I know hundreds of cases in which it is found that happiness is an inner state of soul, not material ... what you think?

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I think there are people who are successful in their outward circumstances, but still miserably unhappy inside. We can probably all think of many examples of that: some actors, some lottery winners, some heirs and so forth. And conversely, there are people inwardly content, but very lacking in material comfort. Either way, this is what they choose, consciously or not!


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LeeAnn 1

I think what you are referring to is abundance, so let's look at the definition of abundance for a second shall we.

Abundance - the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it. Period.

What is wrong with a lot of people they associate abundance with having a lot of material wealth. For example, as I write in my book which you can download for free from here http://www.warriorinyou.com/products.htm, there was this Chinese guy few years ago, when the big market crash happened.

This guy lost 3 billion dollars in one day and committed suicide the same night. You might say: "Well, it's understandable, that's a lot of money." Well, you should know that it was only half of what he had and he still had 3 billion dollars left.

So why did he commit suicide? He had more money to feed the starving kids of the world for a year, but still felt that's not enough; felt a sense of lack. So why is that?

In my opinion we have been raised to believe, through repetitive patterns of behaviors, that accumulating more and more material things can be the measure of our success. We don't have fangs and claws to be natural predators, but instead we're gatherers. So we gather as much during our lifetimes to a point that we might feel that nothing can surprise us, but it just can't happen! It can't happen because life is ALL about surprises; it's always changing and if you're trying to plan your whole life based on the circumstances that you do have right now in your life you're doomed.

On the other hand if you know that you are abundant in all areas of your life, meaning you can do what you need to do when you need to do it, and that the Universe has always supported you, because even if you feel the lack of abundance the Universe supports you in the feeling of lack. It will tell you "Oh, ok, you want to feel disconnected to the Source of love and gratitude, be my guest"

All That Is loves us so much that it will even allow us to believe that we are not loved, that's how unconditionally loving it is.

So another question arises "Should we focus on material wealth as a measure of our success?" Of course not. It is that kind of thinking that makes so many people chase their own tales more often than not. They think just because they are running they are getting somewhere.

The truth is, if you set out to look for a treasure, you better be sure you have a good map first. If you don't, you will get tired as hell and not find anything.

So the question remains "What do you want to believe for yourself?"

Do you want to believe that you are supported ALL the time by the Infinite unconditional love that we are all made of, and even when you don't see things manifesting the way YOU think they should, that it is all a part of a divine plan working itself out perfectly?

Or do you want to have a belief, which I believe is in the heart of every wrong-doing inflicted by people on their fellow men, which is "Their is not enough to go around".

If you believe that there is not enough money, not enough jobs, not enough love, not enough joy, not enough passion, you will never get it. You won't get it because you will be trying so desperately to acquire it that you will miss out on what is obvious right now - that you already have it.

Look around you and see how beautiful the world around you is and how beautiful you yourself are. You are perfect and you always have been, just see it and believe it.


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Hi wildlife, where did you get your definition of abundance? I couldn't find it anywhere. The definition I found is: great plenty; an overflowing quantity; ample sufficiency; in strictness applicable to quantity only. One can be abundant in all ares of life. Eg. Abundant in friends, health, well being, financial & possessions, knowledge, etc. Your definition is more along the lines of a character trait i.e. discipline, focus, responsibility, etc. Abundance can be associated to material wealth, contrary to what you stated. Let me know where you got your definition. I'm curious.

(08 Apr '10, 21:30) Frank 1

Well, your curiosity is highly appreciated Frank :)

Through my spiritual studies I have encountered many, many beings that have influenced me and some of their beliefs I incorporated as my own.

One of those beings, which I highly values is Bashar, and you can read about him more here on my blog http://www.warriorinyou.com/blog/04.2010/07.04.10/bashar_talking_about_religion_part_1.htm

Some people will say "Oh, but I don't believe in aliens" and that's fine. It is something that works for me and what I am interested about the most is the message and not the messanger. Namaste

(09 Apr '10, 04:26) wildlife

So if I understand you correctly, you are getting your info from other 'alien' beings. I believe they exist. But as an outsider looking in, when they begin giving you info that is contrary to (example) our vocabulary or established word definitions, there's a big problem. That is the standard by which all people of a given language understand what they are saying. By you believing a definition that is opposite of what is established, a disconnection (to communicate with other humans) has begun to occur. Are they not supposed to help us? Do they not speak to us in ways we understand i.e. by...

(09 Apr '10, 18:08) Frank 1

I don't quite follow you Frank. You mean to say that you care more about "where" the information comes from than rather what is being said? I guess you haven't followed my link so you ask "Are they not supposed to help us?" and try to judge the information not even giving it a try.

Me, and all of us are here, because the world that is being presented to us doesn't resonate with us. So all of us are trying to find their "own" truth in their own way.

If you wanna ask me why was I attracted to this kind of material my answer is "I don't know", but I know it is life enhancing and that..

(10 Apr '10, 06:23) wildlife

because I have benefited from it so can you.

But you don't have to take my word for it. In fact you don't have to do anything; it's your life. Some people believe that 2000 years ago there was a guy walking this Earth that could raise the death and walk on water and that's fine by everyobody.

But to think that this immensly huge, infinite Universe we are all alone? Wouldn't that be a huge waste of space for us to be only once in it.

I have ALWAYS believed, since I was a little boy, that it in fact is the opposite and that's my belief. I was attracted to the information, gave it..

(10 Apr '10, 06:26) wildlife

a try and now am sharing with people who can benefit from it too. Of course I could say "Well, I figured this all out on my own" and hide the fact where I got it from. But the thing is I'm not ashamed of my beliefs. I'm not ashamed of my life and I never will be. I lost my self-importance and self-pity some time ago and I write about it in my book, which you can download for free here http://www.warriorinyou.com/products.htm

So if you want to stick to old definitions of the world be my guest. The world is changing and it will be whether or not you acknowledge those changes. Peace

(10 Apr '10, 06:29) wildlife

Hey wildlife I couldn't post my 2nd part of the answer as you did. I'll try again now.

(12 Apr '10, 17:16) Frank 1

..using our vocabulary and established meanings?If you have to learn new definitions to our already existing words, to understand what they are saying, you'll be speaking to yourself.No one will understand you except the few others that will listen to that 'alien' being's new definitions.How can you help others if they can't understand you.You'll need to explain to them everything, thus in time becoming an exclusive (small) group of'that particular way'.Also,you incorporated their belief as yours.What standard do you have to verify it's truth?If you don't have a gauge,how do you know it's true

(12 Apr '10, 17:22) Frank 1

How do I know it's true? How do you know ANTYHING to be true? What is the "truth"? Is it what most believe or is it what you choose to believe?

I would love to give you a satisfyng answer Frank, but I can't. The thing is that I'm really not looking for an audience here. What I'm doing is sharing a point of view, and THAT'S IT.

Am I doing it for a particular group? Did you ever hear me say that this information is for only "the chosen ones", that you have to be a member of some club?

The thing is, if you don't believe something I say you have every right to do so; it's your choice.

(12 Apr '10, 18:40) wildlife

wildlife you need to know that I don't care where the info comes from, but if it contradicts the basic word definition, then I wonder. Even Abraham respects and uses our words the way they are defined. Him I understand and can try what he says but your other being, I'm left scratching my head. He says one thing and means another. How can I try what he's saying? He's really confusing. It's not a question of sticking to old definitions but trying to understand what is being communicated.

(12 Apr '10, 18:45) Frank 1

You said you have received info and believed it, I'm happy for you. When I receive info I process it differently. I like to verify the info, then I will believe it or not. That the info comes from different entities, aliens, the bible, or my grandmother stories, there is a way to verify its veracity before one puts his full trust in it.

(12 Apr '10, 18:47) Frank 1

But don't confuse others that what I'm saying is unclear. Once again, the definition of abundance that I believe in is.

Abundance - the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it. Period.

Why do I believe this definition? Because it works for me. Because, since I tried it, it has been working all the time. Did you try it? Is your definition of abundance working for You? Are You happy with it? If you are then I am happy too. I don't want ANYTHING more from people than to be happy. Period. If your definitions make you happy I want to wish you luck and excitement in your life.

(12 Apr '10, 18:52) wildlife

It's fair. I wish you luck and excitement in your life also. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

(12 Apr '10, 18:58) Frank 1
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I think that when people reach a point where they have 'everything' they figure out that they have somehow lost themselves in the process. This doesn't have to be the case but often times it is. I think alot of times people strive for everything but don't realize they can choose to be happy with the process. I also think that many people want their outer world to look good but don't realize that if they just wanted happiness their outer world would look good.


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If they haven't found that inner tranquility and knowing then anything they manifest on an outer level will never bring any sense of fulfillment. Their outer world may appear great but will mean nothing if their inner world is not content. As Brian pointed out if we work on the inner world first, the outer will naturally follow.


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Hi Michaela. The problem, as I see it, is that many times we put the peace of mind, our soul, our happiness in material things, primarily money. Then comes the disappointment when you realize that having everything, never had what you really looking for ... and this is Love.

(08 Apr '10, 02:31) Robert

The real problem is that we're always looking for what we've already got - and No Thing will ever come close to being a substitute for that :-)

(08 Apr '10, 11:41) Michaela

Of Course- because those things are material items. True happiness comes from connection to source/feeling connection to self/others/purpose, happy relationships (you can have troubled family relationships) and independence and choice in your life work. None of those things necessarily rely upon home/family/security. Security is also an illusion. You could be homeless and having the best time ever- that could be total freedom for the right person. So it depends on mindset, appreciation and perspective.


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