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Why do we keep amputating limbs because of gangrene when there is a way to reverse the condition? What is up with this? If your interested in a cancer treatment that works, check out the movie Food Matters. Check out the Zdenko Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy for gangrene.

asked 11 Dec '11, 10:58

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well yes but also the greatr movie that si free on yputube " The Beautiful Truth

if that does not work click here

love n light


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answered 11 Dec '11, 15:47

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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Rob I couldn't access the movie through your link but as soon as I see it I will be back here to give you a thumbs up if I like it.

(12 Dec '11, 07:59) Paulina 1

@ paulina ,, i'm not sure why ,, this is not one of my movies, it is a documentary done greatly that talks about a doctor who has cured cancer i will try n get a new link, love n light , rob

(12 Dec '11, 15:12) TReb Bor yit-NE

Thanks for the link TRebBoryitNE, Excellent.

(13 Dec '11, 10:22) Brian

no problem my friend,, love n light 2 u

(13 Dec '11, 21:37) TReb Bor yit-NE
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Hi Brian, There are many cures for many diseases out there but humans being human don't allways believe or trust that this can help. The conditioning of growing up believing that conventional medicine is the only way to go is what keeps many from healing.

Belief plays a crucial role for those that do try the natural way or energy medicine and don't believe that it will help simply dont get helped. Those that believe they will be helped will be. The ones that are unsure but can be convinced that they will be helped are cured. The human mind is truly marvelous as how it can help us or destroy us.

Even though many now believe that natural diet and energy medicine is the way forward there are still even more that think it is nothing more than quackery. Subconscious belief is what cures or destroyes no matter if the medicine is convencional or natural.

Thank you for your question and yes I do believe that both conventional and natural and energy medicine work and all have their place in society. These are different modalities for different people and it is to each their own choice. Whatever one believes will heal them will and whatever one believes will cure them will.

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answered 12 Dec '11, 07:56

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Paulina 1

Belief is certainly one element, but I think in order to answer the question we have to follow the money trail.

(12 Dec '11, 10:11) Brian
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