Some spiritual teachers say that knowing ourselves is the beginning of learning to be our own masters and gurus. Can this be achieved through the church, religious organizations, or must we ourselves find the truth?

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What these people mean is that you can not be the Master of your own life until you're a Master of your: emotions, beliefs, prejudices, judgements, opinions, expectations and so on and forth.

You and everyone else IS already a Master; we just have to re-member that we are.

You see you don't have to learn how to be in the Now, because you know perfectly how to be in it. When you were a kid you were LIVING in the state of Now all the time. You had no judgements, no opinions; you just WERE and you just experienced everything with the freshness and newness of the first-time Observer.

But as we get older we forget that this state even exists; we forget because almost no one lives that way around us, and if they do they can hardly ever explain it in a plain and simple language.

That's why this "spirituality" business is so hard to grasp for most people; because nobody laid down the "ground work". Sure they were beings like Christ and Buddha who showed us the way, but that's all they did. They couldn't make us understand by force so they made their own life's living examples of how an evolved being lives.

But who were those beings? Who were those Ascended Masters? Were they better than us? No, they weren't; they were just different. And that difference was mainly because those beings knew exactly who they were; they knew they were the part of the Universal Cosmos and that every being is a part of it and every being is equal on that scale.

But before they were Masters they were humans just like us; they were people filled with doubts, lusts and fears, but they were able to transmute their life experiences into insights and leave their self-pity and self-importance behind. I write about how you can do that for yourself in my book, which you can download for free from here

So Jesus needed 40 days in the dessert to do this and Buddha achieved "enlightenment" siting under a tree. It doesn't matter how, but the end result is the same - those people stopped feeling sorry for themselves because of their past (self-pity) and also didn't feel they are any better or worse than anybody else (self-importance). Those beings became Masters, because when you do that that's who you are - a Master of self, a Master who knows himself to the fullest, a Master of your life.

So right until this moment in your life you were also a Master; you were a Master who didn't knew himself at all. But by doing this work, by showing up and "pushing play" each time you meditate or indulge in any other spiritual practice, you are knowing yourself more and more. And with every step you are getting closer to a place that is the beginning of your new life - a Master consciously aware of being a Master.

And this realization can be achieved by anything You want, because it is You that is making ALL of this work. It is You that is the Creator and the Created. You have manifested yourself into this physical existence so you would experience being Master of Limitations in order to re-experience being the Master of Everything Else.


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We can use others to help point or guide us in the right direction, but ultimately knowing ourselves is the only thing that will set us free.

For each individual the path we choose or the guides we use along the way will be different ( as we all have different lessons to learn on our journey ) but the ultimate goal for each of us is self awareness or knowing our true nature. The Truths for each of us along the way will differ ( depending on where we are at on our journey ) and they will also change as we acquire knowledge and wisdom and expand and grow to incorporate this into our being.

At times we may feel we need a teacher to help steer us in the right direction and at other times our own personal introspection and spiritual practices may be enough to buoy us up and provide us with the clarity and confidence to feel and know we are moving in the right direction.

There is no right or wrong - only what you feel and know works for you; it is your life and your world that you are creating.


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We must be our own teacher.

Covering the distance between birth and death, we haven't the effective time to follow step-by-step the entire history of the humanity's knowledge, only by our own experience. For this are the "shortcut" method ofered by teachers and models, for learning the language, writing-reading, social behavior, acquisitions of sciences, language of arts, potentials of the humans mind and feelings, etc. But only by learning them, we can become only a well setted human computer. Nobody can - from outward - transform other, but can only fill up. This "trans" is the magic key which determines the alchemy-like process of inner transmutation, from a primitive, dwarfed human spirit associated (eventually) with a well filled mind, ihto great, big creation potency, love-full, wise spirit, with justified aspiration to the enlightenment. The transmutation cannot be realised by any outward force, only by ourselves. And we each have the personal inner own teacher: the Divine Spirit planted into us.

This way isn't easy, but don't fear: what don't kill, only fortify.

"Per aspera ad astra"

"Ad augusta per angusta". Victor Hugo, "Hernani". Password of conspirators.


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