Before I ever came to IQ, and since then as well, I have had ideas about the nature of God, the universe, human existance, etc... It seemed as if it just came to me, just popped into my head. I came up with ideas about what you call on here, densities. Using some logic like As above so below, as below so above, as within so without, as without so within, to see us as micro cosms and also cells in a macro cosm. If we are alive and made up of smaller living cells and 'beings' then we most likely are cell equivelants in a 'living being'. In our bodies, cells make up larger groups like organs and muscles, that work together as one unit. Then there are organ groups that work together, etc... up to our whole phisical body working together as one unit.

So following this pattern, using the as above so below logic, we can see that God is the Universe, made up of organ groups like galaxies, and organs like planets and cells like people. The comparisons are not exact, but to give you an idea of what I mean. This is on the physical level, but there is a consciousness that resides in the physical bodies.

We have individual consciousness on our 'density' then there are group consciousness that follows the as above so below logic. Bruce Lipton was a cellular biologist who discovered some very exciting things about how the cells work. He found that in a petri dish, cells moved toward nourishment and away from poison. So there is some consciousness on a cellular level, then there would be a group consciousness that resides in the organs etc... Then we h have our consciousness, our group consciousness that we have as a local community as well as a larger community and then all of humanity. Then we have a group consciousness of the planet, solar system and galaxy.

Then I was thinking about what I heard about the Mormon church and that they believe that when they die, they become a god on their own planet and take all the wives they had on earth. I never read the Book of Mormon to find out if this is what they believe and to get more precise. Now maybe there has been misinterpretation along the way. Maybe what was revealed to Mormon was that when we die, our consciousness converges with a group consciousness in the next density up, which might be a planet. So within each planet and each star is a group consciousness. Each density, or level of consciousness gets larger and larger until it is God consciousness.

OK, so then I came to IQ and found posts about 'channeled beings' that sound very much like my ideas, but not exactly. Are they part of a group consciousness that reside in larger galactic bodies? Like Bashar says he is his channel's future self. This future self could be the consciousness of his later self after he has died and 'transitioned' to his planetary consciousness. So, where do these 'channeled beings' reside?

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Fairy Princess


your definition as above as below is correct. spirit and the universe. in truth God is all that exist he created is body the universe. and you are made in is image in spirit and have a body. with the same potential to grow and learn with free will.

(29 Mar '12, 16:46) white tiger

yes, it is very similar thinking i suppose. ty for asking this.

(29 Mar '12, 19:02) TReb Bor yit-NE
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Here you go, I am a channeler and this is all my answers for you. My source is from the 3rd planet of the second red dwarf star in the Capella system, present time, fifth density. And he is a part of my copiousness, but not a separate and distant [part. It is all of one and we share the same oversoul. The oversoul is what you would consider the sum total of all lives from this chart put together. The number of incarnations is for one oversoul in one incarnate cycle. So this specific life would have 100 million 1st density incarnates, which is equal portion of conscientiousness that would be 100,000 in 2nd, 500 in 3rd, 100 in 4th , 20 in 5th, and 5 in 6th. All six densities have the exactly same portion of consciousnesses split between them, in physical existence and this is the way to see how it is split. So it isn't really future or past self's because time isn't that way. It is sharing the exact same oversoul or source soul with all of these incarnations at one cycle. Hope this helps and the description below is the in depth look at the whole set up.

love n light,


alt text

prt 1

prt 2

Be ready for a long read, this is an exerpt from my book, it was not from Treb but from a great friend from 6th densitie called Aridif.

Benevolent Hybrid Reptilian Humans

Aridif: I will start by saying my name is Aridif. In your spelling perhaps it is “A-R-I-D-I-F” And this is it spelled. And as you know we do not necessarily need names in our type of environment, because we are all together. This is a name I give you for representation of Earth. I am from a race that Originates in the Pleiades. So some have called us the ancient Pleiadians, although we do not remain in that area of Pleiades at that of the present time. We moved because there is more room in the star that is called Deneb. And we now take this name as the Denebians, or the Deneb race, after the star your planet knows as Deneb. Treb bor Yit-NE has spoke of Deneb Cygnus, before in some of the sessions. And because of the specific region that we reside in now, this is the name that we take. We now reside in the area that you would see as the Deneb Star. The star is a hundred times the diameter of your Sun. It is very large. And it is approximately slightly more than seventeen hundred light years away from your area. I am a density of fourth but to what Treb Bor yit-NE sees, well he would call this the sixth density. We do not have the same density levels in consideration as Treb Bor Yit-NE's race. But I use this for a purposeful sake, so that there is no miscommunications or no misunderstandings. We live and exist in the time that you do, and we lend much love and support to your race, and the races that support you as well. We are a peaceful race. One that is close to the graduation of physical existence all together. The insight we have for you, is very great for you to pass on. We passed this on, as we do to many other races that are at the point of your spiritual existence. For the simple reason that it is easier to move through this, with more knowledge. Even Treb’s people, or Treb Bor Yit- NE, we give them many supports and information as well. As we pass it on, you might think of us to be highly advanced in technology, and spiritually, or intellect. But I beg of you, please do not do this! Please see us as your equals. The only difference we have is the existence of time that we have been put in. We have lived through physical existence much longer and the only difference is experience. And besides this, the harmonic level that we exist at. And please realize that you are only a portion of a much greater existence. An existence that is so vast and so different from not only planet to planet, but also galaxy to galaxy, system to system, dimensions upon dimensions... and so many different levels, that u can consider it to be quite infinite! Quite... forever... is a word you might see better fit and what do is you think that word means foreverness and foreverness. So think of this word. Think of this word greatly! And try to picture what it is to be infinite... I will tell you, that even in our race, a race that has several fold of consciousness, the word infinite... is truly extraordinary, TRULY extraordinary! It is greater than any mathematical problem that you have. Even if an existence of one single life would have you having billions and billions of years to explore, and and to go to every planet instantly in the way that we do, with no time in between, stopping at one planet every second, you will l NEVER ever be able come close to experiencing all that is in the system of our own universe. Even if you take this time, and put billions of years, you will not be able to experience that is in our our own galaxy. And then you think... This is one galaxy upon billions, upon trillions. The observable universe that you have, is only a small portion of what is there. Understand this when you think of the word infinite! And it is because these differences and these vast amounts of realities, that we know can come together. Now through my great reptilian friend, through two men from Earth, on a small blue planet, quite frankly in the middle of nowhere, in a very small galaxy, we all make this connection. We can start to have a small understanding of what infinity really means. If we take a minute,or a fraction of a percentage of the realities, and the levels of existence, just in your ideas of the observable universe, It is still hard to comprehend this level. Now especially at your level of growth, you seem to be disappointed, disheartended, or still believe that you are so small and so insignificant. But this is what I am here to explain. You think of everything as much bigger than you. But what I want you to see, is that you are at the same level as we all are. That YOU are one with all! Even with the parts that you cannot observe, even with parts that seem to allude you constantly, without you that existence can not be who and what it needs to be! Because you are a very important part to this whole existence, you have to be there for the rest of us to exist! I am one that is indistinguishable from you. That means I can walk and talk and be among your race as one in spirit! And I know that this does not truly matter when you are going through this level any possible way. But if want to send you the message, that we are so greatly connected, that without you, the rest of everything that you see bigger, means nothing! And as i finish that thought, then I want to turn to a non-physical reality. I know that Treb Bor Yit-NE has spoke to you all about the different densities and different levels, but i feel that if it is not explained to a higher extent that the understanding of your place within the universe and being a part of all of this will allude you. Let's explore the non-physical realm because this is the way, that the physical existence works. It works from the top, to the bottom. From non-physical existence, to a physical existence. This is the best for you all to see and understand. If it comes from top to the bottom. Now because I explained that there are infinite amount of realities and levels. I will explain for the first level. The top level of God, Creator, or whatever name have given to this deity. This is where all consciousness exist. This is from where we all come. Let me tell you now, it is widely believed, among some higher density races, or what you see as higher density races, that the creator of all, is one of many creators. That there is a level of creators among creators. This is not a personal belief of ours, but it is one that I will share with you, so you might see that even the biggest levels can go and extend. The Creator is a great consciousness, and as I have said nothing more than what He is. Because He is, not only everything of physical reality and outside of physical reality exist within Him, He IS All That Is, physical (and non-physical) reality. He is living and non living material that makes it up. His is not only all or parts of closeness, he is also in parts of relationships, and love, every joy, every tear. Everything that IS… with in all. And I know that sometimes this is hard for the human race to comprehend; but everything that you can imagine, and everything that you can not imagine, is what the Creatoris. The reason He made physical reality is so that he could understand and experience everything that there is to experience for Himself. The best experiences to the worst, and everything in between. He is a part of all, and he is all, experience, energy, feeling and emotion, and every part of physical and non-physical existence. Now as he breaks himself down, in the way you might see it to be understandable, the next level down, would be considered the brain, or the connectivity center. All other entities that connect to the Creator must go through this next level of existence. Some have called this the God Brain, some call this a direct connection to the Creator. Treb bor yit-ne refers to as the twelveth density. The ONE where all smaller consciousnesses feed experience directly into the Creator. And as I say, I refer to these densities as Treb Bor Yit-NE does to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. I assure you that no differences of wordings or differences in levels that everyone must say, is a difference in the truth. The truth remains as it is, and we all have a different view of this. This deity that is considered twelfth density is the deity that has no true density. It is just what it is. It is a collection of thought and experience for all smaller levels of consciousness. So they feed this energy directly into the Creator. And as we go from there, we will go down to the next level. And the next level is harder to explain, but I will try and explain it in terms that you might understand. What I mean is that there are systems that are set up and that carry their own laws and dictates their own ideas of existence. There are infinite in number and kinds. But to give you a better idea, I will give you small examples. As I do, close your eyes and imagine all that distracts you from this and think of different forms than ours. Do not think of the universe in physical nature as we have, but think in a general sense, This is a GREAT way to show you the dimensions or densities that we consider as eleventh. There are more levels than can be explained and the examples I give you will be these... examples will include systems that are so vastly different from one, that they are made only with love and only with light, and only with sound waves. So this whole density is only made of these three basic elements. That is one example. Another example is that there is very high gravity, love, perhaps negative charged particles, and light. This is another system. This is another universe. This is another sewerage eleventh density entity. And yet another example that I will give you, is that one system only has love, and only has light. And the reason that I repeat love and light in example, is because all of this is part of the Creator. This is something that he hands all densities as a gift. The love and light is physical light, but it also is wisdom. And He hands this into every level of consciousness that He produces from himself as a gift. There are no exceptions to this rule. Every system has love and light. The difference is, that some consciousnesses that are in each one, accept this gift or do not accept this gift. This is the difference. Now theist being said, include in, love and light in all new examples I give you. And I will give you a few more (examples) just for the understanding. In some systems, consciousness exists in structures that appear to be material to you in some form: rock, metal, fire, electricity, certain ones of these elements. And the last example I will give you so that it might make more sense, is that there are many systems that are similar to yours. Only slightly different with rules (planetary agreements). Perhaps gravity is a dominant force, unlike it is here in this universe. Slightly different rules, slightly different consciousness, there might only be small differences but there can be great differences as well. Now understand that as well with every system of consciousness, there is one separate from another. They all have the different laws, different makeup’s, different amounts of consciousness, and they are all different sorts of consciousness form each other. They all have different laws and dictations for this. The preference of each entity that creates them. As I explained before because there are an infinite amount of these, it is impossible to traverse some of these. Some systems are similar in the rules they have and some are not. Some you cannot travel to, because consciousness will not fit in to the laws that are made there. I understand that this is complex and hard to comprehend, so I will try to move on as quickly as I can in these matters. But the eleventh density is what you might consider to be an entire universe, entire cycle and the time that exist within itself of consciousness, it evolves, much as we do in our densities and evolutions here. Now I will explain to you the decrease to the next level of consciousness, because these are the most relevant to your existences, at least in a physical non-physical existence for that matter of this universe. It is more prevalent and important to you. the next level down is one that Treb Bor Yit-NE explains to be the tenth density. And this entity of the tenth density is a collective group of consciousnesses, a large amount of consciousnesses that are grouped together. They manifest their selves into what you see in physical reality as complete and entire galaxies. These are billions of stars with many multi billions or trillions of planets depending on the size of the galaxy. This is very self explanatory. This is what you see as complete galaxies. Under this level is one that you consider to be the ninth density. Each of these galaxies or part of the galaxies, from the previous or higher density, but is made form densities that are collective from, a lower density from below this. And these are the ones that manifest their selves as the galactic center. The one that gives this energy out. Much as the energy that is connecting to you as you make an ascensional move to the higher density. This part of your physical and non-physical evolution for your consciousness, one that you will go through in your cycle, that this part is one that is very, very small senses of individualism. It is more of group consciousness connecting together. They still are separate, but you have a few of high connection into these. And that must be explained here. Now we move to the next. The next level is entities that are definitely nonphysical still. And they are a density that is known to Treb Bor Yit-NE as the eighth density. They manifest their self in a physical way, as you see stars. Every star that has planets around them, that we live on in physical reality. These are where these consciousnesses come from. This is one of the TRUE last points of individualism in the area of consciousness, that has started as smaller groups of collective consciousnesses from planets. The one consciousness that makes the planets, which is the next level. It leads us to the seventh density. This represents a density for collective consciousnesses that are made up of all entities that create the planets to physical reality, that manifest themselves in that way. And they group up together to make up planets or solar systems. So as they connect their consciousnesses, they help manifest the next level upward. There is a buffer area or a buffer time too, that is between graduation in physical and nonphysical existence in this way. There is connecting of these consciousnesses that form your planet at the end of the incarnation cycles of each race. When the incarnation cycle, of your planet Earth will end of physical existence, all the consciousness collect, as the collective consciousness of the higher seventh density and then moves upwards. And this is the level that is in the lower seventh. Some split this into two different densities, but we are not going to do this here. I believe that Treb Bor Yit-NE has explained all of the densities bellow this very well, but we will do a quick description as well. It is important to know this because this gives you the proof of how great the systems are, of great reality, the physical and nonphysical existence, and how your consciousness plays a part of this. The sixth density is where I am now. There is no boundaries that are within the system. We can move from one direct part (of space) to another,with no space ship or craft needed. And even though you can do the direct traveling in fifth and parts of the fourth density, it is not done with a ship as you must need for these. We are more of a level of semi-physical. One that you would not recognize to be physical from the density you are. Now we go down to the fifth the density. And this where Treb Bor Yit-NE exists. It is a level of learning of physical existence. It is a great period of connection and action. And there are two different ways, two different parts of this. One that learns for their self, and the other one that learns for a greater aspect, for a greater cause, for the need of all and not one. There are only two sides to this density, as there is the sixth and the fourth. And the fourth is dealing with love. And once again, it can be, either for yourself or for others. The third density I do not need to explain because this is where you are now. This is what you are feeling now. This is how you are and what you are doing at this time. The second density has been explained. It is any consciousness or alive being, as you would see alive. And everything below that, is what you do not consider to be alive, that makes up the physical existence. I am sorry that I must go through this but again in is a part that must be explained so you understand. And now that we have spoke of the ideas of densities we will go into the part of the universal structure. Because the densities are not all of levels of existences that you have; I will have to explain to a different level of consciousness. This is an evolution of vibrational, and harmonic differences; but now I will explain the differences within the physical structure. Where in each universe you as you might see as the tenth density entities, or an amount of densities that are considered quality universes, have different ones. But in this one there are twelve different levels, matrices if you will, that have different realities. So when you hear terms as parallel realities, parallel existences, or parallel universes, some of these terms explain this. Because this is a twelve different levels of existence within one universe. This is where there are twelve different versions of yourself in higher or lower form. And within these twelve there are still all of the six physical and the multiple non-physical. They have the same rules and the same laws, but there are twelve different ones. They can be traversed through higher density existences or higher density entities. And those can be traveled very easily, and that is what you consider to be parallel existences, or parallel universes. And this is what some mean by referring to dimensions. This can be one explanation of the word. As Treb Bor Yit-NE has spoken to you of before; there can be many different meanings for the similar words. This is one separate perspective. And now that all this complex stuff is over; I want to explain to you that one more element exists within your reality. And this is a consideration of time. And it is a separate dimension, a separate part of your existence. At the level that you are at now, yourselves, you experience it in a different way. But in the densities that are higher than yours, time is experienced in a much, much different way. The future and passed can be traversed, but this is the way you see the future as fluid. And when you see the future as being fluid, this means that there are different amounts of possibilities or infinite amounts of possibilities. And so they are able to be experienced, not always permanently or solidly in reality, but there is more, many different experiences, and many different outcomes. When you travel through these, none of theme are put solidly. But there are mostly guarantee that they have been manifested in one of the twelve separate parallel levels, or they would not exist for us to travel through. And now that this is the end of the evolution lessons that I wanted to speak to you of... and if you take this, and you read this over and over and over, and you look; you will see that all of these thoughts, all of your perceptions of who you are, the way that you see itself at the bottom of the list, of such a long list of various make ups, universes consciousnesses... sometimes humanity tends to be very upset, or maybe you feel like you are intimidated. But I want you to understand, but I want the complete opposite from this. This is the way that it is meant to be experienced. This is the way that I want you to feel this excitement! But when you feel the way of loneliness... it does not benefit you in this growth. I did not want only to show you the greatness of the universe, how the show is set up and that this truly exists, but also so that you feel a way that you see yourselves to be TRULY a part of all that is. It is the best way to see this. If you know that you are one part and that part is not full without you... this way can ease all of those feelings. I know that humanity has these feelings in a great way. It is from the top down, and you see that that’s the reason I started there. When you look at consciousness from the top, down, you realize that it goes from the bottom to the top as well. So you do not only become a part of something larger, you have a chance to be a part of everything above you, or “larger than” you, as you might see this. I want you all to understand the great significance in all of this. When you look at yourselves you might see yourselves to be small or insignificant as you might look at a rock. Then you say to yourself, " IN this rock, how is this important? How is this significant?" But when you think about it, it is what makes the planets that all of life stands on. So I want you to understand, even if you feel that you are this rock, You are more brilliant and more beautiful than anything you EVER could imagine! You are a part of ALL That Is! And sometimes when you see yourself, in this way, then you understand your true nature and role in this reality. You understand the transitions and explanations of all of this into a greater picture. And I would love for you all to truly feel a part of this! Now I understand that I spoke many of the great existence and your place in it, but now I want to speak to you of your world and things that are going on now and the way that you might be able to be helped within this system. For this is truly important to you. You have levels that you see as financial levels where money is being made by a very few. And they are not giving things to the others. And I understand that this frustration is from all of these things but when you focus on this negative you bring down to a vibration that fits this life style. So when you can see past all of these things that are bad, or that are not good in your eye, then you live in your best way, to your greatest happiness and greatest vibration, you come above and beyond all the things that you see as pushing you down. You see that you, yourself, have a chance to make a difference among the world. All of the wars, all of the diseases, all of these things are very negative and bad things. But when you focus on them, you manifest them to a greater degree. The best way to get through this, to the next level, so that you can all feel in a better way, and to progress in a higher vibration or higher level of consciousness, is to love, to accept, to open your hearts and minds, and to open yourself up to all possibilities of all of the greater things that we have spoken of. The way that it is best done for humanity is through meditation. Some times when you do this meditation you connect to the energies in the chakra lines of your planet. This consciousness is fed into all other higher consciousnesses. So when you learn to do this, you are able to go into the depths of space, you are able to go to visit different races, in a soul or astral projective way as some might see it. And if you do this, I invite you to come. I invite you to come to my planet and to feel us. That is very easy to find! When you go on the planet that is next to yours, it is called Mars, go to very top of the planet and look directly up. Sit there for a while until you see the starts moving around. Look into the sky... And when you use two stars that are at the very top, that only move slightly, that only move around each other, go to the brightest one. And when our people feel you, and we feel that come in love, and we feel that you come with an open heart, and ready for experiences, we will be there to greedy you. Thank you for listening to me and I do appreciate all the time and consideration that you all have given. And I want to express our true love and our true want for your betterment and our support there. And we will always be there for your support.

This Graph will show you in better detail

love n light



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TReb Bor yit-NE

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Thank you Rob. I didn't watch the videos yet. I find it difficult to listen to 'cannelling'. I am confused though, how do group consciousnesses have more than one incarnation say as a planet or a star? How does one enter and exit that dimenstion? Like in ours, we are born and die, that is an incarnation. How does any thing after that die or be born?

(30 Mar '12, 09:09) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess well they are in non pysical existance and only bring theirself in teh pysical as a star or planet,.,, and theirfore they never die, they only live in pysical as a star or planet untill that star or planet dies,, look at stars lives, they are born in star nurseries and die in supernovas and spread themselves back into other portions of the universe,

(31 Mar '12, 11:48) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Fairy Princess ,,and as far as incarnations, it is only a cycle that goes from 1st - 6th and after this they are able to do as they wish, so there is no more incarnations after pysical exsistance is done unless they wish to go round again,, it is all up o free will, and in ways they only exist in physical reality as stars and planets even though their lives are not parts of this,, it only manifest itself into these things so to support the life of those in physical reality, hope it makes sense

(31 Mar '12, 11:50) TReb Bor yit-NE
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As far as I can guess, in a different density perhaps and a different time and a different place.

However, I have this bit I would like to quote from elsewhere as I've listened to Bashar before as well.

The Channeler

Summary: Channeling involves one or more individuals allowing themselves to be used by unseen intelligences who communicate information through them. This includes the use of Ouija boards, mediumistic trance states, automatic writing, and conscious verbalization of intuitive impressions. Pendulum dowsing, muscle testing, scrying, and crystal gazing may also allow such communication. The channeled sources may claim to be anything ranging from aliens to angels, deceased persons to demonic beings, famous individuals in history, time travelers, other dimensional entities, the subconscious, and impersonal archetypes.

Strength of Source: Discarnate entities, alien beings, and advanced human military factions can transmit verbal and visual information remotely, whether electromagnetically or telepathically. They also have limited ability to induce paranormal phenomena, predict the future, and arrange synchronistic events by which they can prove their existence and overwhelmingly awe the target into submission. This exploits the logical fallacy that truth of existence somehow equates to existence of truth, which ignores the possibility of real sources providing bogus information where it counts. These demonstrations of faux omniscience, omnipotence, and precognition rule out that the source is just a fabrication of the channeler, but do not prove that the source being channeled is necessarily being truthful.

Channeling also affords deceptive sources anonymity and freedom to fabricate an identity and back-story. Channeling is therefore highly customizable to the weaknesses of the targets. The same source can change identities repeatedly to whatever sounds most authoritative.

Weakness of Vector: Establishing and maintaining a connection requires mental dissociation so that the source can come through clearly without restriction by the conscious mind of the channeler. This amounts to a relinquishing of freewill, and a manipulative entity may abuse this offer by sinking roots into the mind of the channeler, deeper than it could otherwise. In worst cases this can lead to possession, where the channeler not only transmits disinformation during specified sessions, but becomes a walking extension of the negative entity, serving an agenda in broader ways. Conscious abandonment over the channeling process may also grow into habitual abandonment of discernment and critical thinking, whereby the channeler simply accepts and relays what is transmitted after having been won over with convenient but trivial truths.

Strength of Vector: Being just the messenger frees a channeler from having to personally defend the information received. The source is likewise freed from always having to back up its claims, relying instead on self-proclaimed authority and various specious excuses. Through channeling, disinformation is given unlimited creative latitude, taking bold and direct expressions since claims that are too far-fetched for other audiences will readily be accepted by channeling enthusiasts. If especially entertaining and fascinating, source and channeler rise to cult or celebrity status, which adds to the authority factor that overrides critical thinking.

Weakness of Audience: Since channeling is perceived by rationalists as a dubious means of investigation, it appeals more to people who pride themselves on being open minded and not fettered by the limitations of cold intellect. Yet there is a fine line between open mindedness and gullibility, and those who would replace rather than complement reason with intuition leave themselves vulnerable to logical sleights of hand, emotional manipulation, wishful thinking, and other forms of subjectivity. Channeled disinformation would play upon these weaknesses.

It's a tricky thing to discern what's real out there.


answered 29 Mar '12, 16:22

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Thank you DiusPius, I agree, there can be lying entities that can give just enough truth to make the whole package look true.

(30 Mar '12, 08:54) Fairy Princess

ty for the links

(15 Apr '12, 17:25) TReb Bor yit-NE
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