Many people assume that having a lot of money, solve all their lives, but experience says otherwise. New obligations are born, and with it much responsibility. and vices we thought forgotten , back to light .

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Someone can be happy with or without money. Money in and of itself will not bring them happiness because happiness is an inner state that is not affected by materialistic things.

However, this does not mean that someone cannot be wealthy and happy concurrently - they can, but I think in most cases like this the person is able to differentiate between abundance of the material kind and true abundance and most will keep their money circulating for the greater good of all because they understand how the Universe operates.


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today we are more what we believe that true happiness is a state of mind, a way of seeing the world, and ourselves. The belief that money buys happiness fades as we become more spiritual beings. Thanks again, Michaela

(14 Apr '10, 01:36) Robert

More money gives you more choices. If you can handle those choices maturely, then the money can enrich your life. If you can't, then you will crash and burn like so many Hollywood starlets have.


answered 13 Apr '10, 17:44

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Absolutely true. The truth is that sometimes, to learn, we must learn from mistakes, because there is no better spiritual teacher's own experience

(14 Apr '10, 01:41) Robert
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