According to Enoch Tan happiness is the ultimate purpose of life... And as conscious beings, we must use our minds to control reality. The more in control we are, the more we get the things we want out of life. Happiness is feeling good about life and one's direction in life. There are 4 basic areas that you need to take care of to be happy. I call this "the happiness equation".

They are... Health, Money, Love/Sex, and Personal Power.

--Enoch Tan

I happen to agree with Enoch Tan, What are your views on happiness?

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I've removed the affiliate link from the link in the question. It's only fair that if this is a genuine question then it is not financially motivated. Please could you clarify your question...are you asking people "what is happiness?" or are you asking them to comment on this passage? Thanks

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Thanks for your concern Barry. The question is in fact genuine and I found the information available at the Mind Reality Site to be very useful... Yes, I'm an affiliate, however I was a knowledge seeker before becoming a member of the site, and I only affiliate myself with things that have true value (not just monetary gain). I believe a lot of the people here are seeking happiness. As evidenced in many of my responses to questions posed, I often post links to free material that I have come across as well.

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No problem at all. Thanks for clarifying your question

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Haha, I always find it funny people try to slip in sex with love as if those two were equal. Sex is like a hamburger it satisfies your appetite, love is like vitamin C. You can live without hamburgers and have a great life, but it won't be so great without vitamin C. Then again you can always try to delude yourself that hamburger is healthy meal providing you with many calories. lol

(08 Aug '12, 10:10) CalonLan
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There are two types of happiness. One is the worldly, conditioned happiness we all know about. IF good things happen to me, if I get the things I want, if I am loved, if I am healthy, then I am happy. Health, relationships, material possessions etc. are wonderful things, especially if you can enjoy them without becoming too attached to them. The reason we shouldn't cling too much to such things is because they are not lasting by nature...either they will dissolve or we'll have to leave everything behind at the time of our physical death.

The other kind of happiness comes from liberation from all conditions (both good and bad). Then it's no longer important what kind of pictures we perceive...the very experience of perceiving them is felt as bliss.

We don't have to choose either one or the other kind. After all it's difficult to focus on loftier goals when you struggle to pay the rent :) Therefore conditioned happiness (without too much attachment to it) is a good basis for spiritual development and liberation.


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You don't have to be liberated of the conditions, but to the attachment of the conditions. Easy come easy go.

(08 Aug '12, 09:59) Fairy Princess

feeling of contentment, to have peace of mind, to love and to be loved


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There are different ways to approach this question, from an eastern view happiness is to eliminate all desire, to live in a state called nirvana with no wants. To the western mind this is not happy it is apathetic, I just don't care about anything leave me alone. For the western mind happiness is creative, creating value is the greatest happiness, so for the western mind knowing that we are creators and we are in control. This is happiness, if everyone strived to have no desire there would be no advancement, no accomplishment, and no improvement of life on earth thus no value created for anyone.

True we may be spiritual beings on a physical experience of existence but the fact remains we are here in the physical. This is a physical planet why not make the best of the experience we can by improving the quality of life as people like Henry Ford, Nicola Tesla, even Bill Gates did.


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Wade Casaldi

I consider happiness a feeling that comes and goes along with life's circumstances. As the word itself implies (happiness is related etymologically to happen and happenstance), when something good "happens" to us by "happenstance" (luck), we feel good (happy).

That's what happiness is-- a good feeling due to the good things that are happening in our lives.

Now on a deeper level, we can talk about how we can create more happiness in our lives, by creating the conditions that will bring us more good fortune. As many people have said in success writings, we create our own luck. For an enduring happiness, we need to create the conditions that will bring us good fortune in the most basic areas of our lives.

In 1943, Abraham Maslow published "A Theory of Human Motivation" which discussed the "Hierachy of Human Needs". The basic areas of our lives that I referred to above relate to our most essential needs first and progress to higher levels, until we approach that level of life where most of us are right now, the "self-actualization" stage. See Maslow's descriptions at the By attending to these needs and creating conditions for meeting them, we find happiness and fulfillment.


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I would suspect that part of happiness could be what a flower or a tree "knows"; the simple act of being without the ego-mind placing itself between the us and the knowing as it is wont to do. If a flower or tree knew, as we usually know, that they are happy,it would be that interposition of words between the "knowing" and the happiness...much like all these words are doing. That is why simply being in the presence of a flower or tree can be so inspiring, so peaceful, so unifying; they're knowing is so unlike our knowing.


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Some people have everything and yet are not happy; others scantly anything yet always happy so it's not outside possessions. Abe Lincoln said "happy as you make your mind to be" but many are not able to do that. I think happiness comes from living right; right here means to your inner self (sort of like "to thine own self be true").


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Hapiness is our thinking and feeling. Hapiness is the expected reseult after movment the happiness will disappear. The mind will search again happiness. when make our mind balanced state we can find every movement feel hapiness with in and out side also.


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m chandrasekhar

When you put those conditions on happiness, you take away your choice to be happy. The Bible says to be happy in whatsoever situation you are in. Happiness is a choice, not a conditional equation. I have had some very bad things happen, and can choose to dwell on them and the limits they place on my life, or I can choose to be happy any way. In doing so, I attract happiness and techniques that can help me to remove the blocks to my happiness. For example if I was abused, I can use EFT to neutralize the emotions I have about the memories, so that they are not emotionally charged, drawing me to replay them in my mind, bringing me down, into a place of hurt, victim, depression. I even started out with a fake smile because I decided to be happy, eventually, it became genuine. Every day we are face with choices. We cannot always control the events that happen in our lives, we can only control our reaction to them. I can do my part, and work, and manifest things in my life, desires I have, but I need to be happy even if I don't get everything I want.


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LOL Pandora is on, I just turned it back up and it's the Stones singing You can't always get what you want!

(04 Mar '11, 17:11) Fairy Princess
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