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I come to you to tell you that it will all change very soon.

Are you ready or are you stuck in 3D? Are you ready to release all that you know? No need for Money

Are you ready?

asked 05 Apr '12, 02:35

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Barry Allen ♦♦


Sure am, let's go.

(05 Apr '12, 19:44) Dollar Bill

Define 3D?

(05 Apr '12, 20:56) Fairy Princess

You make it seem as if we were waiting for something. If you know things are gonna change you are already ready, and if you don't know that things are gonna change, you don't need to be ready anyway. In living in NOW, there's no waiting, preparing, "getting ready". Getting ready then would assume you already living in the future trying to adjust your present to it. But if you live in the present, you are always ready for each and every moment.

(06 Apr '12, 02:50) CalonLan

Humans didn't need money all along. It was somebody else (not sure who) whom convinced us to.

(06 Apr '12, 03:03) kakaboo

Do they make 5D glasses?

(06 Apr '12, 05:20) Brian

C'mon @Chosen1 are you able to furnish more information about your question?

(07 Apr '12, 09:21) Dollar Bill

@kakaboo - Humans never need money. Never have needed money. Fill a bathtub with dollar bills (not me :) and see how long you enjoy laying in there. We want what money can buy! And, there are lots of other ways we can get what we want without spending money.

(07 Apr '12, 09:27) Dollar Bill
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Some are already experiencing another dimension or Heaven on Earth, others are waking up and moving toward it and some are still paralyzed with fear and unconscious of what's happening.

When the moment is right each and everyone will wake to the full realization of who they Are. Change will only happen when the individual is ready for it and none can tell another, but they can Be there as a space to allow the other to step into their own heightened state of awareness.


answered 05 Apr '12, 07:47

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Nice Michaela :)

(06 Apr '12, 00:44) Eddie

Thanks Eddie:)

(07 Apr '12, 06:57) Michaela

Look, you can do it or you can do it with love. You’re gonna do it anyway, so why not do it with love?

Can you imagine a world pulsating with love, because everyone in that world does it with love?

Yes, I’m realizing a world that’s vibrating at the frequency of love, will you join me?


answered 06 Apr '12, 00:42

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some have seen the signs
and are preparing,
not unlike the building of the ark

the vibrations of mother earth
seem to be intensifying,
awaiting the coalescing with spirit


answered 05 Apr '12, 06:30

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Nice fred 1 :)

(06 Apr '12, 00:44) Eddie

It wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark.

(07 Apr '12, 09:22) Dollar Bill

dollar bill, that's one of the points of the story as all around could not understand what he was doing. not that he was the first boyscout, but one in tune with what is happening gets prepared. is it raining by you today?

(07 Apr '12, 18:21) fred
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If you are talking about the predictions that Ian Xel Lungold made regarding the Mayan calendar because he knew the the Mayan Calendar. I have his DVDs from the nineties according to what he read in the Mayan calendar we are right now suppose to have had FREE Energy for years now!

It would have been nice, what a nice dream, but unfortunately he was wrong this doesn't give me much faith in his BIG Prediction of 2012 12 21.

Ian Xel Lungold's mistake is he made his predictions too close to when the prediction is suppose to happen. The only way to build any real credit being a prophet is make your predictions vague and for some unspecified time in the future. Then that way you have eternity to hit it right, the odds are with you.

Example Harold Camping said the world was going to end last year May 21 2011, he looks pretty silly now.

Here is my prediction, the world will end as we know it, some time in the future. It could to tomorrow, it could be ten billion years from now. But eventually everyone will see I was right then it will be too late. I told you so.


answered 06 Apr '12, 09:50

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Wade Casaldi

edited 06 Apr '12, 11:29


Will it end, or end as we know it? If energy cannot be created nor destroyed, where will everything go?

(06 Apr '12, 10:51) Fairy Princess

Ahh you caught me! Yes, those old time prophets did not say, "End of the world!", but "End of the world as we know it!", Good point! :-)

(06 Apr '12, 11:09) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi for that matter, how many times has it already become the end of the world as we know it according to the current population. For example, modern times today are a new world to the people from the middle ages, and the middle ages were a new world to the people of Jesus' time, and Jesus' time was a new world to the people of Noah's time, etc...

(06 Apr '12, 11:20) Fairy Princess

Yes that is why a prediction like that is pretty safe, whoa I was right that was quick! LOL :-)

(06 Apr '12, 11:32) Wade Casaldi

"It's life Jim, but not as we know it." Spock

(07 Apr '12, 09:20) Dollar Bill
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