying my senses. Through them I taste the life. Without them I would be dead. And if I shall comfort my ego, then I will. If something upsets me, then I'll cry and enjoy it. If I see someone I don't want to talk to, then I just pretend like I don't see them and pass by...

(22 Feb '13, 06:02) CalonLan

I don't judge myself for it. It's what I want, regardless of how immoral or whatever others might think it to be. I work out to show off and feel special, I drink to get a special experience. Dress to show off. And do a lot of stuff to just show off.

No shame, no regrets. Life's just a show, so I'm playing and I shall be Hamlet now! Then to thee I say This above all: to thine own self be true... lol ; )

(22 Feb '13, 06:20) CalonLan
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