I'm not sure how far off this topic will be on this forum, but I think it can cover a pretty broad basis of a lot of the New Age enlightenment things. When I say sure, I mean over a 95% confidence that it is correct. That you would bet your house on it.

I've delved into topics like Aliens, Channelers, Government Conspiracies, and New Age Gurus type stuff. They are all interrelated and I would like to see what sources other people have and can share as well.

So I would like to begin with one of the hardest evidence I have showing government involvement in major coverups.

9/11 and the Anthrax Letters

This one explains the inner-workings of 9/11 in great detail and provides insurmountable evidence that points to the government. It also shows that the government started hiding evidence and framing people so that the government can start a war in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is no evidence for my next claim, but you can see the same thing happening in Iran that happened in Iraq, they get bombed without any substantial evidence of having nuclear weapons. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0Bu-0-eKJI

3/11 Fukushima disaster

I've been trying to find the website where it shows the evidence of the fabrication of the 3/11 tsunami in Japan but I couldn't find it. It says that none of the buildings actually collapsed during the earthquake and that it shows data that the more inland areas of Japan had stronger quakes than the coastal areas. That means the epicenter wasnt out in the ocean but inland in Japan. Also, the earthquake was reported initially at a 6.5 magnitude to 7.0 to 8.0 to 8.5 to 8.8 to 9.0, or something along those lines. So how in the world can the intial recording versus the final be off by 1000x. Also, if anyone's actually been in an earthquake, say 6.0 or above, you'll know how strong that feels. The San Andreas earthquake in '89 destroyed our city was around a 7.0. That destroyed much of California on at least a hundred mile radius. Now if it was a 9.0 earthquake, it would have contained 900x more energy, or 100x more movement on the surface. If a 7.0 earthquake shook the ground by 1ft/sec, a 9.0 would shake the ground by 100 ft/sec and a 9.0 earthquake would devastate an area of a 1000 mile radius yet the buildings in Japan all survived. Not much damage, only after the tsunami hit. This epicenter was only 24 miles off the coast. They increased the magnitude of the earthquake in order to cover up the devastation that the tsunami had caused. Which is why so many Japanese citizens did not realize that such a large tsunami was coming because of the small magnitude of the 3/11 earthquake, which was pretty normal for them. It was said that a 15 person team of Israelis left the Fukushima reactors a week before the earthquake, which could be a possible link to Japan trading Uranium to Iran but I'm not sure so I will stop there.

The Media

Along with that, you should suspect that the media is also in on this to hide this fact. Another evidence to support this fact is CNN. They are a corporate media which doesn't cover anything but propoganda. The link below shows the working of Danny of Syria making up stuff and Anderson Cooper trying cover up his lies and cooperations with this guy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-DCZxsrt9I. Then you have the media covering Conan O'Brien's show with the same exact line. Why? Perhaps they are all interconnected media. Though less solid evidence, it should at least show some significance that that claim. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GME5nq_oSR4.

Water Memory

The Emoto's Rice experiment, I have yet to do myself, but I've looked at many many Youtube videos, and the majority of them claim that they the experiment is real, and I do have faith in those videos. I'll be doing this experiment myself when I collect many jars and repeat the process multiple times. This video is a documentary about water memory that relates to the Rice experiment as it is the water that affects how the rice ages. This is awesome if you can see how much you can do by controlling your state of being. There are also studies of meditation affecting crime rates and such which is also amazing. I've had very good experiences of consciousness syncing either at school, in the library, in the bus, wherever. I played around with my emotions and watched people's gestures and stuff. I would become very tense and nervous, and person next to me shows signs of angst with jittery hand movements and such, and then I would calm down, and their movements would be less choppy/forceful and more graceful. LOL its like I could do mind control. Har har. I've done this over a dozen times and it appears to work. But who knows, might just be coincidence or my own wishful thinking. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtKuELNQ_iI

So. Those are the things I have full confidence in. Now I will go into the things that start getting hazy.

The Phoenix Lights

Undoubtedly, there were advanced aircrafts seen around Arizona. They could be one of two things or both. ETs and/or government aircrafts. I say both because the first Phoenix lights appeared in 1997 and then again on 2007 and 2008. During that time, the U.S. could have acquired the technology to mimic these lights and use those lights in 2007 to show a double bluff, when the 1997 were the real lights. This is related to things like Bashar. Darryl Anka could work be working for the government and make claims of when the phoenix lights would appear, and HAARP could be used to support that one earthquake incident that tranced his audience. This event could either be a part of the brain-washing agenda by the government or that it was real and ETs were visiting in 1997 or are visiting including 2007 and 2008. Nonetheless, this shows very good evidence that Americans reverse engineered their aircrafts from ETs and that ETs exist either way, this, I give an 80% confidence rating. It is possible that the government can do much more advanced research and has been hiding their technology in places like Area 51 since they have a load of money to spend, but I find that unlikely that the government is able to come up with these technologies so much quicker than the general public.

Crop Circles

I have a 50/50 view on these. I don't know if whether this video is true or not, but it makes a compelling case which I cannot verify myself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLm3x8r6Io8

Indian Religion

I have a 90% confidence that what these people say about Akaishic Records and stuff are real as I have heard first person accounts of experiencing the Nadi scrolls and stuff foretelling of the past and future with 100% accuracy of foretelling the past and not as much with the future. This leads me to believe that whatever Hindu or Buddhist religion has a certain credibility to it.

Everything else I've read about, like the Illuminati, the Flower of Life, Channelers, the Feds, bankers taking over the world, New World Order, certain New Age Guru stuff, are stuff I'm aware of but not sure if they are truth. I was wondering if anyone else has a better take on these things or sources that they can share so that it can help me distinguish what is reality and what is truth.

Edit: Added Water Memory

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Barry Allen ♦♦

How about the American Medical Association rock group? The Five Primus?

(29 Mar '12, 20:01) Dollar Bill

I'm not familiar with those, got any links?

I've heard about the WHO and the CDC, but I'm not completely sure about those, though I have high suspicion that those have been manipulated as well along with Monsanto GMO foods and many other things. All of which are very difficult to confirm and say with a lot of confidence, thus that is why I was asking if anyone had proofs or very good sources of these claims.

(29 Mar '12, 20:15) DiusPius

The only thing I'm sure about is that when you go looking for evidence of conspiracy, wrong doing and cover ups etcetera, by the LOA, evidence of such things must surface within your reality. The only real question is: how does looking at these things make you feel? Touch lightly my friend...

(29 Mar '12, 21:12) Eddie

Well, thing is. Where did you get your logic about, how does it make you feel. Perhaps by following those lines its the program that the gov't had implemented, so that you infact do avoid these things. Finding the truth doesn't mean being airy fairy and ignore the gloomier side. Without the gloomy side you wouldn't feel warm and fuzzy anyways.

(29 Mar '12, 21:21) DiusPius

That logic came from 100% personal experience. Previously, I researched many of the unending roads of conspiracy theories / facts, including all the material from divine cosmos - most of it didn't make me feel good. In 2007 I decided that feeling good was more important and preferable to being right and blaming others, so I dropped all of my inquiries along the lines of conspiracy...

(29 Mar '12, 21:35) Eddie

I haven't watched any TV news or read newspapers since 2007, because I prefer to create my own reality, rather than buying into other peoples ideas of where they want reality to go. Yes, I am aware of the dark side, but I choose to ignore it and thus, it's not a part of my personal reality. You are free to go down any road you choose to, as a victim, in someone else's idea of reality. Or you can choose to create your own - what feels better to you?

(29 Mar '12, 21:39) Eddie

Jesus said, "Why do you wash the outside of the cup? Do you not realize that he who made the inside is the same one who made the outside?"


(29 Mar '12, 21:39) white tiger

What difference does it make to know when everything is equal. Even if you knew about conspiracies, putting rotten stuff into a new bag will only make them plausible for a while. Because there will be no healthy stuff to replace it with. For if there were, you wouldn't care for rotten one anyway.

(30 Mar '12, 03:15) CalonLan

@DiasPlus - the AMA remark was an obscure reference to that ultimate group that controlled the world in "Illiminatus!" I think it was a joke! But hard to tell.

(30 Mar '12, 08:03) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill "control the world" that's an interesting assumption. Whether possible or not, what would they really control? Realities of others. That's all. And only under condition that other's let their realities be controlled. But perhaps it could be asked as a question.

(30 Mar '12, 08:06) CalonLan
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Isn't the ultimate conspiracy that your life reflects what you predominantly think about?

The whole universe is involved in that one :)

...and it doesn't matter what any other person, being, organization, Illuminati group or whatever does...they will simply be unable to prevent that "conspiracy" of the universe bringing you vibrational matches to your thoughts.


answered 23 Apr '12, 08:55

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@Stingray- I'm a God and I know it.

(06 Nov '12, 18:15) Nikulas

@Nikulas - Good for you. Just don't expect me to worship you :)

(07 Nov '12, 06:06) Stingray

When the "Illuminatus! Trilogy", Shea and Wilson was first published, I picked it up because the first ten chapters were titled after the ten Sephirot of the Qabala. I was immersed in the book "Sepher Yetzirah", though Qabala really is mostly unwritten (From Mouth to Ear). Sorry I digressed.


Anyhow I began reading a curious ramble of a book that postulated the existence of the Illuminati, a secret organization that really controlled the entire world. The book was filled with what I took to be spurious references. When I got to a quote, "The Illuminati was founded in 1776 in Bavaria by Adam Weishaupt (German for "first intelligent chief") I looked at the footnote and saw it was supposed to be a quote from the Encyclopedia Britannica!

Hah! Thought I, so I looked it up. Sheesh! It was a direct quote! I began checking other references. Now this was 1975, 37 years ago (happy birthday white tiger), and all the references I could find, DID check out! It was slower going because there was no internet.

Scared the crap out of me! I began seeing too many coincidences! The Illuminati were everywhere! I wanted to tell someone (mark of a classic schizophrenic, they see a conspiracy and gotta talk about it), but I was scared that IF I told someone that THEY might be part of the Illuminati!

And then . . . . . . and then I realized that IF all this was true, and they knew that I knew, there was not a damn thing I could do about it! So I dropped the whole thing. Hiya Illuminated beings! <grin> I finished the trilogy and enjoyed the crazy stories.

Are there aliens? Probably. Are there vast conspiratorial groups out there? Probably. Does Phillip K Dick's "Zebra" exist? Probably. Do I care? No. Do they impinge on my reality? Not unless I want it.

I do think the bottom line for conspiracy buffs is that they create a reality where they are always persecuted, if only by themselves. Does not sound like any fun to me!


answered 29 Mar '12, 20:32

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Dollar Bill

I got my info about the Illuminati's from David Wilcock, however, I don't trust his sources completely since he's been making claims about doomsday since 2000 and 2003. However, I do see that some of his work has substance to it and its a shortcut way of understanding the bigger picture. I just checked his site again and he says all is well same with Fulford, he's a wild one as well. Sometimes he's right sometimes he's not. http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1035-divineintervention1

(29 Mar '12, 20:43) DiusPius

I also believe that Fulford and Wilcock's reality is most plausible, and hopefully it isn't just a sham and we end up in Alex Jone's reality.

However, even though they shammed the public in 2000 and 2003, his claims are in parallel with the reality insofar as the US has not been able to touch Iran and Syria yet which is good news. If however, they start bombing them, I'm afraid I'll have to move to Canada.

(29 Mar '12, 20:53) DiusPius

To me, the important thing is to be happy. Proving, blaming, complaining, judging, blocks my flow. Like Eddie, I quit watching TV and news a long time ago. Also quit watching violent struggle movies like "24". I did not feel good about them. Even Jack Bauer at the end of one of the series, went out in his car and sobbed.

I watch documentaries, happy movies and a lot of Bollywood musicals!

(30 Mar '12, 08:09) Dollar Bill
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In the past, I would probably say that I was 90% sure of these two conspiracies:

  • 9/11 was planned all right from the start
  • Evidence of aliens found or being contacted with are being hidden from the rest of humanity

And I would also be pretty interested to read a lot about other conspiracy theories.

But after reading more and more about them, somehow I feel that they seem to be sapping all the energy out of me. I think it mostly stems from the fact that even if you know that they are real, you cannot do anything about them. The only thing you can do is to prevent these things from affecting yourself through managing your thoughts and emotions.

Come to the end of the day, there is no real way to prove that any of these conspiracy theories are real, unless the people involved admit it themselves.


answered 07 Nov '12, 09:56

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Do you find it funny that everyone knows about this "Secret" organization the Illuminati and when it was founded is even in the Encyclopedia Britannica? Now if the Mafia kept secrets like that, today everyone would know what happened to Jimmy Hoffa but it would still be considered a secret. LOL

If you want to know about these organizations watch the movie "The Good Shepard." It is a very good movie about the Order of the Bones and how they were started.


answered 23 Apr '12, 10:04

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Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi Saw this a while ago and got the movie - both my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it - thanks for the recommendation.

(06 Nov '12, 17:07) Catherine

There is a documentary that came out called "Thrive", and it's about all this and the information is sourced on the web site. Check it out at www.venusproject.org and www.thrivemovement.com Thank you.


answered 29 Mar '12, 21:19

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its not free ;(

(29 Mar '12, 21:33) DiusPius

The information in the documentary is well worth it :) and you can still check out their sources on the site.

(30 Mar '12, 05:00) Brian

the one that strikes a note
would be for that of
those wishing to keep
their eyes and ears closed

who regulates where the
energy in your body goes


answered 23 Apr '12, 18:58

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Most conspiracy buffs start off their story, "I find it very interesting that people don't really . know that we are . . ."

I am sure of a triad of conspiracies. First, the Illuminati founded by Adam Weishaupt, which translates as "First Intelligent Leader" in Bavaria in 1776. Check your encyclopedia.

Then there is ELF, The Erisian Liberation Front, named after the Greek goddess Eris. When she rolls a golden apple down your bowling lane, watch out! A thousand ships launched for the "prettiest one."

Then there is The Dynamic Discordians, named after the Roman goddess Discordia.

Now, general knowledge is that the Illuminati actually run the world. They are the Power behind every government and statesmen. But maybe they are a front for the Erisian Liberation Front who maybe control the Illuminati from 'way behind the Scene. Or maybe the ELF is a revolutionary group trying to overthrow the Illuminati, and rule the world.

However it could also be that the Dynamic Discordians are a counter-revolutionary group trying to keep the Erisian Liberation Front from overthrowing the Illuminati.

There is also sufficient evidence that the revolutionary Erisian Liberation Front is controlled by the Illuminati, inviting dissidents to gather and have meetings to discuss the overthrow the Illuminati.

It would be a smart idea for the Illuminati to start their own revolutionary group so they could get together all the dissidents who want to overthrow their group, know what they are planning, apparently anticipate their movements and stop them easily.

Or it could be the reverse. The Erisian Liberation Front REALLY controls the world and the Illuminati is really a smokescreen.

It is also entirely possible that the Dynamic Discordians rule the world while the Illuminati and the Erisian Liberation Front fight each other.

Personally I think that the grey fish head aliens are running the show. If you can find the right eyeglasses, you could see how many aliens are all around you, disguised as humans and laughing their gills off.

Whatever, I am spending the night in my bank vault just in case!


answered 07 Nov '12, 20:26

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Dollar Bill

I just came across a book by author Marilyn Ferguson,called the Aquarian Conspiracy. It looks to be an interesting read.


answered 07 Nov '12, 21:35

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Kurt Cobain was murdered. I think Courtney Love is behind it (had him killed). There are all kinds of books and websites with very convincing evidence for it. For instance, the autopsy showed him to have had WAY too much heroine in his system to have been able to do basically anything--let alone shoot himself in the head with a shot gun of all things!


answered 10 Nov '12, 21:42

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