Any thoughts or ideas about Our ascension with the Earth would be appreciated Thank You.

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I ask this question in reference to a recent video I watched made by Drunvalo Melchizedek called "The Birth of a New Humanity". Enjoy

(09 Dec '10, 22:41) Brian
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We don't need to prepare for ascension, because by choosing to wake up to our true nature, we already are in the act of ascending.

By choosing to live the best life we can and changing our perspective to always perceive the best in every person and situation we interact with, we are raising our vibration or ascending and helping those around us to do the same.

When we endeavour to infuse every waking moment with love and appreciation, we climb one more rung on the ladder toward the realization of who we really are and connection to the source from which we came. By doing so we help our species and planet as a whole in the process of ascension.

Once again those wonderful words of Gandhi's come to the forefront - " Be the change you want to see". Get in touch with the spirit of your being and make that your gift to the world - no preparation is needed. Just by asking this question here you're already helping and are on the journey of ascending - just continue to do so in whatever way you can :)


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That's an interesting question, truth be told don't know much about the subject though I do know that we're here at this particular time for something quite monumenal no matter what you might call it. What I got from going deep was that it is time to put our house in order, tidying up, and cleansing. I believe this refers to us as well as to our beautiful planet.

It is time to wake up and realize what's truly important. Is it having the big house and nice car, or spending time with loved ones? Is it accumulating stuff or lending a helping hand to another who's down?........Many choices, lots of decisions. Would you submit to all the negativity surfacing and paint your world with it or still manage to see the bright light that bathe you every morning no matter what you've decided and/or how good or bad you've been......... It is all up to you, nothing to fear (no the world is not gonna end in 2012! but there will be change of the guards) so just live, appreciate, enjoy, and most of all have fun!

Thank you, namaste


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When is the ascension supposed to happen, how, and where? Are you a Light Worker? It is my understanding that you have to become a Light Worker to make the ascension, and once you have made the ascension, you will not return back to earth in your physical body!

Therefore, I do not see my self as a candidate to prepare for, or to participate in the ascension!


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By ascension I am refering to a shift in vibration and consciousness, one which is rooted in unconditional love for the entire planet. The ascension is happening between 2009 and 2015 with the mid point being 2012. Call it what you will, but either way you slice it, the Universe is closing a 13,000 year cycle and starting a new 13,000 year cycle. This has brought about profound changes in the past as documented by the Maya. It is said that the magnetic poles will shift and when it does we as humans will be relying on the magnetic fields around us, called Light Bodies till the Earth evens out.

(10 Dec '10, 10:36) Brian

Yes, I am a Light Worker. There are techniques you can practice to engage your own light body cause everyone has a light body. Weather you are "preparing for ascension" or not, your light body can be very usefull in your day to day life.

(10 Dec '10, 10:43) Brian

Are you willing to share the information about these techniques, and how we can benefits from it? Thank you for all the additional information that you have shared, and do you have a link to the Light Body site?

(11 Dec '10, 00:07) Inactive User ♦♦

I was first introduced to the light body by Drunvalo Melchezedek in his books called "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life". Melchezedeck also wrote a book call "Living in the Heart which is also very helpful to this whole process. In addition, the audio meditation programs prepared by Orin and Daben are fantastic an really get your light body awakened and activated. Check out

(11 Dec '10, 09:53) Brian

Awakening your light body is to know yourself on a deeper more subtle level. Your light body is a tool for physical and emotional healing, personal empowerment, an increase psycic abilities, an increase in energy, and an increase in your sense of connection with the Universe.

(11 Dec '10, 10:05) Brian

Thank you for all of the additional information, and I will check out the Web-site you listed.

(12 Dec '10, 00:21) Inactive User ♦♦
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You presume an 'ascension' is happening / will happen. 'Our' is also a presumption. And finally, 'Earth' is an abstract idea in your question, as if the planet is 'ascending' and 'we' could go with it. Tagging this question 2012 gives away that you chain all of these beliefs together into a belief revolving around the Y2K12 hysteria.

Are you prepared for the possibility that all of this exists only in your imagination?


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Hu Ra

Good point!........

(10 Dec '10, 10:24) daniele
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